Trevors Homecoming

Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter 42

 wuz up fam!!
> Well my ginger butt is getting transferred! I wont find out till tomorrow, sad 
to say the Cedar city Swag crew is getting broken up!! But its all good! But for 
the update for this last week things went good. First off the weather has been 
up and down, its bipolar out here. One day warm then its colder then a witches 
boob out here! But as for the teaching this week its been good. Tiffany is still 
having a hard time understanding the whole authority things but she will get 
there. And we did find a new investigator this week who was a referral, her name 
is Jahne and she is 22 with 2 kids. She is really nice and ready to hear the 
good word of Jesus! Sooo she should be getting dunked here pretty soon. But for 
the crazy story of the week... So Saturday was lets juke the missionary day, So 
we sat in our MTV Crib for like a hour calling everyone we could think of. And 
no one answered, or they were busy but it is the holidays so I understand. But 
then I got the idea to go try Father Luigi. I cant remember if I told you about 
him but he is the Catholic Priest that we met. So we walked over there and 
contacted people on the way. NO one was in the mood to listen to the white boys 
but when we got there him and another father dude were there. And they were 
really excited to see us. They invited us in and showed us the Catholic house. 
And then talked about there believes and stuff, it was cool to hear about all 
that crazy stuff. Then they asked us if we were hungry haha which was a dumb 
question because have they had missionaries over before so we hammered down on 
some chicken nuggets and salad along with steak it was legit! But they are 
really cool dudes. They have done missionary work for years. Father Luigi took a 
oath that he wont get hitched and when he turns 55 he takes his last one and 
doesn't talk for the rest of his life. Craaazy! he can speak 8 different 
languages too! And the other guy loves the outdoors so we talked a lot about 
hunting and fishing, i told him if he comes to Utah I'll show him how we do it! 
But he invited us to church so yesterday after church we went over to there 
service. I was poopin my pants, I was so excited to see how they do it! So we 
got there and they welcomed us right in. We sat up front so we could see all the 
good stuff. But it was crazy! Its sooo much different then the LDS. E Reeves got 
sprayed with holy water hahaha and there was enough incent candles burning in 
there that I thought we were gonna be high by the time we left! Sooo the service 
went on and there ended up being about 130 people there. Then after they did the 
sacrament with the wine and bread stuff. And E reeves looked at me and said were 
not doing that are we? hahaha I just laughed and said NOPE! So after all that 
they started giving these awards out and I got a text from our Zone Leaders and 
they needed the car back because they were having a baptism. So I looked at E 
reeves and said we gotta go. We were a little nervous just to get up in the 
middle of it and leave but we had to. So we got up and took like 2 steps in the 
isle and then we heard "ELDERS!" ha We turned around and father Luigi said hold 
on I want to introduce you before you leave. he then said Everyone these are 
Missionaries from the Mormon church. then EVERYONE started clapping really loud 
haha I felt like a super star so I just waved and soaked it all up haha. it was 
awesome!! But for the rest of the night we just taught some people then ended 
our night eating dinner at Nathalies house the girl from Brazil. While we were 
there we got a phone call there from the AP's asking for me and I got called as 
District leader!! So every Tuesday of the week I do trainings for about 6 
missionaries. And I just check on them and make sure their all good. I'm pretty 
excited for it. They better be ready for this ginger!! But that's about it. I 
talked to E Davenport last night and he just got called District leader too so 
were gonna be swaggin it up over here in Snooki vile! I'll give you more info 
next week on where I got transferred too. So tell everyone to not send letters 
and if they did already I can still get them. Love you guys! Mormon swag!
> Love:Elder ginger Smith

