Trevors Homecoming

Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter 72

I am a new Zone Leader down by the Shore! Snooki really better be watchin out now! I serve in Sandy Hook. Its almost as south as I can go on our mission. My new comp is Elder Ramos. And the R makes a 'h" sounds to put that Mexican slang to it. He is from Brazil, he is a bit of a Jerry but a solid missionary. I only got 6 weeks with him then I'll get someone new. Being a Zone leader is pretty crazy but fun. Lots more paper work for this ginger! On the ride to my new area on Tuesday I saw the ocean for the first time and I about jumped out of the car! But we got to our place and I got word that were flipping moving on Friday. I swear they just use me to move stuff here ha. But Wednesday we went around and taught some investigators, we have some investigators over here from Manchester England, they are legit. Thursday I had a looong meeting and had to drive the new District leaders to it too,Jones gave a training there and it was solid, my baby boy is growing up!! :) . After the meeting I had the hour and a half drive back then another 45 min drive to stake correlation with the stake President here. He is way cool. His name is Pres Stokes. But after that we drove back home and got back at 10:30 I drove 210 miles that day! I was toast! Friday we moved almost all day into the new place, its way nice the sister missionaries lived in it. And they actually cleaned because there wasn't enough hair in the shower for a new wig for someone ha! but then we started walking around getting to know our new area, and we ran into this guy from the Dominican Republic. He was what looked like cleaning his car out and when we walked over he was cleaning a Tupperware bowl out of his lunch his wife made him. He told us I gotta make it looked like I ate it so my wife is happy. hahahahaha He was cool though we talked with him and prayed with him. He gave us a big ol hug after. Saturday was a crazy day. We had correlation with the ward mission leader, he is a cool old man. And after we went and taught a few investigators and then went over to a girl named Josephine who got baptized yesterday. We went over and taught about laws/ordinances. Her boy friends who is a member use to be a body builder. ha We talked about getting swole for a while. He for sure isn't bodybuilder type anymore. Looks like he might of had a couple 30 packs of Coors haha! After that we went to a LA that lives right on the beach, she took us out for Pizza and ice cream then we took pics on the beach for a bit. After that we went over to this chocolate members house. He works on the clam boats here. He is 54 but looks like he is 30. Dude is cool though. Sunday we had meetings and church. The members seem really cool here. After church we had Josephine dunk session. I had to help because she has a bad back so i helped with it, it was a cool thing to see her face light up. Oh and us missionaries sang a song! E Ramos played the Guitar, I tried to put my boys 2 men singing skills in it haha. But then we went over to a members place for dinner #1, they are LOADED! Nice pool in the back yard and their house was huge. they cooked us steak. After that we went over to dinner #2 at our investigator from England and had Lamb. It was good but i was soo full. But today I'm going to the beach with some investigators. love you guys.............New Address 166 B Eatoncrest Dr Eatontown NJ 07724

Love: Elder Smith 

The week. .....

Saw Erica's play! And She did awesome!

My birthday dinner!  

We found some amazing glasses at the mall

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pres & Sis Jeppson are coming home! Trevor finally made the blog....ha ha

Letter 71

Alright short time to explain all this….so your getting it in a nut shell. This week has been AWESOME! Been teaching a lot and doing a lot of service, from moving people out of their houses and mowing peoples lawns. Yes, i am still a pro at that, just to let you know. Thursday we got a call from Jones and me and Winfield are getting doubled out. Which means were both leaving Tuesday. I also got a call from President Jeppson last night and i got called to be a Zone Leader! And my chances to be with D Port is really high! So pray to the big homie this happens! But as for the Jesus work, Agatha our investigator came to church with half of the flock of kids. I was so excited to see them there. It was their first time so the kids were nervous. Me and Winfield went and sat with them in class so they wouldn’t be scared. And then your already know i played tic tac toe with them the whole time during sacrament! ha But its sad to leave them, they are doing so good they will be dunked really soon. It is sad leaving this area so soon, but, it happens. Also we have been finding some more people to teach so the missionaries coming in are set. No they wont be as cool/good looking as us but they will do! HA! But on the fishing side of things i caught 2 nice fish this morning! And tonight were gonna eat em! yee haw git r done! But the last few days have been saying good bye to people and getting packed. Welllll to be honest i haven't packed nothin yet sooooo it will be a late one tonight. That's about it though fam love you! And a late shout out too miss Peyton for a happy late B day! And Sissy happy Early b day! PEACE OUT!

lOVE: Smithy

Smith Family Pics

Fun weekend, just your dad and I.

