Trevors Homecoming

Monday, April 29, 2013

Letter #11 WHAT UPPP CC! From Elder Smith

Dear Fam!
This week was crazy! It was Chocolates death week they call it so he was gone a lot! so i was with the missionaries i live with for a few days. But on Friday i went on a exchange with Elder Davenport my MTC companion and we tore it up!! Remember Tonya and Domar well his real name is Darnel But we contacted them again and they let us in, Tonya was only there for like 5 min but we taught Darnel for like a hour. There going threw a crazy hard time! its sad, his foot is still broken and he cant afford to get it fixed. Also Tonya is still trying to get into a rehab for the drug problem and on top of that Darnel's son kicked her out of the house because she is to addicted to the drugs. But we had a crazy lesson with him it was good to be back with E. Davenport we always get r done when were together but we talked about the gospel of JC and how if he wants to have lives like us and be happy he needs to live it and he is a Baptist so he is a little stubborn but we just kept testifying to him and by the end he was crying and said he wanted to have lives like ours and we invited him to church and to read the BOM. it was a crazy lesson i was being a bold Ginger with him it was awesome! But that was the legit thing that happened this week. The funny moment for the week was we went to the hospital the go see Akoto the guy with the mice everywhere he was getting dialysis and when all four of us were walking in the hall a lady said she was scared of us because we looked like bombers from Boston! haha she must right the short bus because we have tags with Jesus Christ on them! But Tomorrow i get a new companion and Chocolate man leaves! Im staying in Irvington along with Elder Davenport and E. Hunt so that's good! pray for a good one! well love you guys! tell CC i said WHAT UPPPP!

Cute little girls with Trevor

Trevor and his crushes!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter #10 Way toooo Funny! He is killing me!!! Ok, I now have a new favorite line!!!

Whats up fam!!

It feels like i was just writing you the week flew bye!! But this week was good, on Tuesday i went on a exchange over to a town called Elizabeth. I went over with my zone leader Elder Carbio! he is about 5 foot 2 he is from Spain! has a awesome accent, he told me he was going to take me to Spain and meet some of his little girly friends! ha i'm excited!! but anyways he is a Spanish speaking Elder. So my ginger butt pretty much just sat there and listened to a bunch of Spanish with a half smile on my face! ha It was fun though to meet the members! At the end of the night we went to the church and played games with the members it was hilarious! they played some weird games. But i met a investigator of there's at the church and she had a way cool thing happen. Before conference she prayed and asked God if she should get baptized and when Elder Christopherson came up he talked about the two kids and gave them stage names well he used hers! cool huh! On Thursday we went over to a members house named Nakeeya and she had a cousin who isn't a member there his name is Timonthy! he is half deaf like me so we got a long just fine! But he is super prepared and we had a good lesson with him about the gospel and he wants to get baptized! We set him for the 12th of May and he came to church yesterday and he loved it! But that was about it for this week the chocolate man leaves for home in 7 days! Crazy that i'm almost done with training already its going to be weird going back to a white companion! you know what they say "Once you go black you don't go back!" HAAAAAAAAA JK JK! ILL GO BACK! But i'll be getting a new companion next week so pray for a good one that i wont punch! :) But ill stay in Irvington i think because the work is picking up big time in my area so i'm sure ill stay! Well love you guys don't forget to read your Scriptures!

Love: Elder Smith

Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter #9 Another excellent week and we got a phone call home!!!

What up my fam!

I'm glad Trey dogs baptism went good! And im glad that card board ginger boy made it there too along with all my CC boys! ha ha ya clowns! It was awesome to get to talk to you guys on Saturday! But to give you a little info on my week! Monday was my p day and i went and worked out with Elder Hunt over at Esa's place! this man is crazy! He is from Georgia and use to fight for money! Use to be in gangs and stuff but wanted a new life so he moved to NJ! It was crazy walking around the hood with him to go to the park. That's where we did our prison work out! But while walking through the hood we would talk to all of his home boys who were smoking weed and they all thought we were the cops so they were hiding it! ha It was hilarious! But they were cool. But then Esa took us to the park where we did our 6 sets of 10 pull ups 20 push up and 50 dips on a park table! ha it felt like i was in prison but it was fun! We also got to meet his cousin who is trying to be a rapper and while sitting outside of Esa's house his cousin and this other dude from the hood started having a rapping contest. I should of recorded it! But that was my p day! But on Tuesday we went on a exchange so me and Elder Hunt from Short Hills branch went roaming the streets of Irvington! none of our appointments would answer the door so we just decided to knock doors! So i walked up to this house and a lady named Nicky answered! she was really nice and her dad use to meet with the missionaries but he passed away in 2007! She said she was busy but to come back the next day! After that we headed to a members house to have dinner! There house is way nice right by a golf course! We had fajitas! it was way good until we had a little interruption! ha  we were eating and she has 2 boys and a little girl well the baby girl fell off the porch so me having my Uncle reactions ran over to pick her up! she was crying so i gave her to her mom! well the next thing the member whips her boob out and starts feeding her right in from of alllllll 6 of us! haha it was awkward! i was trying so hard not to laugh, you should of seen some of the missionaries faces! Well that was the awkward moment of the week! But the cool thing was the next day me and chocolate went back to Nicky's house and she let us in and we taught her the Restoration! it went pretty good she is pretty prepaired! But we invited her to church and she said she would come! So Sunday came and her and her daughter Michaela actually showed up! i about soiled my pants right there! because that was the first time we had a brand new investigator come the first time we invited them! it was really cool her and her daughter liked it and said they will come next week. Well that was my week! Me and Elder Hunt are going back to Esa's house today to get our swell on! love and miss you guys tons!

