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Monday, April 15, 2013

Letter #9 Another excellent week and we got a phone call home!!!

What up my fam!

I'm glad Trey dogs baptism went good! And im glad that card board ginger boy made it there too along with all my CC boys! ha ha ya clowns! It was awesome to get to talk to you guys on Saturday! But to give you a little info on my week! Monday was my p day and i went and worked out with Elder Hunt over at Esa's place! this man is crazy! He is from Georgia and use to fight for money! Use to be in gangs and stuff but wanted a new life so he moved to NJ! It was crazy walking around the hood with him to go to the park. That's where we did our prison work out! But while walking through the hood we would talk to all of his home boys who were smoking weed and they all thought we were the cops so they were hiding it! ha It was hilarious! But they were cool. But then Esa took us to the park where we did our 6 sets of 10 pull ups 20 push up and 50 dips on a park table! ha it felt like i was in prison but it was fun! We also got to meet his cousin who is trying to be a rapper and while sitting outside of Esa's house his cousin and this other dude from the hood started having a rapping contest. I should of recorded it! But that was my p day! But on Tuesday we went on a exchange so me and Elder Hunt from Short Hills branch went roaming the streets of Irvington! none of our appointments would answer the door so we just decided to knock doors! So i walked up to this house and a lady named Nicky answered! she was really nice and her dad use to meet with the missionaries but he passed away in 2007! She said she was busy but to come back the next day! After that we headed to a members house to have dinner! There house is way nice right by a golf course! We had fajitas! it was way good until we had a little interruption! ha  we were eating and she has 2 boys and a little girl well the baby girl fell off the porch so me having my Uncle reactions ran over to pick her up! she was crying so i gave her to her mom! well the next thing the member whips her boob out and starts feeding her right in from of alllllll 6 of us! haha it was awkward! i was trying so hard not to laugh, you should of seen some of the missionaries faces! Well that was the awkward moment of the week! But the cool thing was the next day me and chocolate went back to Nicky's house and she let us in and we taught her the Restoration! it went pretty good she is pretty prepaired! But we invited her to church and she said she would come! So Sunday came and her and her daughter Michaela actually showed up! i about soiled my pants right there! because that was the first time we had a brand new investigator come the first time we invited them! it was really cool her and her daughter liked it and said they will come next week. Well that was my week! Me and Elder Hunt are going back to Esa's house today to get our swell on! love and miss you guys tons!

Love: Elder Smith

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  1. The part when he talked about the investigators coming to church made me tear up, that is awesome! It is so good to hear that he is doing good, and that he is doing the Lord's work,(makes me so happy, I know you are proud of him) and it sounds like he is enjoying his mission.