Trevors Homecoming

Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter 51


So this week was pretty good. Tuesday we had a big snow storm soooo my ginger bum was out walking around in that mess. We went to a investigators house and when she opened her door her face was awesome!! We had about a inch of snow on our shoulders and our heads she felt bad and told us to go home haha. But we didn't we walked to a less actives house after  who has a deli and we may just wanted soup but we did help some chines lookin chick who got stuck in the middle of the intersection. I ran up and knocked on her window and told her when the light turns green we will give her a push. Good deed for the week.......CHECK! Am I going straight to the top! YEP! But then we got to the deli and ate some soup and hot chocolate then called it a night cause it was snowing to bad. Then on Wednesday I froze my butt off again, I went on exchange with Elder Harris who is a Korean elder and we just contacted all night in the hi of 8 degrees! ha I don't know why but I scare a lot of the koreans. Sure it could of been the hood on my head but they get scared real easy! But we ended up contacting about 50 people so hoooraw! Then Thursday we went out to eat some legit Korean food for my year mark. It was pretty good I ate my whole meal with chop sticks...ya I'm pro don't even worry about it! But they just keep bringing food out, you get free appetizers pretty much its my kind of place! But that was the highlight of Thursday. Friday I had meetings all morning with d port then after we went out to Chilli's and celebrated our year mark. We were sooooooo glued to the T.V's ha! She sat us right by the bar so I ordered us all a round of SHOTS!!! ha jk jk didn't get that crazy! But after I cut elder Pluims hair and i really should just work at a Barber shop, I'm prettjy pro I used scissors and he was lookin fresh! Then we went back to our area and went out with a member for pizza. She had her 14 year old son and we just talked sports the whole time. Then his buddy who is also 14 who is a big baseball player who pitches 82 miles a hour. Crazy! Saturday it started snowing pretty hard again so we didn't get to do much. But we went over to this ladies Diana place called GST and its a thrift store that people just donate stuff to and all the money she makes she gives to charity. She is a way cool lady, and she opened up big time to us and started crying and said she was loosing her house and stuff and started asking us questions about why does this happen to her if she is trying her best to help other people it was pretty sad, so were going to be helping her out this week! But on the plus side she had a bunch of suites there that were pretty much brand new and she said we could have whatever we could fit in! And guess who couldn't fit in one flipping suit!!! yep this guy!! i was mad! Elder dill weed fit in every single one! she did give me some sweet dress shoes though. But Sunday i got called on 5 min before sacrament to give a talk cause the speaker didn't show! I'm so use to this by now so I was on top of it. but it went good. Then to end the night I did the missionary swag tradition of burning one of my shirts for my year mark, here are some pics of it. That's it though love ya fam! Mormon swag!

Love: Trevi

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letter 50

This week was pretty legit! Tuesday was Zone Conference. And my boy Jones was there, it was crazy to see him as the AP. But I just made faces at him the whole time while he was up on the stand! But as President was up there giving his spill he told the zone leaders to pick 2 companion ships to come give a 3 min talk on the Gospel and yep me and page got thrown right under the flipping bus to do that. But we did good I threw elder Davenport under the bus too by calling on him to answer a question.! Then at the end of the meeting I got up and bore my testimony on Alma 17:11 about examples. And all the examples in my life I told everyone I use to be a Lamanite hahaha I looked at Jones when I said that and he was just laughing! But as for teaching this week it went good! Our investigators Carol and her kids along with Tara and Annelise are doing awesome! When we were over at Carols house the other day, we met her sister that was there and we never have met her before but she gets comfortable with people real fast cause me and page heard her whole story on her giving birth to her daughter on the kitchen floor and way more details haha I decided im not having kids after that story! ha jk we need more gingers like me in this world! haha But also I went to the doctor this week for my knee, and I got the MRI done on it and my knee is just bruised but the doc wants me to do physical therapy on it. But on the plus side as the MRI was going on I got to listen to country music the whole time! Best doctor appointment I have ever had! But yesterday was a cool day. In sacrament there was a youth speaker who never spoke before and he was really nervous, he got up and said a few words then was just sitting there so his sister went up and tried to help but he just started crying and the bishop just got up and gave him a hug then all the youth went up and took him outside and talked with him. It was cool to see the youth jump in and help. So then I went out and told him that my fair well talk was my first talk ever and how I was soiling my pants the whole time and it made him feel better then I gave him some candy and went my way. Then last night we had a good lesson with Tara about Faith! Our ward mission leader came with us and it went good. We taught her in a restaurant and the football game was on all 4 T.V's it was killing me! But it went really good. Well that's about it for this week. I hit my Year mark this week, pretty crazy stuff!! half way done people!!!!!  Love you guys! Jesus swag!

