Trevors Homecoming

Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter 60


So this week started off with me and pelsue trying to catch fish in the RT weather of 34 degrees and windy and caught NOTHING! its okay though were going to try again today. Tuesday i went over to Mexican world on exchange with Elder Moreno.We first had to drive a hour away so i could go do a Baptism interview for the sisters in my district. Her name was Denise. She was awesome. She was really nervous so i gave her some candy and made her relax a bit. She did really good though past 100%. Then we went and taught some of his investigators. On the way to one of them named Alex we drove by a hotel and a big ol Ralphie Maye tour bus was there, he is a comedian FYI. But i got some pics of this ginger next too it. But as for the lesson with Alex it went good. he is 12 and they are Spanish so i usually just sit there while they speak Spanish and put a smile on my face. But he spoke English so i dodged that bullet. Wednesday we were over at our investigators Diana's place and she was stressing out bad so we read and prayed with her. And we also tried teaching one of the ladies that works at her thrift store that we have known for a while but when i asked if we can teach her something cool about Jesus she was not too pumped about that! She listened but kept acting like we were bible bashing with her! I even had a trick for it! WOMEN! :) HA But after we went and saw Frank who is a investigator, he was put in the hospital with a bad staff infection called Mersa, we had to get all decked out in a gown and gloves. He was excited to see us though, its sad cause his kids barley come and see him, me and pelsue are pretty much is new boys ha. But he is doing good and has a good attitude about the whole thing. Thursday was cool, we were weekly planning and i got a call from a Minnesota number, and it was a member and his daughter was on a choir trip over in our area and got really sick and was in ICU. And he really wanted us to go give her a blessing. So we went over and the sisters were there and Bro Mayne. And we went and saw her. Her name was Shawnda, she is 16 and her mom was with here but was at the hotel room. She was a nice girl. we talked for a while and then gave her a blessing. Then i felt bad for her so i went and hooked her up with chocolate ice cream and raspberry ice ha. That stuff makes everyone happy, she is in the same stake as the barret family! But then we got the news that the sisters in our ward are leaving so we get to take over their area. So we had to plan for all that stuff. Its going to be a donkey show over here for a few weeks getting all that figured out. But we will git r done! Then later that day Diana our investigator needed our help moving some stuff and she had this Treadmill she didn't want so she hooked us up with it! haha we pretty much have a full gym now in our apartment! GET SWOLE! We are on our LGN diet! (look good naked) haha Friday we went with the sisters and taught their investigator so they could tell them we will be teaching them. It went good I've know them for a while so they were good with it. And then after that we flew over to meet some members for pizza. Then we had another dinner appointment and yep got pizza AGAIN! better then nothing though. Saturday we had our meeting with the ward mission leader and he made us waffles!! ohhhhh man i about lost it, i haven't had those in forever. ate 4 :) ha whoops! then i had meetings in the afternoon then for the rest of the night me and Pelsue went up to a place called West Milford and saw some investigators and less actives. ha some crazy people up their. We went to our investigators baby's place and one of the girls up there was on some kind of drugs cause she kept falling asleep on us like usual that house is crazy! funny people though. We went to the Martins after and they fed us more pizza! I'm done with pizza! But it was a really busy night we taught a lot of people. Yesterday was good, we had church and then now that the sisters are out we have a meal appointment everyday this week haha good thing i got the Treadmill. But we went and saw frank again with our bishop and taught Alex our investigator and his Girly friend. she wont shut her hole, its a donkey show teaching them. But that was my week fam. love you guys! 

Love:E Smith

Posted on face book by Janae Carpenter!! Congrats Carpenter family!!!!

Feeling so happy!! So many wonderful changes in our lives. Devin came home off his mission, Brand'is engaged to kyle Larson, and Holly's so fun!! Love my kids!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter 59

