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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me and mr jones lookin just sexy as ever

Colbey's post 02/18/2013

    So im in Scotch Plains and we cover the North area and I am training Elder Vellinga! He is from Clinton, Ut! He is awesome! He has a strong testimony and came out for the right reasons and is super prepared to be here so it helps a lot to have him in a new area too! This week has been pretty stressful trying to figure out everything and how the area works and who to visit when!.... Its crazy.. haha but we are figuring it out slowly but steadily! We have met some awesome members already though! And we get fed a lot here so dont judge me if I send some pictures and im a fatty.. :)
    Our apartment is super nice though! Its huge for a two man! Its in a nice area too! we are spoiled! I have been spoiled with apartments my whole mission so far! It is weird going to a two man apartment now though.. Four mans are pretty fun! but its awesome! Its an old folks home though I swear! It smells like old people every time we walk in! And we havent seen anyone under 70 im pretty sure.. haha! We are like 4 miles outside of our area so we have to drive a ton! The area where a lot of our members live is 7 miles from where we live so its crazy!
   Sounds like everything is still going good with the missionaries! :) It is hard for missionaries when we get transferred too! You get used to an area and then you have to say goodbye to everyone! AGAIN! haha but all the missionaries are awesome so im sure you will get a good one coming in! And no one is bad at praying so I dont believe that for a second! Just keep doing what they ask and you will know! :)
   I text Trevor every once in a while and he is doing good! He is awesome! I saw him his first night here and we went running the streets of Newark together!! haha Well I love you Mom! Hope everything is going good!! :)
Love Elder Jones
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