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Monday, June 17, 2013

Letter 19 - Always making us laugh!!!

what upppp! First off Happy Fathers day to all the Dads out there especially my 
dad because he is cooler then yours haha

This week was pretty flipping crazy! So Tuesday was Transfers and me and Tongan 
weren't leaving so we didn't go. But at about 6 o clock we got a call saying we 
were getting doubled out and we're the new Maplewood Elders. So we live in the 
same house, we just teach different people! And we can drive now we got a sexy 
2008 Malibu with more problems then my dodge! its a piece but it will do! But as 
for teaching this week it wasn't to bad. We saw Eric and Mike again and there 
not keeping commitments so its kind of frustrating but we had a cool lesson with 
them about the gospel and we did a little project with them with fire and water 
they liked it. And there mom fed us some African food and this is where things 
went south real quick! she gave us this stuff like foo foo which is corn meal 
but they make it then they leave it outside for 5 days to ferment it is flipping 
nasty! And with that stuff you dip it in a soup which had raw egg whites in it! 
Me and Tongan were about to puke! I literally gagged 3 times haha I had to stop 
I couldn't eat anymore! But we also went over to a recent converts house because 
her mom made us food because we helped them move and it was pretty fun her name 
is Nakeeya and her mom was hinting to me that she wants me to be her future son 
in law hahaha! NO thanks! Oh and last week Tongan got a free look at a stripper 
who was half naked out side of a club. We were walking to go see a member and we 
have to walk by this club to get there and Ta Duhh! haha there she was, I was to 
busy talking on the phone so I didn't see I was jealous haha jk jk jk. There 
everywhere out here!!! But love you guys talk to you next week. 

Love:Elder Smith

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