Trevors Homecoming

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Happy Ending....We are so blessed to have him!

It has been a great 2 years following our missionary in the NJMM. We are so thankful for all the love and support from everyone!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trevor has accomplished HIS mission.....

Hi Everyone,

Trevor will be coming home on Wednesday, January 21st. He will arrive at the Cedar City Airport at 5:45 pm.... If you want to come and welcome him home, come on by. We will also be heading to Cafe Rio for dinner immediately after we pick him up at the airport.....

He will report his mission at 1:00 pm, on January 25th in the Wagon Trail Building. There will be a  luncheon at our home right after Sacrament meeting......

Be sure to come, we would love to see everyone!

Thank you all for your love and support!!!

I believe I can FLYYYYYYYYY.....home to Cedar City... Letter 99!

Well this is my final letter here from snookivile! Next Monday we wont be able to e mail so I'll just see you in person instead. ha This week has been crazy, we have been on a lot of exchanges. I was in mexicanville for 2 days straight. It was fun i ate so much Spanish food it wasn't even funny! The past weekend just been teaching and preachin as usual. I pretty much had E Reese take the wheel hard core this week and he did awesome. He is ready to take over the area. Lil boy has grown to be a lil man. ha oh Thursday was pretty cool. We went out and walked around in the freezing cold of a high of 19 with a nice wind. And this lady came up to us and she has had missionaries come in the past but hasn't seen then in years so we taught her this week too. Yesterday was fun! I had my departing trip to the Statue of Liberty. It was a rainy day. Went over and stayed with D port the night before and had ourselves a slumber party and talked about how crazy it is were done and talking about good ol times in the MTC. Its crazy and sad but I'm so excited to see you all. My mission has been the craziest and hardest 2 years of my life but i cant wait to tell you all about it. love you all see you next week! yeeeehaw! Get them guns ready boys were going huntin!!

Love:E Smith

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Letter 98

Fam what up!

This week was another success in the Jesus work. This week we found a lot of new Less Actives on our list of 500 people.  So we took a while and went and knocked on some of the doors. We did find a few and had some good lessons. E Reese is becoming to be such a big boy haha he is doin good. On New years eve we went and watched the ball drop in NY! HA! jk jk we wish. We went and had a little party at the Monte's house, the single mom of 3. We brought of course some bubbly and pie. We had our Jesus message and then had our Cheers! It was pretty fun. Then we went over to the other missionaries house and we went and bought some cheap delicious Chines food and then ended the night playing ping pong till mid night then we were dead asleep at around 12:15 ha. New years day we were cleaning and in the house most the day and then we had a party at mama keishas place which is always fun. We ate some good food and played Mormon games. Friday was a pretty slow day we contacted a lot of peeps and then that night we got juked so we called up Sister Pino and her daughter from Ecuador and we went over and made some delicious roasted starburts and some pistachio dip stuff I made. We wanted to bring some Utah swagger to the crib and we did!! The crazy thing was Sis Pino's cousin died back in Ecuador that day and she was down but she kept telling us how grateful she was for us coming over and making her night much better. JESUS TOOK THE WHEEL. We got juked for a reason! ha Saturday it snowed a little her so me and Reese went out and shoveled peoples driveway. Still never gets old seeing people's face when you say for free. ha This one Spanish guy about peed when he asked how much and I said Gratis which is free in Spanish ha. We did meet a cool lady and talked to her for a good 15 min about the church and stuff it was sweet. Then yesterday was a good day had fast and testimonies which went awesome had 3 investigators there and some less actives. Then we ate a bunch of food, and ended the night at Mama Keisha's and you already know my black Grandma Smith was there too haha its Keisha's mom! love you all see you soooooooonnn! YEEEEHAW! #GIT R DONE


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter 97


What up peeps. It was awesome seeing you all on Christmas! I cant wait to see you all in realness here in a bit. But as you know Christmas was a fun one this year full of teaching and preachin and having a good ol christmas eve party with some other missionaries full of sting pong and ping pong! ha Before we skyped we went with some other missionaries to the hospital with the old people and just sat with them and talked with them. I sat next to a cool old black lady who is almost blind. Me and her were homies! And I had to be her food body guard cause the guy that sits next to her is a lil food thief so I was on the watch for him haha. He didn't make any moves though. Friday was a service day and teaching our investigator Quashima about the restoration and Plan of Salvation. She is progressing fast. Yesterday was funny. At the end of the night we were short about 40 contacts for the week.Our goal every week is 70. So me and Reeseypuff went out with 23 card is our coats and a prayer of Jesus taking the wheel. We went to a place in down town Paterson where a lot of shopping places are and all of them were closed! the place was dead. But we kept walking and talking to people waiting for the bus and stuff. We ran into these 3 black girls who about peed when they saw 2 white boys walking there at 8:30 at night. E Reese asked if they wanted a card about Jesus and if you could of seen this girls face. ha They just said we need to go home. But we kept truckin and E Reese made a bet with me that I couldn't hand out my Book of Mormon and long story short.........he lost 10 bucks! hahaha Well that's my week people love you all! Git R done!

Love: E Smithy