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Monday, June 9, 2014

Letter 69

This week was fan flippin tastick, Monday we had our day of fishing and then had a zone activity playing sports. That night we headed down too the hood of Trenton and taught a member named Donte. We taught him out on the sidewalk of his house. ha People were giving us some good looks. 2 white boys just chillin in the hood! Tuesday we had zone meeting and Jones came to ours, it was good seein him, we showed off our fishing pics and then the fatty kept eating my lunch but its all good i was Christ like and shared! Like Ma always said "sharing is caring" haha after we went and got juked by a bunch of people then we headed over to a part member families place to have dinner. The husband isn't a member his name is Bob he is cool. We had a good dinner and then taught him about the gospel. I invited him to get dunked but i don't think he was feeling it. Not sure how serious he is about it. Wednesday was busy, in the morning we stripped down to normal people cloths and went over to a Recent Convert and did some Gardening for her. It was nice doing some dirty yard work, haven't done it in a while. But after that we went over and taught sis Adams and her daughter. They are less active but they are cool. We just got to know them and i read them a uplifting Jesus note. Then we went back home and got changed into more normal cloths and went over to the Falks house and ate pizza and helped them with there new cabinets there putting in there kitchen. Thursday was awesome. We were in the house pretty much all day doing paper work and cleaning then at 3, our new investigator came and picked us up and we went over to a members house who's name is sis Golden who he is dating and we taught him a little about us and the church. It went good, he was a bit confused about Joseph Smith but he said he would read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. And after he wanted a blessing because he was going into eye surgery, and the blessing was legit. He asked me to do it, and after i opened my eyes Sis Golden was crying hard. It was cool. After they took us out too eat at a Philippian restaurant. It was way good. And after they took us to a place called Ritas. it has the best ice cream. We got hooked up! After that they dropped us off at Bro Burnets and we had a way good lesson. He is the one who suffers from depression, and we taught him about the holy ghost and how it guides us, he told us a really cool story he had a few years back. Then after that we walked back home and power walked the last few hundred yards due to the Philippian food haha.  Friday i went on exchange with our zone leader Elder Novackovich, or something like that his last name is crazy long. But we had fun we worked like crazy. We taught 6 lessons. We went and taught sis Adams, then went over to Agathas and her flock of kids. And when we left her place we taught some random lady outside. And then we contacted a big old security officer and then this crazy old man who wanted a Book of Mormon. And we tried giving him a pic of Jesus and he said " i don't want a pic of no white Jesus, he was black." haha wanted to slap him haha. CLOWN! But then we went over to his guys name Julio's house he is a rich old Cuban. I've never met him before and while he was talking to us he just took shots of vodka. haha he was killing me, he had a really heavy accent and would role his R's way bad. It was funny! Then we went and taught a crazy lady who told us her whole life stories about her 4 marriages who i never met before then ended the night eating dinner at the Pinter families house who are from Solvania. They were cool, she made some legit crapes for dessert, i was pumped when i saw those! Saturday we helped move a Family in the ward at 7 am and then from 1 to 7 we went over to a high school with all the other missionaries and helped with a culture party, with people from all over the world. Ecuador and Mexico and the whole bit. I painted a Ecuador flag on my arm to rep Elder Lemich! It was fun though i was Security for a few hours haha and then i went and did drinks for the rest of the time. The plus side is if you make friends with all the food sellers and give them drink they hook you up with food. haha we got all sorts of free stuff. It was fun. Then we went over and ate dinner with a member and a young couple from our ward. She lived in a high class old people home. All i have to say is when i get that age im finding me a place like this. Sunday was good, the A/C got fixed so i wasn't melting in their and as always in Sacrament i was kind and shared my sour watermelons Cousin Erica sent me! She is awesome! That was my week people. Love you guys.

Love: Elder Smith 

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