Trevors Homecoming

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From New Jersey Morristown Blog

  1. Love these pictures, We have been looking forward to reading and seeing the updates. We love our Elder Trevor Smith....He looks awesome. Thanks for posting. Tracey Smith, Trevor's mom!!
  2. YAY!!! I'm so excited to see my brothers' Handsome face... Say Hi to Elder Trevor Smith for me!! - Ashley Robinson
  3. Hello E. T. Smith's family. I am happy you found the blog. Our daughter puts it up and loads pictures. Sometimes they don't turn out the way I would like but I am happy she takes the time to do it for us. Your Elder T. Smith is awesome. We went to a district meeting and he is going to be a great missionary. We have 5 Smith's, soon to be 6 Smith's in the mission. They are Elder (Black) Smith, Elder Tall Smith, Elder White Smith, Elder Glasses Smith, Elder All American Smith and your son chose Elder Ginger Smith because of his hair! We love him so much. He is very personable and fun to be around. They are all still trying to adjust to new areas and people but they are doing great! Keep the NJMM in your prayers, but we know you will! Love, Sister Jeppson

First day in New Jersey with the Mission President

 26 new missionaries arrived.....Trevor's the cute one in the back!
at the airport with all missionaires

New Jersey Flag

Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb. 25, 2013 Letter from Elder Trevor Smith

Dear ma and pa!
This week has been really slow. No one answers their doors or their phones. And when they do answer or make a appointment they just bail. So it gets frustrating! But we went and saw a guy named Kou Dou Gou! ha ya weird name huh! But he is a really cool guy and has a awesome family. he knows a lot about the church and just wants to do whats right. He has a 3 year old boy and he is feaking hilarious. He straight up raps like a thug! he is actually on youtube. But we taught him for like 2 hours which is way past our time but i invited him to get baptized and i was sweating bullets i was so nervous but he said he will but wants to look more into our church so hopefully he will get the right answer. But yesterday i had to say the closing prayer in church. Let me just tell you how they do things in this around here. So sacrement was gonna start in like 5 mins and one of the counslers who is actually white came up and asked if i would pray along with getting all the other duties done in that 5 min. Classic! But the best was in Preisthood when a white guy who was born around here and a old black guy just faught about the power of god for like 30 min. Me and all the Elders in the back were just cracking up. I could sit in that class all day! But after that we went and taught two recent converts named Kianna and her older sister they are really cool i like teaching them. but there mom is struggling and doesnt believe in our church and you can tell she has done lots of drugs in her days. But we gave her a blessing and it didnt go very well cause her crew came over and was banging on the door during it and she kept talking and trying to leave so it wasnt very succesful! But after we saw them we went over to another recent convert named Matilda, she is from Nigeria Africa and she is a model! :) ya she is pretty! but dont worry im not bringing anyone home! haha but they fed us African food which was spicy spicy fried rice and fish! it was siiiiiiiiiick! i did not like any of it. I just kept thinking about what your face would look like if you saw the plate of this food. not good and no one else liked it either. but we had a good lesson after, she had two friends over who werent members and the one guy had lots of questions. Well im still missing all of you guys and home but things are getting better just trying to stay busy and make the best of it. Love you guys.
Love: Elder Smith

Trevor with Mission President Jeppson and his wife

View photo.JPG in slide show

Congrats Trevor! Off to baptize snook!