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter 41

 This week was good!! At the first of the week we got our Mormon swag crib all situated, then on Wednesday we got back to work. We met with a older less active Lady that we take the sacrament to. We read about Enos and his prayer. Then she told us a sad story about how she starves a lot because her grand daughter takes her money sometimes and doesn't get her the things she needs at the store so she just prays. Sooooo you know me with food and I don't like it when I'm hungry so we went to the store and hooked her up with some food she could eat. She doesn't have teeth so I tried hooking her up with soft stuff that she could chew. Almost had to call Ashley cause she knows more about the old people stuff them me ha. But then for the rest of the day we went and taught Sarah and some new investigators we found. Sarah is going through a lot of stress so we read scriptures with her to help her out. So keep her in your prayers. Friday we went on exchange and I stayed here in Elizabeth and Reeves got a little taste of the ghetto in Irvington ha. But I was with Elder Thompson and I walked his butt off! we probably walked around 9 miles! And by the time we hit our last appointment I was starving and a little on the angry side but the lady hooked me up with some food and I was back to the normal self! We did get to see Nabilla too and she is doing better. She still wants to get dunked so were going to hope all the garbage that's going on in her life will clear up so we can work hard with her again. Saturday we went out with some Senior couple named the Fullmers! They are awesome, they are from Cali and Elder Fullmer is a deaf man like me so we get along just fine! They came with us to teach Tiffany nabillas sister. We have been teaching her a lot and Marcel our branch mission leader comes with us a lot to teach her. So we got there and she threw a curve ball at us saying her pastor told her that she cant come to our church so she will just have her pastor baptize her and then she will come to our church sometimes!! ohhhh man my testo shot through the roof!!! I was so shocked she said that i just had to sit there and calm myself down, then we started teaching her about the Restoration again. She is a little blondish acting but after all 4 of us telling her about that authority she FINALLY realized that that's what she needed to get baptized! But good thing the Fullmers were there! Then the Fullmers gave us a ride to the church where we were going to get some food that a member made us.We were in the more ghetto part of Elizabeth and a black guy was crossing the road and E. Fullmer rolled down the window and waved to him and said " hey brotha"hahaha the dude looked back looking at this old white guy then just laughed and said hi. Me and E reeves were dying in the back!! But we made it back to the church with out Elder Fullmer getting us shot :) then ran over and got this food that some member bought for all of us missionaries. Then had Lula the lady that makes the food make it for us. She is the one with the cute little daughter that calls me Man boobs haha. But we then were told that we were very handsome boys from her mom which I'll take, then we hammered down on some steak!! it was a legit night! But that's about it! yesterday was a crazy busy day with meetings and appointments so when I got home me and Carrie (body pillow) just cuddled up and crashed for the night haha! But that's it love you guys
 love: E ginger Smith

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Randomness this week

 Things have changed around here....Dad letting Kobey eat in his chair????
 Dee being silly!
 Dad's duck hunt this week...

 2 Mallards and a Drake!

Look who stopped by this week.........

Pam and Jessica Parker

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Letter 40

Whats up

 This week was good! We have been trying to get more members out and to come
teach with us. Our branch mission leader came out with us a couple times. We had
some good lessons! We have been teaching Tiffany who is Nabillas sister and she
is doing good! We got back in touch with Nabilla, we just showed up at her door
and idk what she is going through but I think she is trying to get off these
pain killers from the accident. But were still working with her! On Thursday we
had interviews with President and Sister Jeppson and I love seeing them. At
first I would be soiling my Jesus Jammie's before I went in but now I'm fine
with it. And on the plus side Sister Jeppson brings a bunch of bagels and yogurt
and stuff and I destroyed myself on all that stuff! But interviews went good! We
did help Sarah this week with taking down her fence and her crazy Mexican
neighbors who put up the fence were recording us, because they thought they were
going to have some something on us or something stupid but it all worked out. We
got r done! Also on Sunday after sacrament they canceled our last 2 meetings
because the heater wasn't working! I wished that would happened to me when I was
little, I would of been one happy ginger if church got out early!! haha Then on
the flipping awesome side.... on Saturday we got the word to pack up our
apartment and we were moving on Monday to our new place, so this whole weekend
we have just been packing and cleaning our dump of a house! But let me tell
you!........this new place is SWAG TASTICK! (new word for ya) I feel like I'm
straight up on MTV cribs in this thing! It is brand new we are the only people
in them right now because there still kind of doing the finishing touches on it
but this place is legit! they split us up so the other elders are down on the
second floor and were on the 3rd. But in the master Shower it has the head on
the ceiling!!! I didn't know what to do with myself! ha ha E.Reeve's was just in
shock the whole time! all weekend I have been carrying couches and weights up
and down 3 flights of stairs! Oh and I got my own weight room in our place its
legit! I will send you a video home of it! But that's what we did this week. I
hope I stay for another transfer in this apartment cause if I'm only in it for 2
weeks were gonna have some problems ha! The only thing that could make this
place any better is a Jacuzzi and a stripper pole!! hahahaahah jk jk jk just
messing! But that's it for this week it snowed a little this morning but it
didn't stick! love you guys!
Love: E Smith

