Trevors Homecoming

Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter 55

wuz up!

This week was flipping crazy! I got my new comp Elder Pelsue coming from Colorado but originally from Mesa, AZ. Also I don't have my Koreans in my district anymore which I'm not very happy about that but my new district is cool. I feel like I'm a relief society teacher now. I have 4 sisters and 2 elders! But I made it fun we played some basketball game I made up and I was just teasing everybody on there shooting it was fun. Thursday was pretty crazy. It was our walking day and since there is so much snow the side walks are covered. So we walked over to a less active named Sandy who owns the deli and we have to walk up a main highway to get there. And we had to walk in the road cause we didn't have side walks it was pretty sketchy. We would run down the high way then jump into a drive way and let cars fly by. Friday was pretty boring nothing to big. But Saturday was way cool. We had breakfast at our ward mission leaders place. Then after we took our piece of a Toyota into STS for a oil change and while we were there me and Pelsue were zoned in on sports magazines and a guy walked in and started talking to us, he went to Utah for school and he was nice but not a huge fan of religion. So after he left there was a lady sitting next to him while we were talking and she started asked us what we did again. So we talked to her about what we do and she asked if it was hard being away from our families and we said ohh ya but its worth it by helping other people. Then it got intense she opened up big time and started talking how she has been going through hard times lately. She just got a divorce and lost her brother 4 months ago and she started to cry. So I went over and sat by her and we started teaching her about the Book of Mormon and the plan of salvation and every time me or elder Pelsue would testify to her she would start crying harder. ha She put her sunglasses on cause she didn't want anyone to see but it was way cool. We gave her a Book of Mormon and our number and when we were leaving she gave us a big hug and said I knew there was something special about you guys.ha I mean ya were good looking and stuff but we got that Jesus light to us haha. It was really cool though makes it easier to stay out cause sometimes you feel like no ones is listening to you anymore. But after that we went over and taught our investigator Babby and her fam with a member, Then we went over to a less actives house for lunch. She made us a huge bowl of safichay, which is a Spanish dish. It's like salsa with shrimp in it, and she said we couldn't leave till it was gone so me and Pelsue hammered down 4 bowls of it. I was soo full, Then I played a game of chess with her husband who isn't a member and he destroyed me! Then we went right over to another members house and had dinner, I was gonna throw the flip up!! But I didn't so no worries. And yesterday Greg the guy I played chess with came to church so that was good. But that was my week peeps! 

love Trevor

Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter 54


This week has been a donkey show! I have never shoveled so much snow in my life. But we will start on Tuesday. I went on exchange over in Mexican land with our Zone leader named E Alverez, he lived in NY so he is close to home. I told him if I lived that close I would be to tempted to go home for lunch haha and I can only imagine what Ashley would do if I was that close. ha But we had fun, we played Basketball with about 10 of their investigators who are about 15. I was so much bigger then them that I was schooling these kids. ha Made me feel good about myself cause B ball isn't how I role. But after we taught a English class and that was funny. I was teaching these Spanish people my country slang English haha then I would throw them a curve ball and say it in English then in Spanish ha they were impressed! But that was my Exchange. Wednesday we met with our Investigators that live up in Hong Kong. We had a good lesson though, a kid that was there who was a little tipsy has been going through a hard time and wants to quit drinking so we had a good talk with him. He almost let me dump out his bottle of vodka haha. But Thursday was crazy! We got a foot of snow within like 6 hours, we pretty much were inside all day till it stopped. Then we went out and started helping people shovel their driveways. People about poop there pants when they hear the word FREE. haha When we go up and knocked on their door and say we will do it for free there faces are flipping hilarious. But we found a cool guy that said he wants to learn more. Then we did a couple other peoples drive ways, and when we got home I had ice all over the brim of my hat cause of the freezing ice that was falling, crazy weather. But then we went over to a members place for dinner. Then Friday I brought some Korean elders over here in my area with me for a Exchange and we shoveled A LOT!  I Shoveled 4 peoples Drive ways and they had like 4 inches of ice on top of the foot of snow! After we went and taught a few people, then for Valentines I took my Korean and white boy out on a date to Applebee's haha I felt like a homo not gonna lie! But Saturday we almost got snowed in again but they let us drive right at the end of the night. Then yesterday E page was saying his goodbyes cause of transfers, we also went and helped a lady shovel her parking spot out in our suits. We were making snow shoveling look SEXY! ha A old lady pushing a walker walked by and told us we were good young men! Tell me something I don't know haha But as for transfers its tomorrow and this ginger is staying here!! And dill weed is out!!! :) haha But I'll prob e mail you tomorrow who my comp is! love you guys!

