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Monday, June 30, 2014

Letter 72

I am a new Zone Leader down by the Shore! Snooki really better be watchin out now! I serve in Sandy Hook. Its almost as south as I can go on our mission. My new comp is Elder Ramos. And the R makes a 'h" sounds to put that Mexican slang to it. He is from Brazil, he is a bit of a Jerry but a solid missionary. I only got 6 weeks with him then I'll get someone new. Being a Zone leader is pretty crazy but fun. Lots more paper work for this ginger! On the ride to my new area on Tuesday I saw the ocean for the first time and I about jumped out of the car! But we got to our place and I got word that were flipping moving on Friday. I swear they just use me to move stuff here ha. But Wednesday we went around and taught some investigators, we have some investigators over here from Manchester England, they are legit. Thursday I had a looong meeting and had to drive the new District leaders to it too,Jones gave a training there and it was solid, my baby boy is growing up!! :) . After the meeting I had the hour and a half drive back then another 45 min drive to stake correlation with the stake President here. He is way cool. His name is Pres Stokes. But after that we drove back home and got back at 10:30 I drove 210 miles that day! I was toast! Friday we moved almost all day into the new place, its way nice the sister missionaries lived in it. And they actually cleaned because there wasn't enough hair in the shower for a new wig for someone ha! but then we started walking around getting to know our new area, and we ran into this guy from the Dominican Republic. He was what looked like cleaning his car out and when we walked over he was cleaning a Tupperware bowl out of his lunch his wife made him. He told us I gotta make it looked like I ate it so my wife is happy. hahahahaha He was cool though we talked with him and prayed with him. He gave us a big ol hug after. Saturday was a crazy day. We had correlation with the ward mission leader, he is a cool old man. And after we went and taught a few investigators and then went over to a girl named Josephine who got baptized yesterday. We went over and taught about laws/ordinances. Her boy friends who is a member use to be a body builder. ha We talked about getting swole for a while. He for sure isn't bodybuilder type anymore. Looks like he might of had a couple 30 packs of Coors haha! After that we went to a LA that lives right on the beach, she took us out for Pizza and ice cream then we took pics on the beach for a bit. After that we went over to this chocolate members house. He works on the clam boats here. He is 54 but looks like he is 30. Dude is cool though. Sunday we had meetings and church. The members seem really cool here. After church we had Josephine dunk session. I had to help because she has a bad back so i helped with it, it was a cool thing to see her face light up. Oh and us missionaries sang a song! E Ramos played the Guitar, I tried to put my boys 2 men singing skills in it haha. But then we went over to a members place for dinner #1, they are LOADED! Nice pool in the back yard and their house was huge. they cooked us steak. After that we went over to dinner #2 at our investigator from England and had Lamb. It was good but i was soo full. But today I'm going to the beach with some investigators. love you guys.............New Address 166 B Eatoncrest Dr Eatontown NJ 07724

Love: Elder Smith 

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