Trevors Homecoming

Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter 97


What up peeps. It was awesome seeing you all on Christmas! I cant wait to see you all in realness here in a bit. But as you know Christmas was a fun one this year full of teaching and preachin and having a good ol christmas eve party with some other missionaries full of sting pong and ping pong! ha Before we skyped we went with some other missionaries to the hospital with the old people and just sat with them and talked with them. I sat next to a cool old black lady who is almost blind. Me and her were homies! And I had to be her food body guard cause the guy that sits next to her is a lil food thief so I was on the watch for him haha. He didn't make any moves though. Friday was a service day and teaching our investigator Quashima about the restoration and Plan of Salvation. She is progressing fast. Yesterday was funny. At the end of the night we were short about 40 contacts for the week.Our goal every week is 70. So me and Reeseypuff went out with 23 card is our coats and a prayer of Jesus taking the wheel. We went to a place in down town Paterson where a lot of shopping places are and all of them were closed! the place was dead. But we kept walking and talking to people waiting for the bus and stuff. We ran into these 3 black girls who about peed when they saw 2 white boys walking there at 8:30 at night. E Reese asked if they wanted a card about Jesus and if you could of seen this girls face. ha They just said we need to go home. But we kept truckin and E Reese made a bet with me that I couldn't hand out my Book of Mormon and long story short.........he lost 10 bucks! hahaha Well that's my week people love you all! Git R done!

Love: E Smithy

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas !!!!

Jason's family is in California at Disneyland! 

Waiting for you to call us!!

Quick trip to St. George before Christmas

Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter 96


First thing us 4 missionaries heard while walking into the library from 2 old guys today....."holy smokes are you all the FBI." me..."yep your under arrest."... him " again!" hahaha what up fam! This week was another good one. Last Monday me and Reese made sugar cookies and went over to the Monte's fam's house and had FHE and the 3 girls decorated cookies while me and E Reese were the sexy bakers and made more for them. Tuesday we had Traditions with the Taggarts which was way fun. We went to the mission home and they made us a huge breakfast. Then we ended with the Nativity story. And you already know I jammed out on the piano to joy to the world while all the missionaries sang to it. ha It felt like the last X mas I had home and Paps singing along to me playing. That night we did find us a new investigator named Alvonia. She is a nice lady and we taught her the Restoration. It was Reese's first lesson with that and he did awesome. He was peeing his pants a bit but did good. After that we had a late celebration of our birthdays at a members house which was a good time. Wed We had our Temple trip. New York is always fun to go to and going into the temple. And we ended the Jesus note with our Street gyros! sooo flipping good! Thursday was fun, we had to drive the Spanish elders to Elizabeth NJ so they could go to court. And while we were there me and Reese went over and woke up Sarahlee and said hi to her. It was good seeing her. And she hooked me up with my present of a swaggy camo suit case to come home in so we will all know what one is mine. ha After that we got hooked up with free Starbucks....(we didn't drink coffee) okay one shot of it...ha   jk jk but we saw Regina a member from the Irvington ward I was in and it was fun seeing her. While we were eating our food we talked with this guy that knew a lot about missionary work and we had a good talk about all that we do. Friday we had a all mission x mas conference and we ate like kings and had a good time there. Then we ended the night watching Richi Valdez sing his lil heart out at his school x mas concert. And then having some good Spanish food at a members house. Then we picked us up a new investigator named. Santiago. he is cool he got in contact with the missionaries over the phone in Utah and they sent us his info. He came to church yesterday which was awesome.And mama Keisha threw us our belated b day parties. It was way fun, I'm pretty sure they posted a video of me dropping it low on FB. ha That's my week people cant wait to see you all on Thursday. love you! 

Love: Gingy

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week before Christmas!!

I got to play with Dillon on Friday :)

Temple Square

Hangin at the Biasi's
Elder Aamodt had a birthday! He wanted Cheesecake!  So I made homemade banana cream cheesecake.
Jason worked in slc so we went up to see him and went to the space museum.

Shaddy had a christmas program!!

He was called to the front when they sang "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" cause he's missing his fronts lol
Got his first 2 coyotes!!
Jason and Shae doubled on one call
Making a total of 5 for the day

Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter 96


This week was good. Me and Reesey puff got our painting on! Monday and Tuesday we went and helped a less active paint her house. She fed us some way good food so we were down with that. Tuesday the paint fight broke out though but don't worry me and Reese won! And we didn't start it just FYI. We were painting having a good ol time listening to X mas music and you already know we had my women Carrie Underwood playing and my back up plan Areunda Grande. Yeeehaw! But the rest of this week was all over the place, we were doing lots of service and looking for service. We got denied at the hospital with the kids so that was a bummer.Thursday was the Big 22 b day. It was way fun, thank you everyone that sent stuff, and those who didn't.. straight to hell! haha jk jk  On Friday I had to speak at a funeral for a family from Texas. It was sad but a lot of the members there were not members so they really enjoyed our service. I was peeing my pants a bit on my talk but it went just peachy. I talked about Alma 7 all centered on JC. Saturday we helped set up for the x mas party at our church in the morning then helped the Spanish elders bake cookies. Then I went on exchange with Elder Davis and we had a way good time. Got fed some good Spanish food and hot chocolate it was fun. Sunday we had all our meetings and then church and the night ended with our missionary x mas concert and this ginger was the narrator for the grand entrance! ha it was fun I got to see a lot of members from maple-wood and all over, it was fun. Well this week will be a Jerry springer show and a half we got the temple trip and a bunch of other stuff it will be a good time though. love you all! 

Love:E Smmith

Kobey & Dee playing City Basket Ball

 A very serious player!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Another week down....

Trey and Shad were in the play in parowan

Shad told me he was the "GOOD" shepherd...ha ha next to 
NFR in vegas!