P.S  Put the Beer down and Read your Scriptures Twinky!! haha

Love:Elder Smith

Another week

Monday, February 10, 2014

Letter 53

So first off the weather man here can kiss it cause we got 2 inches of snow yesterday. So much for flipping 30 inches Hugh! But this week was the same ol stuff I'm sorry nothing to big happened. But on Thursday we went and helped a investigator out with her snow and that sucked! it was all ice we pretty much picked ice for 2 hours. But we did have a cool lesson with her. We talked about the introduction to the Book of Mormon and she was having a hard time focusing cause she had a bad headache. But at the end of the lesson I told her that if she reads for 2 min a day, that her life will be a lot less crazy and she will feel more peace. And sure enough we weren't home for more then a hour and she texts us and said she read and her headache went away! ha Yep I'm pro no biggy! Then that night we went over to the Mayne's house for dinner. Brother Mayne is the President of the Met Life stadium. So he was pretty much in charge of the Superbowl, he told us he talked to both the teams owners all the time. haha. He is a cool guy. There house is sweet too. Then Friday we got a call from a member who needed help with his ice/snow on his drive way and he just watched us do it! What a clown. But he told us he would feed us steak that night so no arguing there from us! We met there daughter that night who is less active. She is a welder. She had more dirt under her fingernails then I have had in a loooong time! Made me feel like a little girl! ha She was really nice though. We had a solid lesson with them about the BOM. Saturday we were really busy. We had breakfast at our mission leaders house and he made these whole grain pancakes and I put applesauce and fruit on them instead of syrup. And ya I ate 8 haha found me a new way to eat those puppies! Freaking Delicious! Then after we went and saw our investigators Carol and her kids and family. It was a big crew we were teaching like 8 people. It was a donkey show though, no one would shut there holes so I had to play the bully and sit between the girls that wouldn't shut it! haha They all know the church is true but they just cant get to church. It sucks, but were still working with them. Then that night we had Stake Conference and (Elder Smith) was his name that spoke with his wife. He was a senator in Utah maybe, he was cool told us some stories about being a missionary and how he and elder Uchdorf talk all the time! But it was good, then yesterday we had the Sunday session. I sat by elder Davenport and a less active he is workin with. I've met her before she is trying to stop smoking and stuff. So me and her had a good talk, she told me she slipped and had some jack and coke last night hahaha . When we have these tags on people tell us everything. I've been told about people's marriage and all sorts of things. Then last night we went and taught a Recent convert named Margret who had a bad cold, so I hooked her up with some of my stash of drugs Ashley got me so now she calls me Mr DR Elder Smith. haha And don't ever forget it! That was my week though love you guys!
love: E Smith

                                 Brother Mayne is the President of the Met Life Stadium

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our past week ...... Got to spend time with Elder Makai's family and Elder Marshall!!

Elder Makai's Mom and sister

Ha ha Elder Marshall and his cute yellow bug machine

Got to meet and have lunch with Elder Marshall. Awesome Guy

Connect 4!!
Elder Makai's Dad and Brother
Krysta and Kaid

Sitting in a

Friday, February 7, 2014

Letter 52

This week has been crazy busy! Tuesday I went on exchange with the Koreans. We had a grand ol time by rapping to some Jesus music and makin the best out of the day. We pretty much just contacted the whole time,I gave out a card and I straight up talked just Korean! They were proud of this ginger! I did use some Spanish too that night. Then on Wednesday morning I had my physical therapy at the doctors. And that sucked! Elder page was laughing at me the whole time cause they were making me do some ridiculous work outs! I looked like a Jerry Springer! But I made it look good haha! It went good though I just have 2 more sessions and then I  do the workouts at home. The rest of the day we just drove up to and saw some investigators and a less active family. The investigators that we have up there just talk about weed and drinking haha there fun to teach though. Saturday was fun, me and Elder D port had a meeting in West New York and after we went to Panda express, then on the way back we passed this place where Man v Food was so we stopped and got a burger there. It was sooo good! And yes we ate at both places were a bunch of fatties! The place was packed! Then we had SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! it was pretty fun and sucked at the same time. We were busy for the first part of the day with church and teaching then at 5 we had a dinner appointment with the Ashdown family. And we ate way good! She made all the good Superbowl snacks and stuff. Then just about when we were going to leave he turned the T.V on and I was hooked for a solid 20 min! I couldn't help myself! then next thing you know I was sitting down eating the little Smokey's and salsa haha! He texted me the scores though after each quarter! I called Colby and was seeing how he was doing not watching it and he was dying a little inside but its okay Jesus first! But next year its gonna be a party!! Monday we had a crazy snow storm and that's why I didn't e mail all of you! Its snowed allllllllllllllllll day! we got like 8 inches. And i was bored out of my mind, we couldn't drive so we just sat on our butts all day! I watched a Jesus movie and slept and workout! welcome to my life haha But that was this week. love you guys!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Last week of January

Happy Birthday Shane

Kelton feeding a squirrel last week

Happy Birthday to our Jason!!

Jess the boys and I had the missionaries over for dinner and Courtney as our investigator

Maddix and Me made sugar cookies

Yep...and played barbies

USNA conference for nurses at The U saturday

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

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