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Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter 96


This week was good. Me and Reesey puff got our painting on! Monday and Tuesday we went and helped a less active paint her house. She fed us some way good food so we were down with that. Tuesday the paint fight broke out though but don't worry me and Reese won! And we didn't start it just FYI. We were painting having a good ol time listening to X mas music and you already know we had my women Carrie Underwood playing and my back up plan Areunda Grande. Yeeehaw! But the rest of this week was all over the place, we were doing lots of service and looking for service. We got denied at the hospital with the kids so that was a bummer.Thursday was the Big 22 b day. It was way fun, thank you everyone that sent stuff, and those who didn't.. straight to hell! haha jk jk  On Friday I had to speak at a funeral for a family from Texas. It was sad but a lot of the members there were not members so they really enjoyed our service. I was peeing my pants a bit on my talk but it went just peachy. I talked about Alma 7 all centered on JC. Saturday we helped set up for the x mas party at our church in the morning then helped the Spanish elders bake cookies. Then I went on exchange with Elder Davis and we had a way good time. Got fed some good Spanish food and hot chocolate it was fun. Sunday we had all our meetings and then church and the night ended with our missionary x mas concert and this ginger was the narrator for the grand entrance! ha it was fun I got to see a lot of members from maple-wood and all over, it was fun. Well this week will be a Jerry springer show and a half we got the temple trip and a bunch of other stuff it will be a good time though. love you all! 

Love:E Smmith

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