Trevors Homecoming

Monday, August 26, 2013

Looks like Elder Lemich is doing great!

Bladden Lambeth and Jason Holmes bow hunt 2013

 Bladden's bow hunt
Jason Holmes

This is for you Trev.....Jason got 2 coyotes!

Another intersting say the least! Letter #29

Hi Fam,
This week was good. It went by way fast. But nothing really new happened this week. Our investigator Sara is being a Jerry Springer and isn't really progressing. But we did have a interesting lesson with her friend Jolyz. She is our new investigator. We saw her on Tuesday and we taught her some what of the Plan of Salvation it was goin good until she started asking us all sorts of questions. From.... if we were Virgins haha and why you can't have sex before marriage and all this stuff, its crazy how some people just grow up like this and they don't have a clue. But she was getting all stressed out about all we were telling her. So, she went and made herself a Margarita. haha After she was buzzed a little bit she paid more attention! ha. This Saturday I met a guy at the park where we go play sports with members and investigators. I was doing pull ups on the bars and he was over there. He is a college ball player, he plays football. He is cool I started talking to him about lifting and stuff. Then we got on the subject about Jesus and he believes in a lot of what we do. Except he is a bible teacher and bashed with some stuff we taught. We gave him a BOM. So we will see if his Haitian butt reads it. Yesterday in church we had a record of 33 people. ha Its crazy how small our branch is, but for priesthood me and E. Marshall ditched it and we joined the primary for singing time and coloring. For singing I requested "Once there was a snow man" haha I sang out my heart to that one! And  I forgot how pro I am at the coloring books!! haha I even signed the pic I colored and gave it to a little girl! I told her that signature was going to be famous some day. But that's all for this week. And I want all the details on the hunting that's going on over there! Please and thank you! love you guys!
Love: Trevor


Lindz and Peyton ran in a 5k in Cedar this weekend! They did complete it together....Congrats you 2!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Letter 28........


What up white people!! This week was good this week went by way fast! But first things first is i saw the pic of Twink and his goat!! Made me sick just thinking i was not there to see that go down. But, its OK just wait till this red head gets home!!!! But on the Jesus side, things are good here. This Saturday we had a branch BBQ. It went good i saw some members from my last ward so that was cool. And we ate some good food! Had Burgers and ribs and cant forget the watermelon haha and some black sister made some home made sweet potatoe pie!! it was good the black folks here were going nuts for it haha! But we just ate and played catch and stuff i seriously threw a football for 4 hours straight, but it was fun. And we have a member in the branch named Sister Dorvil she is pregnant so i call her Prego haha but i forgot how much food prego people can eat she tackled like 8 burgers I'm not even kidding! But it went good, we had Sara our investigator come she is the one on the blog with me. She should be getting dunked on Sunday if she can stay out of trouble. But yesterday in church guess who got asked to talk 20 min before Sacrament!!? This guy!! yep i just read a talk from conference about  members being missionaries. I was just soiling my pants a little bit though, but everyone said it was good so I'm alright with that. Oh and for the news on my pants I'm getting some new ones today so don't worry! I have been wearing my suit pants so no one got a free show this week! haha Well the weather is cooling down over here in snookiville so its a lot nicer since we walk everywhere. But that's all for this week. Hope everyone is doing good! Remember to say your prayers, read, and go to church! love you guys tell everyone hi for me.

Love: E. Smith

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Love this......


Protect and Serve.......
Brennan entering the MTC

Krysta the Perp !!

Krysta loves her pumpkins

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Krysta took it too far !!

church today !!
 Ward BBQ

Mountain Time!!

Jason's archery antelope

This is Trevor s older brother who he looks up to and adores this is the man who taught Trevor everything he knows about hunting Jason killed this goat this year 13.5'' tall a good archery goat.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Letter #27 Trevi needs a new pair of pants.......

This week has been good! We have been walking alllllllllllllllll over the place and this ginger's legs and feet HURT! But a little info on the week. To start off at the first of the week i ripped a hole in the crack of my slacks. So, for the past 3 days I've been "Sewing" my hole in my pants so i dont give anyone a free show! ha And mom maybe i should of took sewing classes more cause I'm not very good at it! i do a thing i like to call the granny job! Where i just go up and down and all around it haha its pretty awesome only last me till the end of the day but ill take it! But other then that our investigator Sara is not doing so hot! She is having a hard time trying to get back her kid who is with the baby daddy in Texas. So she has a hard time focusing on what were talking about! And she can say no to any of her temptations to save her life so its really frustrating! But were getting ready for a BBQ that were throwing for our branch to try and get all the Less Actives back to church our list is over 120 people! I brought it up in one of our meetings with the branch President that if we have food the people will come haha i told him that's how people got me to come to church activities and they agreed! ha So were getting ready for that. Ive been eating a lot of Peruvian food and its way good! Chicken and salad and rice. Ill try and make all this when i get home so you can know what I'm talking about. But its been raining pretty hard here this week were in the middle of Hurricane season now so im just awaiting for this to go down! Also Elder Marshall got his hand kissed by a drunk Mexican on Friday! haha he got on his knees and kissed his hand haha it was awesome! he didn't think so! Love you guys!

Down at the creek! We love it there, had to go just 1 more time!!!

Kobey, Dillon & Shad
Dad, Peyton & Trey
All five on the toys at Canyon Park (Dee hiding in the background!)
Cute kidos!
Love going in the Jeep!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Elder Smith and Sister Dotson both from Cedar City @ Gingers meet in NJ!

Two Gingers meet in NJ!!!

Letter 26

Hola mi Familia!
Some more spanish for ya..lots of mexicans in this area ha! Well just to start off the guy next to me in the PUBLIC library is straight up looking up half naked chicks and taking pics of them on his phone haha I'm trying so hard not to laugh right now there are like over 30 people on computers around us haha he ain't scared...But anyways other then this clown next to me this week has been good. We have been working hard, our investigator Sara is getting close to her baptism she is doing good she has changed a lot in the past week we have had some good lessons with her. She did flip out about keeping the sabbath day holy and not going to clubs ha! but we finally calmed her down and she excepted it after 20 min of flipping out ha. I told her if she ever has temptations to drink to call me, so we have gotten a few calls haha. We did run into a black guy the other day walking home from the church. He stopped us and started saying he likes what we do but we need to get ready cause its the last days and other countries are going to attack us. So then he continued and said how he bought a gas mask and a chemical suit online for him and his 6 year old for when this happens and we should stop right now... go home and buy these things for us and our families ahaha dude was on crack! But that was only crazy thing this week. This area doesn't have as much Jerries around here as Irvington. Oh did get hit on for the first time here in Elizabeth by some spanish chicks haha it was some funny stuff! But thats about it sorry not to much stories this week. But on the plus were going fishing today I'm freaking PUMPED! love you guys
Love: Trevor

Polly Wogg Hunting!!!

Cousin weekend in Las Vegas...New tradition Trevor so be prepared

 This is as normal a a group photo gets with us

Yeeessss Krysta is tying my shoes

 We went bowling
Check out the photo bomber in the back  lol
Shad roping