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Monday, July 1, 2013

Ha Ha this is a good one!!!! Letter 21

Dear Fam

This week was good really busy! We got 2 new investigators this week. One's name 
is Elijah we met him on the street a couple weeks ago and he loves the Mormon 
Tabernacle songs so we got him 5 of them in exchange that he listens to the 
lessons. But he is cool he loves music and he can seriously play any instrument! 
But we had a good lesson with him just answered some questions and stuff and at 
the end I asked if we could say a prayer and he looked at me as if he has never 
heard of a prayer before so this one might be a tuff one! ha But we also had 
like a summer games day type thing were all the missionaries just play games all 
day and we have lunch and stuff it was pretty fun it was freaking hot though! 
But the good stuff happened yesterday! So first off there is a lady that lives 
on the streets and she always comes in on Sunday to pretty much beg for money! 
Well we get there at 8 for meetings and she came in and pretty much took a 
shower in the girls bathroom with wet paper towels and clogged all 3 toilets 
haha don't worry I didn't have to clean it up, then on top of that she drenched 
herself with baby powder and that was all over the floor along with a baby 
powder foot trail coming out of the bathroom haha. So then Sacrament started and 
I sat by a recent convert named Cynthia and things were all fine and dandy till 
the primary went up and sang and Cynthia is a teacher in the primary so while 
they were singing there songs she pulled out the lyrics to all the songs they 
were singing and made me flipping sing with here down in the audience haha yep 
just me and Cynthia doing a solo down there by ourselves ha I didn't know what 
to do I panicked, I didn't want to tell her no so I just went with it! People 
were staring at us! it was awkward! But then as soon as the primary finished 
singing along with me and Cynthia the Homeless lady starting yelling and 
clapping hahaha I've never laughed so hard during sacrament Cynthia didn't know 
what to do either good times here in NJ! But after that donkey show we had a 
good rest of the night we got fed dinner at the Nuzman's house so it started bad 
and ended good! But that's all for this week today we got flood warnings and a 
Tornado Warning but it has just been raining really hard but it stopped so don't 
worry! love you guys peace out! (Nofo A) that's see ya later in Tongan! 

Love:Elder Smith

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