Trevors apt building & Shad's prayer over Trevor

what up sissy!
thats funny stuff about trey and shad that makes my day! it makes me wanna keep going out here even though times get tuff! But about the google earth pic mine is the middle one or the one on the right i cant tell. how is everyone doing

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 12:16 AM, <> wrote:

Shads prayer tonight
Shad : dear heavenly father thank u for our blessing please bless Trevor to be safe and have fun and we will write him letters all day. Bless Trevor to be strong and we will be strong bless time to go fast. Say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

It was so cute! He was kneeling by your bed.
He talks about you all the time his million questions he asks everyday are about you now.
Treys teacher says he talks about you in class a lot lol
Hope your doing good and your always on my mind. I love you so much!
 Trevor's Apartment Building on the right

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some Friends

With Kelton Callison serving in the Indianapolis Indiana mission

Me and mr jones lookin just sexy as ever

Colbey's post 02/18/2013

    So im in Scotch Plains and we cover the North area and I am training Elder Vellinga! He is from Clinton, Ut! He is awesome! He has a strong testimony and came out for the right reasons and is super prepared to be here so it helps a lot to have him in a new area too! This week has been pretty stressful trying to figure out everything and how the area works and who to visit when!.... Its crazy.. haha but we are figuring it out slowly but steadily! We have met some awesome members already though! And we get fed a lot here so dont judge me if I send some pictures and im a fatty.. :)
    Our apartment is super nice though! Its huge for a two man! Its in a nice area too! we are spoiled! I have been spoiled with apartments my whole mission so far! It is weird going to a two man apartment now though.. Four mans are pretty fun! but its awesome! Its an old folks home though I swear! It smells like old people every time we walk in! And we havent seen anyone under 70 im pretty sure.. haha! We are like 4 miles outside of our area so we have to drive a ton! The area where a lot of our members live is 7 miles from where we live so its crazy!
   Sounds like everything is still going good with the missionaries! :) It is hard for missionaries when we get transferred too! You get used to an area and then you have to say goodbye to everyone! AGAIN! haha but all the missionaries are awesome so im sure you will get a good one coming in! And no one is bad at praying so I dont believe that for a second! Just keep doing what they ask and you will know! :)
   I text Trevor every once in a while and he is doing good! He is awesome! I saw him his first night here and we went running the streets of Newark together!! haha Well I love you Mom! Hope everything is going good!! :)
Love Elder Jones
My new address is:
530 Park Ave.
South Plains, NJ  07076

It's nice to be related to the MTC president Lon Nally and wife Kaye Nally

Cousin Angie and Friend Sadie

Trevor with Robbie Masterson

Gonna miss my boy t-dawg! — with Trevor Smith.

Daniel Lemich, Trevor's friend serving a mission in Ecuador

"Una de mis escrituras favoritas es en Mosiah 2 que dice, -Y he aquí, todo cuanto él os requiere es que guardéis sus mandamientos; y os ha prometido que si guardáis sus mandamientos, prosperaréis en la tierra; y él nunca varía de lo que ha dicho; por tanto, si guardáis sus mandamientos, él os bendice y os hace prosperar.- (Mosiah 2:22)"

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Trevor landed in NJ on Feb. 11, 2013

Dear Ma and Paps!

I made it to Snookiville. Today has been very interesting. The flight was about 4 hours long and it was pretty bad weather but we made it.
Once we got to the airport President Jeppson and his wife were there waiting for us, they are nice.
Then we got in the cars and went to the downtown Newerk and there we met some missionaries that have been out for a while.
So we pulled up to a bunch of them and as I was walking up I saw a familiar face with his hands up in the air and it was Colby!
I ran up and gave him a hug it was really weird and I'm still in shock but after that we walked the street for a little and started to hand out cards and there was black people everywhere!! Not gonna lie, it was scary but lots were nice and some were very crazy!
But just letting you know I made it ill talk to you soon.

Love:Elder Smith

He emailed us this email the first night after arriving in NJ

While at the MTC he meet the MTC Mission Pres

Kaye Pridy and her husband are serving a Mission at the MTC. Kaye is Lee's (Grandpa Lee) cousin.

The heart breaking very short goodbye at the MTC!

More pictures at the Provo Temple

We stopped at the Provo Temple to take pictures

Lunch at Good Wood in Provo, UT

In the car leaving the neighbor hood for the next two years!

Heading to the MTC. January 23, 2013

Banana Split party last night home.

More family and friends