 Loading the Jeep!
 Dad was the only one to catch fish at Yankee Meadows.
 Me and your dad in Kanarraville. Showing the Kolob fingers....
 Devin, he will be in Logan in August going to school at Utah State.
 Chad & Taylor
Brandy & Kyles wedding reception, in Kanarraville.

Baseball, fishing and a pretty girl! We love summer!!!!

 Peyton is a great player!
 Dee all focused!
 Kobey playing awesome this year!
 Pretty Peyton, getting so grown up!
Fishing at Panguitch Lake

country jam

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


YO yo!
Whats ups fam here is the whole kabang bang of what your ginger did this week. Monday we didn't have much of a P day because we went to the temple on Tuesday so the first half of the day was shopping and trying to find someone to tailor my suit to me for cheap and that's not possible here sooooo found me a member to do it. But that night we went over to a members house named the Pamphiles, they are from Haiti. She made some shepherds pie, and after dinner I taught her 2 little chocolate girls how to play the piano like a pro! I rocked Mary had a little lamb! They had fun though. Tuesday was our Temple trip, it wasn't as fun as the others because we weren't allowed to walk down time square, so we just took a lot of trains. But the temple was good I learn more every time I go in there. After we were all about to pass the flip out due too hunger so we walked across the street and hammered down on some Lamb Gyros, love those things. Then we made our journey home. When we got back into Jersey I took a detour through Irvington and Elizabeth and saw some members over there. I miss those places. When I went over to Elizabeth I stopped at the church and they were having FHE, and they about peed themselves when they saw me walk through the doors ha. I tried to go see Sarah but she wasn't home. Then on the freeway home we had some fun. We drove past a sweet Ferrari and I wanted a picture but the car next to me ended up photo bombing the pic, but it came to be they were from Vegas and we made good friends with them. ha The guy in the Ferrari liked the fame though. He was all waving and smiling when I was taking pics of it ha. Wednesday we had District meeting, and we were there from 11 to 4. because after the meeting we had to decorate a cake for the all mission conference and due to my cooking skills I was the one who had to frost the cake. We made a beehive cake it was pretty legit. Then after we did some service for a member who is moving. Then we ended the night with a BBQ and doing some more yard work at Sister Thompson s house. Thursday was our walking day and it was a humid one! I was sweating my ginger butt off! We went over and taught Bro Bernet who is the one who suffers from Depression, we taught him then we told him we were taking him fishing to get him out of the house. Then we walked to the Falks house and they were just finishing dinner, and we got the rest of it ha Perfect timing. Friday we had the all Mission Summer Conference. It was fun, Tongan,D port, Pelsue and Jones were all their. We played a bunch of games and ate lunch then we did skits at the end. My skit was me and a sister missionary were married with our red headed zone leader as our kid. We lived in the hood of Trenton so I came out wearing a due rag and my hat and glasses and a Nerf gun for my 9mm, also while dragging our kid across stage. Ha! it was funny. But then we had that and talked a bit then headed back home, it was a all day thing. Saturday was busy. We took Bro Bernet fishing in the morning and it was fun. He caught one, Elder Winfield caught 2 and i got 5 haha must be the red hair. But then we came home and ate, then we went over and taught Agatha and her flock of chocolate kids. We taught the gospel. And before that we taught a little street lesson with some other ladies we teach outside on the stairs of the Projects. Then we went over to the Prison and taught Miquis with a member named Tyler who is working on going on a mission. He was pretty pumped/ nervous to go into the prison. It was good though we taught him the Plan of Salvation. Then after we talked Tyler into buying us food. So we went to a place called Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, place is way good. Elder Winfield did the burger challenge there. It was a pound of burger and he ate it like it was nothing. ha He is a chubby one! After we went over to Bro Jackson's place and he fed us more food. Then I had to explain to him about Utah cause all he has heard about it is a bunch of crap. Soooo cleared that up for him. Then to end the night we met with this one LA family, they were a bit fruity, Hippie nation times 4. ha Then yesterday for Fathers day we had church. And me and Elder Winfield were lucky enough to have to help in the Nursery, this is now causing me to not have kids for 30 more years. haha But the best part was when we had snack time, me and Winfield were more excited for it then the kids. ha After we went over and saw Dante a member, taught him on Service. And then ended the night eating with the Falks, Bacon Burgers, and German chocolate cake! AWESOME! And to start of this P day me and Winfield wrecked it up again fishing! HOOORAW! Love you guys
Love:Elder Smith

Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 69

This week was fan flippin tastick, Monday we had our day of fishing and then had a zone activity playing sports. That night we headed down too the hood of Trenton and taught a member named Donte. We taught him out on the sidewalk of his house. ha People were giving us some good looks. 2 white boys just chillin in the hood! Tuesday we had zone meeting and Jones came to ours, it was good seein him, we showed off our fishing pics and then the fatty kept eating my lunch but its all good i was Christ like and shared! Like Ma always said "sharing is caring" haha after we went and got juked by a bunch of people then we headed over to a part member families place to have dinner. The husband isn't a member his name is Bob he is cool. We had a good dinner and then taught him about the gospel. I invited him to get dunked but i don't think he was feeling it. Not sure how serious he is about it. Wednesday was busy, in the morning we stripped down to normal people cloths and went over to a Recent Convert and did some Gardening for her. It was nice doing some dirty yard work, haven't done it in a while. But after that we went over and taught sis Adams and her daughter. They are less active but they are cool. We just got to know them and i read them a uplifting Jesus note. Then we went back home and got changed into more normal cloths and went over to the Falks house and ate pizza and helped them with there new cabinets there putting in there kitchen. Thursday was awesome. We were in the house pretty much all day doing paper work and cleaning then at 3, our new investigator came and picked us up and we went over to a members house who's name is sis Golden who he is dating and we taught him a little about us and the church. It went good, he was a bit confused about Joseph Smith but he said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. And after he wanted a blessing because he was going into eye surgery, and the blessing was legit. He asked me to do it, and after i opened my eyes Sis Golden was crying hard. It was cool. After they took us out too eat at a Philippian restaurant. It was way good. And after they took us to a place called Ritas. it has the best ice cream. We got hooked up! After that they dropped us off at Bro Burnets and we had a way good lesson. He is the one who suffers from depression, and we taught him about the holy ghost and how it guides us, he told us a really cool story he had a few years back. Then after that we walked back home and power walked the last few hundred yards due to the Philippian food haha.  Friday i went on exchange with our zone leader Elder Novackovich, or something like that his last name is crazy long. But we had fun we worked like crazy. We taught 6 lessons. We went and taught sis Adams, then went over to Agathas and her flock of kids. And when we left her place we taught some random lady outside. And then we contacted a big old security officer and then this crazy old man who wanted a Book of Mormon. And we tried giving him a pic of Jesus and he said " i don't want a pic of no white Jesus, he was black." haha wanted to slap him haha. CLOWN! But then we went over to his guys name Julio's house he is a rich old Cuban. I've never met him before and while he was talking to us he just took shots of vodka. haha he was killing me, he had a really heavy accent and would role his R's way bad. It was funny! Then we went and taught a crazy lady who told us her whole life stories about her 4 marriages who i never met before then ended the night eating dinner at the Pinter families house who are from Solvania. They were cool, she made some legit crapes for dessert, i was pumped when i saw those! Saturday we helped move a Family in the ward at 7 am and then from 1 to 7 we went over to a high school with all the other missionaries and helped with a culture party, with people from all over the world. Ecuador and Mexico and the whole bit. I painted a Ecuador flag on my arm to rep Elder Lemich! It was fun though i was Security for a few hours haha and then i went and did drinks for the rest of the time. The plus side is if you make friends with all the food sellers and give them drink they hook you up with food. haha we got all sorts of free stuff. It was fun. Then we went over and ate dinner with a member and a young couple from our ward. She lived in a high class old people home. All i have to say is when i get that age im finding me a place like this. Sunday was good, the A/C got fixed so i wasn't melting in their and as always in Sacrament i was kind and shared my sour watermelons Cousin Erica sent me! She is awesome! That was my week people. Love you guys.

Love: Elder Smith 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

San Antonio and Dallas Texas
Krysta is getting married!!!!