Hi Fam
This week was fun. Started off on St. Patty's day with us taking a Recent Convert named Marco's out to the local Irish pub for lunch.haha Had me a Corn beef Sandwich. Place was crazy though had bagpipe players going around and people all drunk already by 12. I was hoping for something special since I'm a ginger but no go on that! And don't worry we sat on the family side away from alll the beer haha.Then that night we went over to the Montgomery's house the family from Cedar City and ate more Corn Beef! My guts hated me that night if ya know what I'm sayin! ha Tuesday was District meeting and I taught about Moroni 10:7-20 on how we all have special gifts. My goal was to uplift the district cause a lot of the sisters were stressed, and to make at least one sister cry due to my teaching skills being so awesome :). And I accomplished it! all of them cried but 1 and yes I got a little choked up talking about you guys too! I'm a sissy! ha Tuesday we went down to Irvington to meet some other missionaries and pick up some food from the bishop store house for our investigator Diana's fundraiser, and right when we pulled into Irvington we got a text saying it was denied! So this is where my testo raised a bit and spent the next hour or more talking to the Manager of the store house then the stake president over in the Newark ward. Me and him weren't getting along very well on the phone but it all got figured out thanks to our stake President over here in our ward. We still couldn't get the food but President Jensen the one over our ward Made a donation for Diana and we went and picked up all the food she needed. He is a cool guy. And I got to see Jason who is a member over there who lives across the street from my old house in Irvington. He is a funny little black kid. He came up to the apartment to say hi, and his friends in the car started honking the horn and being annoying and I knew the kid in the car so I ran down there in my suit with a big wrench in my hand hahaha it was so funny he started driving away then I opened up the door and his face and the girls in the back looked like they just pooped themselves haha funny!  Friday night was cool. We went and saw a play called Joseph in Egypt. The sisters invited us to go so we took a RC Sis Black, the one who raps to Thrift shopping haha But its a play about a story of Joseph in the Bible, not gonna lie didn't know much about it but it was fun. Most entertaining thing I've done in over a year, Me and Pelsue said if we weren't missionaries there's no way we would of gone to it.haha But I'll send ya pics of it. We took pics with the kid who played Joseph, he was a bit on the femmy side but what do you do. Saturday was way busy. We were helping Diana set up for her Tricky Tray so we were doing all sorts of stuff. I had to help cook a little bit it was weird being back in a kitchen! Don't really miss it! ha But we helped her from 10 to 5, then went and taught a few people then came back at the end of the party and she called us up front and gave us these Thank you Certificates, it was cool to see how much we helped her and how much she appreciated it. But that was my week, today were goin fishin at brother Maynes house, he has a huge lake in his back yard! yeeeeehawww! gonna go get me a 6 pack of Root beer and catch me some fish! GIT  R DONE! LOVE YOU GUYS!
Love: Trevor

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cousins, Chocolate Man, HOSA, and Taffy!!!!

Jersey Swagg!!!!

HOSA nursing competition

St. Patty's Day with the missionaries!!!

Kids loved Scott and Erica!!

Awwwww so sleepy

"Bad Boys"

2nd batch was perfect!!! We finally got it!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter # 58

Whats up!
Hope you all had fun with Chocolate man! His Chocolate butt was texting me almost the whole flipping time!!! telling me about it all! ha But this week was good. Monday we had a dinner appointment with some members who invited their neighbor over for dinner and a lesson. She is moving to Utah so they wanted us to come tell her what was up. So we went over and ate then went and had the lesson. Well there daughter in law was there and she would not shut her hole! she talked for at least 20 min straight and was telling her everything in the book!! The poor lady was overwhelmed with stuff, then when we would try to take over she would take it another way. This red head was about to knock a lady out! She was a ginger too so it would of been okay! Tuesday i brought a Spanish elder over with me on exchange and he is leaving for Brazil at the end of the month. We had some fun. On the way home from District meeting some dude in a van gave us a love tap in traffic so i thought we were going to be filling reports out for the rest of the day but it literally didn't do anything. So he got suckered into listening to what we do then i let him go. haha Wednesday i made these 2 old ladies blush haha it was our investigator and her sister. I stood up to go write something down on a piece of paper and some black thread stuff that they use to keep my pockets from taring came out and it was hanging by my butt haha and Pelsue was like what is that. They all thought it was a man thong hahaha! there heads went straight to the gutter! haha Then that night we went and saw a member who just got knee surgery so we went to give her a good lift up. She had a wheel chair in her room and i was going nuts on it. Popping Wheelies and stuff it was fun. Then we had a good discussion with her about how Carrie Underwood is going to be my wife haha. We handed a Book of Mormon to her nurse taking care of her, that was cool. Saturday was fun, we got 2 kids from NY who are members and they get set apart and come out with us, we made sure they had a good time. There names were Steve and Kyron. Steve is a chocolate man too. He reminded me sooo much of Chocolate so i called him Chocolate JR haha But i made them lunch cause there parents didn't give them money to take us out, which was disappointing, but i made sure we did a cheers with sparkling cider with our red solo cups haha. After lunch we went out and contacted people. This was fun. i went first and showed them the ropes then we gave them our name tags and said Git R done! They were pooping there pants but they did really good. After we went and taught our investigator Carol and her family. There was 2 teen chickas there so a lot of sass was going on and we couldn't control the lesson, Kyron thought i was gonna kill someone. But i didnt! After we went and saw a less active Sandy and she did exactly what we wanted and started swearing up a storm, ha Steve and Kyrons faces were priceless. But it was a fun day. At first they said they weren't very excited and at the end they were having lots of fun. They started farting in the car and the whole bit haha After they go back to the church and get Released and i guess Kyron got up and bore his testimony on how you can work hard and share the gospel and still have fun! That's my boy! Yesterday was way busy. Church was cool though, Brother Mayne the President from Met Life was there and he let me wear his NBA Mavericks Championship ring he got when he was working down in Texas, it looked good on me, ha i was telling people i was a NFL. haha But we had to give a blessing for a less active member who is sick. She was way nice. then we taught some other less actives. Then to end the night we went over to some members named the Celaroes. And they fed us homemade chili and for dessert they had this cheesecake they bought in the city and its some famous place and it was maybe a 6x6 cheese cake and was $30 dollars. It was soooo good though. But that was the week family love you guys!
Love: Elder Smithy