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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I believe I can FLYYYYYYYYY.....home to Cedar City... Letter 99!

Well this is my final letter here from snookivile! Next Monday we wont be able to e mail so I'll just see you in person instead. ha This week has been crazy, we have been on a lot of exchanges. I was in mexicanville for 2 days straight. It was fun i ate so much Spanish food it wasn't even funny! The past weekend just been teaching and preachin as usual. I pretty much had E Reese take the wheel hard core this week and he did awesome. He is ready to take over the area. Lil boy has grown to be a lil man. ha oh Thursday was pretty cool. We went out and walked around in the freezing cold of a high of 19 with a nice wind. And this lady came up to us and she has had missionaries come in the past but hasn't seen then in years so we taught her this week too. Yesterday was fun! I had my departing trip to the Statue of Liberty. It was a rainy day. Went over and stayed with D port the night before and had ourselves a slumber party and talked about how crazy it is were done and talking about good ol times in the MTC. Its crazy and sad but I'm so excited to see you all. My mission has been the craziest and hardest 2 years of my life but i cant wait to tell you all about it. love you all see you next week! yeeeehaw! Get them guns ready boys were going huntin!!

Love:E Smith

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