Bear Lake
Dallas Gun Show

Kanaraville Falls

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letter 68


WHATS UP! This week was pretty good. We will start on Wednesday, we went over and saw the less active Darlington who got shot in the leg. And his Chocolate butt was still in bed at noon so we woke him up with a good Jesus Thought of the day with the blessings of going too church. After him we went and saw his uncle who is a little nutty but he just talks our ears off forever then we throw in our 2 cents then bounce. After that we went over to some investigators who are around 15 and some of his friends were there and we played them in a game of street basketball. We wasted them! After the game we sat them all down and taught them about the Book of Mormon then we headed out. We then went over to a cool younger couples members place for dinner. They were married in the St Geezy temple, there names are the Johnson's, he is from ST G and she is from NY. But we had a good dinner then i showed them the gospel trick lesson i have and we talked about a girl she has at work that she wants to try and get us to come teach her, so we talked about some good ways she could introduce us. Thursday we walked over to another Less Active bro Burnet. And we taught him on the blessings of church. He struggles with bad depression so its sad to see how sad he is all the time. I told him by going to church it can help him feel happy more. After we walked a hour away to the Arnold families house for dinner. They ordered us some Chines food, and we did the trick lesson with them and the kids were poopin there pants cause they thought i was gonna set their house on fire ha. Then we took our mile and a half walk back home but don't worry she gave me a big ol cup of watermelon to eat on my journey home. Friday was fun. I went on exchange over in the Spanish area with Elder Arevelo. He is from el Salvador. It was fun we taught a recent convert and her little brother and sister, and that was in English so i understood that lesson. But the next one we taught was this investigator they have who is a little wacky! He was funny though he didn't speak hardly any English and i was trying so hard to bring back my Spanish class high school days so i could understand and then he said the one word i understood and it was Cervasas which is Beer haha then he started talking about Las Vegas and prostitutes it was sooo funny! i was dying! Goes to show you i didn't learn much in Spanish class haha! whoops! Saturday was way busy. We switched back and me and Winfield headed over too our investigator Agatha's house with her 8 chocolate children running all over. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. ha it was a donkey show cause one kid would ask a question then the whole flock of them would go nuts. ha But it went good. We set them on date for baptism at the end of the month. After that we walked outside and fyi they live in the projects in the hood. So we walked out of the projects and these black ladies were across the street and they wanted us to come over and say a prayer with them. And i guess one of them has been taught by us before a couple years ago. So i read Ether 12:27 with them and we prayed with them and they wanted us to come back this week. After that we went to the local Prison where we have a investigator who has been in their for 4 years. He is dating a member and she wants us to go teach him. Soooo we did. ha It was crazy! i felt like i was in the movies. We went in and had to show them our I.D and then we went in this room and they had the big bullet proof glass and on each side of the glass was a phone that we talked through to talk to him. haha it was crazy! the dude was cool though. He was put in there for putting 7 cops in the hospital ha don't worry he has our backs haha! But we taught him the Restoration then i gave him knuckles through the glass then we left and went over and knocked some doors, and where we were there were these 2 younger girls and a kid playing b ball, and they were goooood, so i told them if we lost in a game of horse i would give them a Jesus movie for free (even though they are free anyway) haha WE LOST! So i hooked them up with the D.V.D ha. After we went and had dinner at the Neely family house, her husband is working in California so me and another member mowed her lawn, and yes i was rockin my Jesus attire! Now for yesterday. We had church which went good other then the fact it was flipping hotter then the hubs of Hell in the church. After we went and shoved food in our face cause you know how i am on fast Sundays. Then we went over and tried to see Dede. And this is the good part. We were sitting in her living room waiting for her uncle to see if she was home and then her dad comes out of the room next too us. And fyi he is not a small chocolate man. He is a big ol dude. ( chubby) But he comes out and goes into the kitchen and is leaning on the counter and then RIPS A BIIG OL FART! hahaha he had to of skidded his pants! But he didnt see us in there so he was feeling right at home! Me and Winfield were dying! haha So after pooopy pants house we left and saw Bro Jackson who is another less active. he was just cookin dinner on the BBQ so we joined and talked with him. That was about it this week. I got some more good fish this morning here are some pics of your professional fisherman son! love you guys

Love: E Smith

Monday, June 2, 2014


Goodbye Richfield

Jason crusin in the Uhaul

Headed to Logan

unloading in logan