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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Letter 40

Whats up

 This week was good! We have been trying to get more members out and to come
teach with us. Our branch mission leader came out with us a couple times. We had
some good lessons! We have been teaching Tiffany who is Nabillas sister and she
is doing good! We got back in touch with Nabilla, we just showed up at her door
and idk what she is going through but I think she is trying to get off these
pain killers from the accident. But were still working with her! On Thursday we
had interviews with President and Sister Jeppson and I love seeing them. At
first I would be soiling my Jesus Jammie's before I went in but now I'm fine
with it. And on the plus side Sister Jeppson brings a bunch of bagels and yogurt
and stuff and I destroyed myself on all that stuff! But interviews went good! We
did help Sarah this week with taking down her fence and her crazy Mexican
neighbors who put up the fence were recording us, because they thought they were
going to have some something on us or something stupid but it all worked out. We
got r done! Also on Sunday after sacrament they canceled our last 2 meetings
because the heater wasn't working! I wished that would happened to me when I was
little, I would of been one happy ginger if church got out early!! haha Then on
the flipping awesome side.... on Saturday we got the word to pack up our
apartment and we were moving on Monday to our new place, so this whole weekend
we have just been packing and cleaning our dump of a house! But let me tell
you!........this new place is SWAG TASTICK! (new word for ya) I feel like I'm
straight up on MTV cribs in this thing! It is brand new we are the only people
in them right now because there still kind of doing the finishing touches on it
but this place is legit! they split us up so the other elders are down on the
second floor and were on the 3rd. But in the master Shower it has the head on
the ceiling!!! I didn't know what to do with myself! ha ha E.Reeve's was just in
shock the whole time! all weekend I have been carrying couches and weights up
and down 3 flights of stairs! Oh and I got my own weight room in our place its
legit! I will send you a video home of it! But that's what we did this week. I
hope I stay for another transfer in this apartment cause if I'm only in it for 2
weeks were gonna have some problems ha! The only thing that could make this
place any better is a Jacuzzi and a stripper pole!! hahahaahah jk jk jk just
messing! But that's it for this week it snowed a little this morning but it
didn't stick! love you guys!
Love: E Smith

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