Trevors Homecoming

Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter 46

Merry flipping Christmas Cedar City!

This week has been ruff with the Jesus work that's for sure! But I made the best of it. Tuesday started off with District meeting which went well, then after we celebrated me being 21 and able to buy alchi now so we went and got some Red Solo cups and some sparkling cyder to have cheers after our meeting haha its on my Christmas card that I'm sending home. But that was pretty much Tuesday. Then on Wed this poor ginger got his neck cut open and the doc cut the cyst out of my neck! It didn't hurt at all but the faces E Page and Elder Davis were making were pretty funny. I tried teaching the nurse and the doctor while they were operating but it didn't work out too well haha. But after 9 stitches they sowed me back up and I'm good as new,and it wont ruin my beach body from the scare so don't worry hahaha and later that night we went over to Al and Phyllis house and they about soiled there pants when they saw the big bandage on my neck! AL thought I got jumped haha But they almost dropped us because they said they are to old to change religions but they still want us to come over, and by the time we finished talking with them they still wanted to learn more, so that was a close one. Then that night for mutual we had a competition making ginger bread houses and yep the boys one thanks to my professional skills i got from the local Wingers haha. One kid liked it so much he took it home. And yes I got a lot of questions on what happened to me cause of my bandage on my neck and I played that I got in a fight card and I got shot but no one would believe me so I had to just tell them the truth haha. Friday was cool we had the all mission conference and we heard from all the stake presidents in NJ and Alex Boye came who is President and Sister Jeppsons son in law. (if you don't know who he is like me before I came out here go to and click on I am Mormon. Alex Boye) he is a big singer over in London and stuff he is legit funny guy. But he performed for us while we ate. Me and Jones just sat and talked about how crazy it is how long we have been in snooki vile pretty crazy and how everyone is starting to come home! But when we got home we had a good lesson with our investigator Alex and his Girly Friend. they had a ruff couple weeks and were excited to see us. Saturday we helped a new fam that just moved here from Utah into there new crib. they are really nice. And then we did service for a couple more hours then had dinner at a members house and on the way there, there was a Santa on a fire truck going around the town and one dude stopped us and told elder page to slow down. He was not very Jolly for helping Santa I wanted to slap him. So I told him to calm down and we went to the members house. But yesterday was pretty good. In Church I had to sing in the choir cause there short members so guess who automatically gets thrown in....yep the flippin missionaries. ha! But it went good I sang my heart out just like in the car ha! I felt like paps up there singing haha. Then that night we had a mission Christmas fireside where all the missionaries sang and did a little program. Tongan was in it and he was Samuel the Lamanite haha he was a big ol tongan lamanite haha but it was fun. Well that's about it for this week. Excited to see you guys on Christmas better be ready for a good time!!
love:Elder Smith

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Another week in Utah

                                                   Dressed for Christmas

Did you open you package!!!!???

The boy in the back with Krysta is Kaid. He has been home from his mission 4 weeks. He was in Baltimore. Maryland.

Trey dawg dressed himself so nice!!

Ropin in the living room

What a dork face ha !!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Week! #45