love:Elder Smith

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week in Richfield

Shaddy thinking about what he learned in class lol

Saw this beauty on the way to loa 

Trey playin horses

Had clinclials in Payson. And got to go stay with Sean and Graci! And got to see these two cute kiddos

Russ is getting married March 15th

Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter 49

So to start off the week. A member did my laundry on Monday!! it was awesome! Made me miss Ma!!!! But its okay mom you can do it in a year hahahahaha! Now as for the work this week was pretty sweet. We picked up some investigators from our other investigator Carol. There 16 and 11. There cool kids. Then on Thursday we were invited to go out to eat at this Thai place by these investigators who have been seeing missionaries for 11 years. Annelise and her cousin Tara. There funny girls and they are ready to get dunked so were gonna be trying to help them get there. But the Thai food was good. So either way it was a win. But Friday we drove up to some investigators we haven't seen in a long time, and its a mad house over there. When we got there a kid named Zack who is big into hunting was just chillin drinking some Bacardi. haha He found out that I cut hair so he wanted me to cut his hair, and he was drunk so he didn't care. ha! So I did, he was lookin fresh! It was well worth 20 bucks I would say but because I'm nice I did it for free. ha! And that was pretty much our teaching this week. As for some cool things on Thursday while knocking on doors this guy came out and I told him who we were and he said he didn't believe in god or Jesus, then all of a sudden he invited us in and you should of seen his families face when we walked in! ha But they were all cool we had a good talk and they said we can come back anytime. Then on Wednesday after our zone meeting me and d port and some other missionaries went to Red Robin and sure enough the T.V we sat by had fishing on it, along with hooter commercials hahaha it was a great day! Then that night we went over to the Montgomery's for dinner. They lived in cedar for a long time, his wife worked for the Vickers and he coached at Cedar High for Basketball. But we had some good food then just talked about good ol cedar city. ha he misses it too. But last night was cool. We went and saw yocasta who we haven't seen in a while and she invited us right in and fed us these ribs that were soooo good! I even did the dishes for her after. Don't get any ideas though ma! haha but that's pretty much it nothin to big now that I'm not in the hood anymore. love you guys.
Love: TRevi

Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter 48

What up what up!!
This week has been pretty crazy! First off tomorrow is transfers and I'm staying with dill weed Maggee another one so lets hope I don't kill someone! ha But this week was busy. First off Monday night we taught a guy from some bio faith thing, he is a really nice guy but doesn't know when to shut his hole!!! he talked for flipping ever! He does like to fish though so we talked a while on that. Tuesday was fun we had District meeting and my training was on how to find people and use the scriptures so we played some games for that. Its funny to see these Koreans run around and try to play basketball, I mean I'm bad but I think I got them beat! ha then after I went on exchange over to the Korean world again. I went with Elder Packer from Utah and Elder Jeon. It was fun we went to this one less actives girls house and when we walked in her door I saw this big flipping moving object and it looked like a porky pine but it was their cat!! The thing had to be at least 50 bounds no joke I was flipping out when I saw it they were all laughing! oh and I had a very little bit of Pig feet and Pig intestine! it was flipping gross! it was not my forte!! i would rather eat that spicy African crap then that stuff! But they didn't make me eat it all so that was a bonus! then later that night we started walking around in the RT weather contacting Koreans. I contacted these 3 girls 17-19 and the 18 year old chick was smoking and she kept blowing the smoke in my face! I could of head butted this chick! but I gave them a card then we went home for the night. We didn't do much for New Years eve I wish we could of went to New York for the ball drop but we just laid around and told stories from back in the day. haha it was pretty fun. Then the next morning we went over to one of their members and we had a full out traditional Korean new years breakfast. It was pretty good, not gonna lie i was nervous at first but it worked out well. My ginger butt was even using the chop sticks to eat all the food. They were impressed. Sure I dropped a few things but I still Got R Done! Then they wanted me to do my gospel lesson with the family and that went really good, i about made one of there Sons poop his pants cause in a part of it i scream and he about lost it! Then after we exchanged back and the night got better and better, we found 3 new investigators and they are pretty solid so were gonna be workin with them this week. Then Thursday we went and taught the sisters investigator Hyun who got baptized yesterday. One of the sisters is in the hospital with a stomach virus so they needed us to go teach him. It went good, then after i gave my first Baptism interview and it was cool. Its weird being on the other side of the table, i felt like the bishop! it was crazy but he did awesome. Then after we went and took dinner to the sisters in the hospital, and only one could eat cause the other was still puking her guts out so we visited for a bit and I did get to see about 10 min of Duck Dynasty on the T.V and it was the best 10 min of my life!!! But then we got a pretty big snow storm and the next day we had to walk in the high of 18 degree weather and no one even felt bad for us when we were knocking doors so we just said $%^& that and went home and made calls the rest of the night. And i wrecked E page in Janga! haha Then Saturday was Hyuns dunk session then yesterday he was confirmed and all that it went really good. Then yesterday I just had meetings for the rest of the night with E D port and then we called it a night. But that was it my fam love you guys!
Love: Elder Ginger

Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year Eve Party with the grandkids!!! Good Times!

 Making homemade pizza's
 Midnight march....really it was 10:00 PM...ha ha
 Playing with  punching balls
 The next day at the park and shooting marsh-mellow guns

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Letter 47

Hey Fam

This week was obviously awesome because you got to see my beautiful face! It was awesome seeing all of you on Christmas! I wish we could of talked longer! But poop happens! I'll give ya a little low down of Christmas then the rest of my week. So Christmas eve morning we went over to our bishops and had a brunch party which was fun. I was a little trunky but I got over it. Then Christmas eve night we went over to our ward mission leaders house and he fed us fondue stuff that was way good! I ate enough cheese to plug me up for a week! But don't worry im not plugged up! haha But they gave us presents and I read a Christmas book to everyone in my British accent which ill send pics of. It was fun they are a way cool family. Then Christmas day we started off with having District meeting which don't you worry in my class we had Eggnog and popcorn to go around! And after we had a white elephant gift party which was cool. I bought a sweet Duck Dynasty calender for a lucky sister! haha and I got a flipping Harry Potter coloring book! I chucked that thing right in the garbage after everyone left! Then I opened up my Big Christmas box there with my boy D port and I was pumped about the nerff gun you got me and everything else, but I spent the rest of the time there shooting everyone! Then that night before I talked to you guys i had the Brisket dinner which was off the chain and then talked to you guys. Then on Thursday we went to New York for the temple trip! That was fun.Except for the part when I ripped my pants in the church parking lot right before leaving playing football!!! So my ginger butt had to walk all the way to the temple with a nice breeze going up my crack! But I made sure my suit jacket covered it so no sisters were getting a free show haha then I got it fixed at the temple!! And E page was pooping himself cause it was his first time there. We walked through Central Park where buddy the elf was and that was cool. Then on the way to the temple we walked by the ABC news place and the black chick on there was about to go on air and we all waved to her and she waved back! haha it was funny! Then after the temple we all went to the food carts and got Gyros they are sooo good! I got 2...1 in both hands just going to town! it was flipping cold though but its not everyday you get to sit in Manhattan and eat a Gyro so we soaked it up. On the way out walking through times square we ran into this couple who were Mormon and they were all excited to see us. But we got home around 7 then ended the night playing B ball with Davenport and some members it was fun! I just played in my Jesus cloths I was sliding all over in my church shoes! Then Friday I went over to the Korean elders area for exchange! That was something else. I went with Elder Kang, he taught me how to say "hi how are you" in Korean so I was saying it to all Koreans I saw haha I made these 2 Koreans girls blush cause I guess its not everyday you see a white guy with ginger hair speak to them in there language. Then later that day we went and did service with some Spanish missionaries to this crazy ladies house. Most of you probably don't know who this is but she was married to DMX's brother and they have a little 9 year old daughtor together. DMX is a rapper. I dont know if she is serious but she new her stuff about him. And she met 50 cent crazy huh. Then on the awkward side she was cleaning out her dressers and called me over and started showimg me all of her lingerie that she thought I would look good in! hahaha Elder Kang's face was priceless when she was pulling these things out of the drawer, So we ate then we called it a night. Yesterday was cool the Adams family had half of Cedar City with them for the Holidays but a lot of them moved away a couple years ago but we had dinner with them, and I also figured out that a member in our ward Jeff Sutherland is related to Lindsay's family. So that was cool. But that was my week love you guys! Read your scriptures and go to church! hooooraw!

 love:Elder Smith