Trevors Homecoming

Monday, October 28, 2013

Letter 38 and pictures!!!!

This week was good! Wednesday we did some service for Sarah. She needed us to take down her crib that she had for her Terrorist and she gave it to Prego aka Sis Dorvil over in our branch. It was nice of her because prego is struggling a little bit. But we helped take it down then took it to her house. Thursday was Zone Conference and i got to see my boy's Jones and Tongan and D port. It was fun. I got the award for the biggest yawn by our mission President! Right when he got up to talk to all of us he announced he just saw the biggest yawn by Elder Ginger Smith hahaha! I hate long meetings! But don't worry me and Tongan had our snacks in our backpacks to keep us awake! After the meeting we went to the church and me and Reeves taught English to 3 Mexicans haha it was a donkey show but fun! Friday was crazy! we went and saw Nabilla the girl who got hit by a car. And we brought our branch mission leader with us Marcel. And we were teaching her the Word of Wisdom. And of course right when we walked in she had a cup of coffee in her hands! But after we taught her about not drinking coffee or tea she told her sister to come get the cup and dump it out! she is doing awesome! Saturday we had stake conference and it went good. I played tick tack toe with Nabillas niece for like a hour! SHE LOST! :) And then something i have never heard in my life was in the closing prayer the lady prayed to bless Obama!!! I have never laughed so hard in a prayer, me and Reeves just looked at each other and started shaking our heads hahaha! Sunday we had stake conference again up in Scotch plains where Tongan is and i saw a lot of members from Maplewood/ Irvington it was good seeing them. Then a member named Spencer who we went and saw a lot was getting ordained to a teacher and his mom asked if i would join in the circle and Tongan ordained him it was well done! Then we finished our night last night teaching Patricia and Anna then went over to Natalie's and ate dinner!  Good Week!
Scripture of the week....mainly for Twinky! Alma 38:15: "And may the lord bless your soul, and receive you at the last day into his kingdom, to sit down in peace.Now go my son,and teach the word unto this people. BE son farewell!" hahahaha
love you guys! love: E. Smith

 Three Cedar City Boys!  Elder Jones, Elder Reeves, Elder Smith

Elder Smith,  Elder Noxon, Elder Davenport, Elder Makai

Elder Smith and Elder Makai at Saturday's Conference

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch as a family and the kids had way to much fun picking pumpkins.. We came home with a lump some of pumpkins..

Silly Kids....

Kobey won these glasses for red ribbon week and the kids thought it was so funny...

Fun at the Staheli Farm!!

We went down to the Staheli Farm and the kids had a blast they never wanted to leave..

Peyton loved witchadee the witch.. Dillon wouldn't go near her lol..

Lindsay's First Deer

Lindsay got her first deer.. It was an adventure and Jason hiked her 12 miles the first day came home with no deer that day just 4 blisters:) Finally Monday night she got her first kill. It was a lot of fun and was so glad to have her boys with her. Peyton doesn't care to much about hunting so she wasn't there..

                                         On our long hike
                                   glassing for deer

Kobey loved cutting up the deer

Hunts 2013

 Muzzloader deer
 Open Bull Elk
 Craaazzzzy night of coyote hunting with Shae Reber!!
Lindsay first deer hunt, success!!

Chandler and Cody came to visit!!!!!!! We had so much Fun!!!

 Went to wingers for Dinner

 Took lots of pics in the pretty leaves
 We thought you were looking a little skinny
 We know you love to work out
So cute with the kids!!

 Sheep parade
 This was their first sheep experience
 Chandler was too nice to let the boys rope her and Cody playing the Guitar in the background lol too funny!!
 Stalie Farm in St. George

 Hay ride to the pumpkin patch

 Goof ball Shaddy
Duck races
 sand pit
Train ride