Welllllllll this week was good it was pretty much my b day all week!Tuesday night was a good one though. We have a meeting every Tuesday with our bishop at his house. And me and E Page and the Sisters were sitting around the table with bishop and i was doing some District stuff and about 2 seconds of silence happened and next thing you know E Page let out a cute little fart! haha I WAS DYING! i laughed for a good 5 min! He said it just fell out hahahaha killed me!!  But  the party started on Wednesday for the big b day party! We had District meeting so i got sang too in Korean by the Korean elders in my district which was interesting you should listen to that language! And the whole zone sang to me it was good. I got a lot of phone calls too from Tongan and my boy Jones and D port and a bunch of others. Jones laid down a beat for me haha it was funny! But after district meeting we just tried a few people then at 7 we went out caroling with the youth in the ward! It was soooo cold, they bought us hot chocolate and i got some Burger King on the way home so it was good! Then we ended the night at Hooters! They treat you right over there for your big 21st bday!.................HA JK we didnt go! Thursday was a cool day though. It was walking day and the high was a whopping 28. So we were walking down this road and this drunk dude at like 2 in the afternoon started talking to us so i offered him a card and he invited us in to warm up. This guy was hilarious! he was drinking a beer out of a McDonald's cup and swearing left and right.....poor elder page didn't know what to do with himself. But we heard some good drinking stories of his then he had to go to his neighbors and he said they were religious people so he said you should come with me. so we went over and there names are Al and Phyllis. They are 70 year old catholics. At first they were not really happy but after talking awhile we got to know them and they lived in Vegas for a long time. So i talked about how i have a lot of fam down there and then Phyllis said. " you know were 70 years old. i dont know how much more you can tell us about Jesus." So i looked at her and said what if i can promise you that by the end of this lesson you will learn something you did not know before. And that got both their attentions. So i brought up the after life and she has always wanted to know about that so we taught her the plan of salvation. And by the time we were done they both looked at each other and said we need to be baptized again. hahaha it was crazy! cool lesson. They tried to give us 20 bucks at the end for food cause i ate a muffin they gave me in about 2 bites but i just said she can cook for me in a couple weeks haha.Friday we had dinner over at the Allens and the dad works for the company that makes Ax body wash and he hooked me up with good stuff for the b day...idk if he was trying to send a message to me that i stink or what but ill take it!..they also made some good dessert slapped some candles on their and sang to me, they are awesome!  But Saturday we had a good storm and President wouldn't let us drive so we pretty much had a snow day. I was bored out of my mind so we just started shoveling random peoples driveways. Should of seen their faces! But we did walk over to Al and Phyllis house in the storm cause we had nothing else to do and Al about pooped when he saw us out in the weather. He said after the holidays come over for dinner. haha chuuu chinggg! Then yesterday we just had sacrament at 12 due to the storm so after that we just tried a few people with noooo success then had dinner at a members place then called it a night.! oh Today was Jingle with the Jeppsons and that was fun ill send ya pics of it soon! Well love you guys! Better be ready for Vegas when i get home!! Im 21 baby!  hahaha :)
Love:Elder Smith

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter 44 with pics!!!

Hi Fam!
Well its officially Christmas up here in snooki vile. It started snowing last night and by this morning we woke up to an ice storm. It snowed last night then rained during the night pretty crazy stuff. But this week was BUSY! Tuesday we had Zone meeting over in West New york which is still in Jersey it just really close to NY. But that was fun it was Christmas theme and we got some legit Santa hats and you already know I'm lookin sexy in it!! haha But Wednesday we went up to "China" and  we call it because its like 45 min from our house to our investigators Babby and Coty. Babby has been taught for years! But her son that was there loves hunting and when we pulled up he was decked out in camo and I about lost it!! We talked about hunting for a good 25 min. I showed him how we do it Smith style in Utah swag and he was freaking out about my elk and Twinkies Deer this year. But our lesson with Babby went good we pretty much threw down, and asked what we need to do to help her get dunked and she said we cant its all on her so idk what were going to do with her maybe get her drunk and trip her in the font hahahaha heyyy ohhh jk jk! But then the next place we went was a less active place down the road and he is a hunter too! It was like I was meant to come here! But we talked with him and his daughter and were gonna get them back to church! Thursday was walking day and of course it was raining out side but that just means my wife gets hotter for me going out in that weather so it helps us keep motivated haha. But we went and taught Babby's nephew and his G friend! They are really prepared people, sure at first she thought she could teach us because she has been taught by the JW's for 10 years but we switched that one right around. But we had a good lesson. And I talked the whole time cause my comp is still a Little gun shy but they loved it. And then we got dinner that night and Elder Davenport came over with his comp for a slumber party because Friday morning me and him had to go to a meeting. So Thursday night we just talked about good times till 12 30 then got up at 430 to drive all the way over to West NY then drove another hour for our meeting! The meeting went good there was a few fake die hard missionaries there but we just ignore those clowns. But that was pretty much our whole Friday of meetings then coming home and me and Elder D port busting out some Rapping skills to our new comps haha I was droppin the beat and D port was rapping haha it was like I was with the chocolate man again. But white style! Saturday was kind of boring we just had breakfast at our ward mission leaders house which was the highlight then taught a few lessons. But yesterday was fun. It was our Ward Christmas party. There was food everywhere and the primary did a little skit that was funny! made me miss all my Little punks back at home! But that was our week. This morning we got a call from a member who lives in a really rich area and she needed help with her driveway being a big ice patch so we went and helped her out and me and E page did some sledding with her kids,  then she fed us breakfast and let us go into her huge house and play pool it was legit! And you already know it I WON! haha Well that's it love you guys I turn the big 21 this week so the local hooters better be ready for me hahahahaha! jk jk
Love: #1 son Trevi

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our in Utah

We got so much snow and its only 5-10 degrees outside

Bedtime photos


Oh the faces

Trip to Maverick with these cuties

Jason and Lindsay got new washer and dryer!!


This sinner didn't go to church today .... good thing I'm in Richfield shes going to kill me when she sees this hehehe