Trevors Homecoming

Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter 20!!

What up what up what up!!!
This week was kind of slow when it comes to teaching people, were still trying to get our new area down so that's taking some time. But on Thursday we had our Temple trip to New York! It was sweet! we are all going to go back to NY when I get home cause its fun stuff! The temple was way cool its right in the middle of all the crazy traffic and people but it was cool in there. After the temple we walked down time square haha there are some crazy people trying to get famous. We saw like 3 naked people from plays and stuff! But by the time we were out of there I had a crazy headache! Its just like Viva Las Vegas you can only handle it for a few days unless you have beer then you can last about 4 days but we had none of that so we were out of luck! hahaha jk jk. But after we just came home and relaxed. We did meet with Eric and Mike again and there doing good we had a good lesson with them about the restoration. And since Elder Davenport left he gave us his investigators so we have a few more.But there all awesome. I didn't eat anything crazy this week so my guts are doing much better just to let you know! ha And yesterday they had a Broadcast for the missionaries and now were aloud to use Facebook which is flipping awesome!! Im not sure if we have to make a missionary one or what but they should let us know. And we are getting i pads by the end of the year so im not complaining there! But that's about it this week kind of a slow week! love you guys!

Love:Elder sexy Smith

Mission Picture's

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Five years later, finally made it back! Cody Lamb

Posted by Cody Lamb on fb
I am a little behind on this news, but after 7 1/2 years at Wingers in Cedar City, I have decided to move on. Corporate offices decided to restructure the Southern district and felt a change was needed in St. George and offered me the General Manager position. I accepted and started on Monday this week. McCall and I are currently in the process of moving to St. George. I am excited for this opportunity, but very nervous as well! To my staff in Cedar City who are just finding out this way, sorry I wasn't able to do it in person. I am also sorry that no heads up notice was given. I will be stopping back in to Cedar City, but I'm grateful for the past 7 1/2 years, the friendships and relationships I have and the great times in Cedar City I have had. Thanks to everyone who has helped make me a better person at that store and helped me succeed at the store and also in Cedar City. I'm grateful for this opportunity and this new challenge that McCall and I will have with the next stage of our lives! I'm only 40 minutes away so everyone come see me! Rhett Gillens 
Posted by Rhett Gillens on fb

I stole this from facebook

The Smith kids can play ball!!

Random post, just some pictures I thought were cute or funny!

Zac, Ava, Dave & Katie stopped by.

Zac came for a quick visit.

Dinner at Applebee's
There all getting so BIG!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

We got to meet Elder Makai's Family!!!!!

 What cute little Studs !!
 Sisters of the Missionaries!!
 Awesome Family!! So glad we were able to visit them :)
The kids made friends instantly!! The Makai's only live 1 mile up the road from our cousin Sean and his family!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Letter 19 - Always making us laugh!!!

what upppp! First off Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there especially my 
dad because he is cooler then yours haha

This week was pretty flipping crazy! So Tuesday was Transfers and me and Tongan 
weren't leaving so we didn't go. But at about 6 o clock we got a call saying we 
were getting doubled out and we're the new Maplewood Elders. So we live in the 
same house, we just teach different people! And we can drive now we got a sexy 
2008 Malibu with more problems then my dodge! its a piece but it will do! But as 
for teaching this week it wasn't to bad. We saw Eric and Mike again and there 
not keeping commitments so its kind of frustrating but we had a cool lesson with 
them about the gospel and we did a little project with them with fire and water 
they liked it. And there mom fed us some African food and this is where things 
went south real quick! she gave us this stuff like foo foo which is corn meal 
but they make it then they leave it outside for 5 days to ferment it is flipping 
nasty! And with that stuff you dip it in a soup which had raw egg whites in it! 
Me and Tongan were about to puke! I literally gagged 3 times haha I had to stop 
I couldn't eat anymore! But we also went over to a recent converts house because 
her mom made us food because we helped them move and it was pretty fun her name 
is Nakeeya and her mom was hinting to me that she wants me to be her future son 
in law hahaha! NO thanks! Oh and last week Tongan got a free look at a stripper 
who was half naked out side of a club. We were walking to go see a member and we 
have to walk by this club to get there and Ta Duhh! haha there she was, I was to 
busy talking on the phone so I didn't see I was jealous haha jk jk jk. There 
everywhere out here!!! But love you guys talk to you next week. 

