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Monday, February 17, 2014

Letter 54


This week has been a donkey show! I have never shoveled so much snow in my life. But we will start on Tuesday. I went on exchange over in Mexican land with our Zone leader named E Alverez, he lived in NY so he is close to home. I told him if I lived that close I would be to tempted to go home for lunch haha and I can only imagine what Ashley would do if I was that close. ha But we had fun, we played Basketball with about 10 of their investigators who are about 15. I was so much bigger then them that I was schooling these kids. ha Made me feel good about myself cause B ball isn't how I role. But after we taught a English class and that was funny. I was teaching these Spanish people my country slang English haha then I would throw them a curve ball and say it in English then in Spanish ha they were impressed! But that was my Exchange. Wednesday we met with our Investigators that live up in Hong Kong. We had a good lesson though, a kid that was there who was a little tipsy has been going through a hard time and wants to quit drinking so we had a good talk with him. He almost let me dump out his bottle of vodka haha. But Thursday was crazy! We got a foot of snow within like 6 hours, we pretty much were inside all day till it stopped. Then we went out and started helping people shovel their driveways. People about poop there pants when they hear the word FREE. haha When we go up and knocked on their door and say we will do it for free there faces are flipping hilarious. But we found a cool guy that said he wants to learn more. Then we did a couple other peoples drive ways, and when we got home I had ice all over the brim of my hat cause of the freezing ice that was falling, crazy weather. But then we went over to a members place for dinner. Then Friday I brought some Korean elders over here in my area with me for a Exchange and we shoveled A LOT!  I Shoveled 4 peoples Drive ways and they had like 4 inches of ice on top of the foot of snow! After we went and taught a few people, then for Valentines I took my Korean and white boy out on a date to Applebee's haha I felt like a homo not gonna lie! But Saturday we almost got snowed in again but they let us drive right at the end of the night. Then yesterday E page was saying his goodbyes cause of transfers, we also went and helped a lady shovel her parking spot out in our suits. We were making snow shoveling look SEXY! ha A old lady pushing a walker walked by and told us we were good young men! Tell me something I don't know haha But as for transfers its tomorrow and this ginger is staying here!! And dill weed is out!!! :) haha But I'll prob e mail you tomorrow who my comp is! love you guys!

P.S  Put the Beer down and Read your Scriptures Twinky!! haha

Love:Elder Smith

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