Monday, November 11, 2013

Eating and Hunting!!!

 Trey & Shad love Chicken Salad eating one in the background....ha ha
Cade's Colorado deer 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letter 39........It's getting cold

Wuz up!
This week was pretty awesome! On Tuesday i went on a exchange back over to Irvington with Elder Penrod. It was a good time, came back on Wednesday and just got juked for the rest of the night!! We had to be home by six so we just came home and ate then worked out. On Thursday we had to be home by 6 again because some people out here go nuts during Halloween so all us Jesus people have to be in by 6. But we just taught a lesson with a new investigator named Karen who smokes like a flipping chimney which went alright, Then we went home and did some planning then went over to Sarah's house and taught her about the Restoration again and then she fed us some Colombian food!! I love that stuff! So me and Reeves destroyed all of that then had to power walk it home to be back by six. We hurried and planned so we could get that over with.!! So, we watched a movie called "Facing the Giants" i don't know if you seen it but it is a good movie! Talks about a football team who sucks then they start following Jesus and stuff, it was way good. All four of us just huddled onto 4 beds and watched it on our cute little DVD player haha no homo though, i was cuddling with my body pillow named Carrie Underwood so, it was a good time! haha! After the movie i was still all pumped up on the pre work out and just i watched football so i wanted to go wreck some clowns in Elizabeth but instead i just laid in bed for like a hour and a half then passed out. Saturday was legit, Marten and Pauline the LA called us over to eat some food then kicked us out cause they had to leave so at least we got food. But then we went over to a girl named Cynthia's house who we met on the street and we decided to go try her. And she was there and her mom came out and asked us all these questions about what we do, and we must of passed cause she invited us in and we had a good lesson on what we do as missionaries and talked about the BOM, they are really nice and she was amazed of how old we were and what were doing. She said she would rather be in a bar instead at our age....and i agreed BUT said this is better hahahaha :) ..But after we went over to Bro Rodriguez who is a member in our branch and he made us some good food! Then after that we went over and taught our other investigators. And now for Sunday. this is where good stuff happened. Sunday Morning started off with me and Reeves thinking we woke up late because of day lights saving time but ended up walking up right on time. Then on the walk to the church these 2 Mexicans drove by on there bikes and 1 dropped his phone so i grabbed it then my ginger bum in my suit started running down the road trying to catch them and i couldn't! So this dude named Father Luigi who is a cool Catholic priest picked us up and caught up to the Mexicans and they were happy to see the phone. Then at Church it was fast and testimony meeting and i got up and bore my testimony on faith and told a story about Nabilla and her coffee that she gave up. And i wanted to say it because the sisters had a investigator there who was struggling with it. And since there investigator has a crush on this ginger i thought it would help her......haha i was wrong. After i bore it there investigator got up and started flipping out saying she will never stop drinking coffee and how this church is NOT her church it was nuts! The guy i was sitting next to leaned over to me and said. " i have never seen this done in church before" hahaha it was funny but after that donkey show we taught the youth and had a good talk on faith and i hooked them up with that candy you sent me if they answered questions, because i remember how it was back in Sunday school class! i was hating life but they had a good time but that was pretty much the week! Its becoming RT season over here really fast! (RT= Rock Tit!) haha so were rocking the sweaters over here! love you guys! MORMON SWAG
Love:Elder Smith