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Monday, April 8, 2013

Letter #8 Awesome letter! Love everyone of them!

Whats up my fam!

This week was a little on the slow side! We haven't been able to see Melvina so that's been frustrating! And on top of that our other investigator Ricardo told us he was gay so that was a interesting lesson! We saw Ricardo on Thursday and we talked about the Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson and he understood it well then at the end when we were talking about the 3 levels of heaven he asked and i quote "where do gay people go" ha! This is where the red head just looked down at the floor and gave it to the Chocolate man! But he did good explaining how
God loves all his children and how he just needs to change some things in order to get baptized and i added some things here and there but i was a little on the nervous side! haha But he understood and said he felt the spirit so that was good! He still understands why he needs to get baptized and he really wants to still! Conference was good! Its Crazzzzy Cedar City is getting a Temple i straight up called it before we got to the church and when they announced it everyone freaked out cause i called it! ha But i wonder if it will be done by the time i get home that will be weird! But we went to every session! And yes this was the first time i really paid attention and it went by fast! On Sunday we had a all mission fast so from 6 Saturday till 6 Sunday we didn't eat! i was about to pass out during the last session! And on top of that i told one of the other Elders Investigators Brittany that i would make her cookies if she came to Conference! haha gotta bribe them out here!! But they had a good time but it was super hard staring at 12 delicious white chocolate chip cookies all day! But we made it and a member from the East Orange branch invited us to come eat ate her house! she hooked us up it was way good it was Haitian food! She said me and Elder Black Smith are just a like cause we eat a lot! ha Well that's about it! today im going over to a new members house to lift with him his name is Esa he is a huge black guy who use to be in gangs and stuff he's got tats all over!but he converted like 4 years ago haha but don't worry mom ill be safe! :) Time to get my swell on!! Love you guys!

Love: Elder Smith

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