Love: Elder Smith

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Conference for the first time! — with Holly Carpenter, Janae Prestwich Carpenter and Michael Carpenter.

Super Jealous!!

"My buds Matute, Landazuri, Jose Luis" Elder Daniel Lemich in Ecuador.

Letter #8 Awesome letter! Love everyone of them!

Whats up my fam!

This week was a little on the slow side! We haven't been able to see Melvina so that's been frustrating! And on top of that our other investigator Ricardo told us he was gay so that was a interesting lesson! We saw Ricardo on Thursday and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson and he understood it well then at the end when we were talking about the 3 levels of heaven he asked and i quote "where do gay people go" ha! This is where the red head just looked down at the floor and gave it to the Chocolate man! But he did good explaining how
God loves all his children and how he just needs to change some things in order to get baptized and i added some things here and there but i was a little on the nervous side! haha But he understood and said he felt the spirit so that was good! He still understands why he needs to get baptized and he really wants to still! Conference was good! Its Crazzzzy Cedar City is getting a Temple i straight up called it before we got to the church and when they announced it everyone freaked out cause i called it! ha But i wonder if it will be done by the time i get home that will be weird! But we went to every session! And yes this was the first time i really paid attention and it went by fast! On Sunday we had a all mission fast so from 6 Saturday till 6 Sunday we didn't eat! i was about to pass out during the last session! And on top of that i told one of the other Elders Investigators Brittany that i would make her cookies if she came to Conference! haha gotta bribe them out here!! But they had a good time but it was super hard staring at 12 delicious white chocolate chip cookies all day! But we made it and a member from the East Orange branch invited us to come eat ate her house! she hooked us up it was way good it was Haitian food! She said me and Elder Black Smith are just a like cause we eat a lot! ha Well that's about it! today im going over to a new members house to lift with him his name is Esa he is a huge black guy who use to be in gangs and stuff he's got tats all over!but he converted like 4 years ago haha but don't worry mom ill be safe! :) Time to get my swell on!! Love you guys!

Love: Elder Smith

Sunday, April 7, 2013

President Monson annouced a Temple in Cedar City, UT! So very excited

This is the Preston, England Temple. No details on our temple have been announced. It will be at the top of Leigh Hill and Cove Drive.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kelton's mom shared this from Kelton's weekly letter.

Little bit out of Kelton's letter yesterday. He is amazing! I sure miss him!

"Wednesday we tracted, that is all we did all day long I think in total we tracted for 7 hours and had little success. My knuckles actually started hurting and I could hardly knock on the doors by the end of the day. I also got a little sunburned too! It was a great day:)
Well the gospel is true and I love my mission, it is one of the best experiences ever and toughest, but that is ok it makes you grow!!"
 He is Awesome!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter # 7 Super Super Week!!! (I think I just make it till next week, now!)

What up Fam!

Im glad you had a good Easter and went to church! Im super Jealous you got to hear Brocks talk! Crazy he is back! Missed that boy! But i had a awesome Easter too! And a good week! This week went really good and crazy fast! We had a training this week on Weds and Thursday. So all the missionaries who have been out 6 months or less, went to it! My boy Jones was there so that was good to see his cute little face! ha But i learned a lot there. They just taught us the basics again how to get better at all the important parts of teaching it was fun and they fed us like Kings so that was cool! But also this week i didnt have any punk kids talk smack at me so i didnt have to ginger slap someone so that was good. But we met a some cool kids at a members house named Carmen. I think ive talked about her before. But she is 18 and couldn't go to church cause of her mom. But anyways, we went over to her house and met 3 new friends and we had a good lesson. They were all mad at first because they were having high school drama so i was sick of it, so i showed them the card trick where they slap the deck and i have the card they picked! ha ha they freaked out they probably think Mormons are possessed or something but it was a good lesson and they all showed up to church yesterday. On Saturday we went over to a member named Sis Daconte she has a 10 year old daughter named Melvinna! she is a cute little girl! Elder Jones taught her before and she had a baptismal date set but idk what happened! So we taught her the gospel of JC and she knew a lot so we invited her to get baptized again and she said yes! She is set for April 28th. So we invited her to church and then after Sis Daconte fed us African food and it was rice, chicken and beef and it was freaking on fire it was soooo hot/spicey! it tore me to pieces! haha i had major gas problems! But dont worry ma im ok now! But yesterday was really cool. We went to church and all our investigators came! And Melvinna came to! i told her if she came i would hook her up with candy and ohhh did i! she came and found me after Sacrament and i hooked her up! then i took her to class! This is where i figured out im going to be a push over to my kids! because when i dropped her off i kept checking to make sure if she was OK and i didn't want to leave her there! haha i wanted to go sit with her but it was cool she did just fine haha! but after church E. Davenport and Noxon had a baptism then we headed to the Parker's for dinner! they're super cool and have a way nice house. She is a way good cook. She made ham, funeral potatoes, fruit, asparagus with pepper jack cheese mmmm good! And for desert she made us homemade carrot cake it was freaking awesome! And we both had a chocolate bunny on our plates shes a saint! She wanted your number to so i gave it to her! but that was about it for the week! Today were going bowling and im going to destroy some clowns! But Chocolate is doing good he is ready to go home! ha poor chocolate man! But love you guys and Happy early B-day mom! i sent you a letter hopefully you will get it on time. love you guys!
 Love: Elder Smith