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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Letter 17 " Things are looking up"

Hi Fam,
This week was good, kind of slow at first but that's the life of a missionary. On Tuesday  we got a package from Ashley and her friend Courtney. It was just what we needed, the pink bat defiantly topped it off now everyday me and elder Makai walk around with our pink bats in our bags. ha you should see the looks we get. The other day we were walking to a members house to teach her and while walking over there there was about 8 black guys sitting outside and when we walked passe d he saw my bat and he said " hey is that a bat in your bag?" I laughed and said "yes sir" then he said " Daaaaaannng you guys don't mess around here in Irvington" he used other words though I'll keep it pg. but I just laughed and kept walking. But the cool things this week was we got 3 new investigators we saw them yesterday there names are Eric, Mike and their little brother. I cant remember his name my bad! But there cool kids mike is 20 and Eric is 17 he is the one I told you about a while ago but we picked up his brothers yesterday. But we had a cool lesson talked about prayer , church , and reading the scriptures. We did like a object lesson I'lll show you when I get home in 20 no biggie! ha But after we walked home and on the way there was a big ol black guy in a field hitting golf balls so I told Tongan lets go talk to him and ill challenge him in golf and if I win he has to listen, But when we got over there the first thing he said was.....I'm not buying nothing! haha so I said good cause were not selling nothing. But I talked to him and told him if I can chip the ball closer to a cup then he has to listen to our lesson but he said no.....I guess he didn't want any of the ginger..........he was scared deep inside haha but other then that things are about the same this transfer is almost over I hope I stay for one more. I think I will. But for now me and Tongan will be walking around Irvington with our breast cancer bats! love you guys go kill something for me!

Love Elder Smith

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