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Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter 20!!

What up what up what up!!!
This week was kind of slow when it comes to teaching people, were still trying to get our new area down so that's taking some time. But on Thursday we had our Temple trip to New York! It was sweet! we are all going to go back to NY when I get home cause its fun stuff! The temple was way cool its right in the middle of all the crazy traffic and people but it was cool in there. After the temple we walked down time square haha there are some crazy people trying to get famous. We saw like 3 naked people from plays and stuff! But by the time we were out of there I had a crazy headache! Its just like Viva Las Vegas you can only handle it for a few days unless you have beer then you can last about 4 days but we had none of that so we were out of luck! hahaha jk jk. But after we just came home and relaxed. We did meet with Eric and Mike again and there doing good we had a good lesson with them about the restoration. And since Elder Davenport left he gave us his investigators so we have a few more.But there all awesome. I didn't eat anything crazy this week so my guts are doing much better just to let you know! ha And yesterday they had a Broadcast for the missionaries and now were aloud to use Facebook which is flipping awesome!! Im not sure if we have to make a missionary one or what but they should let us know. And we are getting i pads by the end of the year so im not complaining there! But that's about it this week kind of a slow week! love you guys!

Love:Elder sexy Smith

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