Love:Elder Smith

Monday, June 10, 2013

Letter 18... 5 months strong!!!!

Hellloooo fam!
Well tomorrow is Transfers and yep me and Tongan are staying to still rep Irvington NJ! So that's good I wanted to stay longer I like this place and the ward is awesome! But this week was good! We are still visiting a lot of members in the ward that are sick and stuff. On Friday it rained way hard here and you bet your butts me and Tongan walked 3 miles in the rain to go see Akoto who is the member who is doing Dialysis! haha it was fun we were soaked! People looked at us like we were crazy! But on Saturday we went and saw our Investigators Eric And mike and there mom and little brother. There an awesome family their mom is hard core catholic so she doesn't really listen to our lessons but she loves feeding not gonna argue there! But we had a good lesson with all of them, then after she made us food. We had pasta and a soup from Ghana and it had cow feet and goat meat in it haha it was good I took a pic of it I will send it to you! Gave me crazy gas problems though I was farting the ABC'S allllll night hahaha! That was just for you Ma! But then on Sunday it got a little crazy me and some missionaries were running everywhere getting people for church I got Rajeem the less active to come so that was good then after church we went and visited members. We first went over to a member who was sick and when we got there he said he hasn't eatin a meal since last weekend! So I wasn't having none of that cause you know how I get when I'm hungry so I made him a PB and J and then we went to our place and got him some more food. Then after we went and saw Sara the 85 year old lady that I always say I'm gonna take on a date! It is always good seeing her I always flirt with her its flipping funny! But After that we went and saw Sister Vinda and she was excited to see us because she has been really stressed because of trying to find a job and her house doesn't have AC and its a 130 degrees in her house so I told her she could have one of our AC's that you put in the window cause we have 4 so were doing that today. But that's about it this week oh Chandler And Danielle the YSA'S in the ward took us out for dinner and Chandler bought us groceries this week there awesome!! So this is their shout out! your welcome! But hope all of you are doing good miss you guys like crazy! love ya

Love:Elder Smith

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter 17 " Things are looking up"

Hi Fam,
This week was good, kind of slow at first but that's the life of a missionary. On Tuesday  we got a package from Ashley and her friend Courtney. It was just what we needed, the pink bat defiantly topped it off now everyday me and elder Makai walk around with our pink bats in our bags. ha you should see the looks we get. The other day we were walking to a members house to teach her and while walking over there there was about 8 black guys sitting outside and when we walked passe d he saw my bat and he said " hey is that a bat in your bag?" I laughed and said "yes sir" then he said " Daaaaaannng you guys don't mess around here in Irvington" he used other words though I'll keep it pg. but I just laughed and kept walking. But the cool things this week was we got 3 new investigators we saw them yesterday there names are Eric, Mike and their little brother. I cant remember his name my bad! But there cool kids mike is 20 and Eric is 17 he is the one I told you about a while ago but we picked up his brothers yesterday. But we had a cool lesson talked about prayer , church , and reading the scriptures. We did like a object lesson I'lll show you when I get home in 20 no biggie! ha But after we walked home and on the way there was a big ol black guy in a field hitting golf balls so I told Tongan lets go talk to him and ill challenge him in golf and if I win he has to listen, But when we got over there the first thing he said was.....I'm not buying nothing! haha so I said good cause were not selling nothing. But I talked to him and told him if I can chip the ball closer to a cup then he has to listen to our lesson but he said no.....I guess he didn't want any of the ginger..........he was scared deep inside haha but other then that things are about the same this transfer is almost over I hope I stay for one more. I think I will. But for now me and Tongan will be walking around Irvington with our breast cancer bats! love you guys go kill something for me!

Love Elder Smith