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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Letter 39........It's getting cold

Wuz up!
This week was pretty awesome! On Tuesday i went on a exchange back over to Irvington with Elder Penrod. It was a good time, came back on Wednesday and just got juked for the rest of the night!! We had to be home by six so we just came home and ate then worked out. On Thursday we had to be home by 6 again because some people out here go nuts during Halloween so all us Jesus people have to be in by 6. But we just taught a lesson with a new investigator named Karen who smokes like a flipping chimney which went alright, Then we went home and did some planning then went over to Sarah's house and taught her about the Restoration again and then she fed us some Colombian food!! I love that stuff! So me and Reeves destroyed all of that then had to power walk it home to be back by six. We hurried and planned so we could get that over with.!! So, we watched a movie called "Facing the Giants" i don't know if you seen it but it is a good movie! Talks about a football team who sucks then they start following Jesus and stuff, it was way good. All four of us just huddled onto 4 beds and watched it on our cute little DVD player haha no homo though, i was cuddling with my body pillow named Carrie Underwood so, it was a good time! haha! After the movie i was still all pumped up on the pre work out and just i watched football so i wanted to go wreck some clowns in Elizabeth but instead i just laid in bed for like a hour and a half then passed out. Saturday was legit, Marten and Pauline the LA called us over to eat some food then kicked us out cause they had to leave so at least we got food. But then we went over to a girl named Cynthia's house who we met on the street and we decided to go try her. And she was there and her mom came out and asked us all these questions about what we do, and we must of passed cause she invited us in and we had a good lesson on what we do as missionaries and talked about the BOM, they are really nice and she was amazed of how old we were and what were doing. She said she would rather be in a bar instead at our age....and i agreed BUT said this is better hahahaha :) ..But after we went over to Bro Rodriguez who is a member in our branch and he made us some good food! Then after that we went over and taught our other investigators. And now for Sunday. this is where good stuff happened. Sunday Morning started off with me and Reeves thinking we woke up late because of day lights saving time but ended up walking up right on time. Then on the walk to the church these 2 Mexicans drove by on there bikes and 1 dropped his phone so i grabbed it then my ginger bum in my suit started running down the road trying to catch them and i couldn't! So this dude named Father Luigi who is a cool Catholic priest picked us up and caught up to the Mexicans and they were happy to see the phone. Then at Church it was fast and testimony meeting and i got up and bore my testimony on faith and told a story about Nabilla and her coffee that she gave up. And i wanted to say it because the sisters had a investigator there who was struggling with it. And since there investigator has a crush on this ginger i thought it would help her......haha i was wrong. After i bore it there investigator got up and started flipping out saying she will never stop drinking coffee and how this church is NOT her church it was nuts! The guy i was sitting next to leaned over to me and said. " i have never seen this done in church before" hahaha it was funny but after that donkey show we taught the youth and had a good talk on faith and i hooked them up with that candy you sent me if they answered questions, because i remember how it was back in Sunday school class! i was hating life but they had a good time but that was pretty much the week! Its becoming RT season over here really fast! (RT= Rock Tit!) haha so were rocking the sweaters over here! love you guys! MORMON SWAG
Love:Elder Smith

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