Trevors Homecoming

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


YO yo!
Whats ups fam here is the whole kabang bang of what your ginger did this week. Monday we didn't have much of a P day because we went to the temple on Tuesday so the first half of the day was shopping and trying to find someone to tailor my suit to me for cheap and that's not possible here sooooo found me a member to do it. But that night we went over to a members house named the Pamphiles, they are from Haiti. She made some shepherds pie, and after dinner I taught her 2 little chocolate girls how to play the piano like a pro! I rocked Mary had a little lamb! They had fun though. Tuesday was our Temple trip, it wasn't as fun as the others because we weren't allowed to walk down time square, so we just took a lot of trains. But the temple was good I learn more every time I go in there. After we were all about to pass the flip out due too hunger so we walked across the street and hammered down on some Lamb Gyros, love those things. Then we made our journey home. When we got back into Jersey I took a detour through Irvington and Elizabeth and saw some members over there. I miss those places. When I went over to Elizabeth I stopped at the church and they were having FHE, and they about peed themselves when they saw me walk through the doors ha. I tried to go see Sarah but she wasn't home. Then on the freeway home we had some fun. We drove past a sweet Ferrari and I wanted a picture but the car next to me ended up photo bombing the pic, but it came to be they were from Vegas and we made good friends with them. ha The guy in the Ferrari liked the fame though. He was all waving and smiling when I was taking pics of it ha. Wednesday we had District meeting, and we were there from 11 to 4. because after the meeting we had to decorate a cake for the all mission conference and due to my cooking skills I was the one who had to frost the cake. We made a beehive cake it was pretty legit. Then after we did some service for a member who is moving. Then we ended the night with a BBQ and doing some more yard work at Sister Thompson s house. Thursday was our walking day and it was a humid one! I was sweating my ginger butt off! We went over and taught Bro Bernet who is the one who suffers from Depression, we taught him then we told him we were taking him fishing to get him out of the house. Then we walked to the Falks house and they were just finishing dinner, and we got the rest of it ha Perfect timing. Friday we had the all Mission Summer Conference. It was fun, Tongan,D port, Pelsue and Jones were all their. We played a bunch of games and ate lunch then we did skits at the end. My skit was me and a sister missionary were married with our red headed zone leader as our kid. We lived in the hood of Trenton so I came out wearing a due rag and my hat and glasses and a Nerf gun for my 9mm, also while dragging our kid across stage. Ha! it was funny. But then we had that and talked a bit then headed back home, it was a all day thing. Saturday was busy. We took Bro Bernet fishing in the morning and it was fun. He caught one, Elder Winfield caught 2 and i got 5 haha must be the red hair. But then we came home and ate, then we went over and taught Agatha and her flock of chocolate kids. We taught the gospel. And before that we taught a little street lesson with some other ladies we teach outside on the stairs of the Projects. Then we went over to the Prison and taught Miquis with a member named Tyler who is working on going on a mission. He was pretty pumped/ nervous to go into the prison. It was good though we taught him the Plan of Salvation. Then after we talked Tyler into buying us food. So we went to a place called Cheeseburger Cheeseburger, place is way good. Elder Winfield did the burger challenge there. It was a pound of burger and he ate it like it was nothing. ha He is a chubby one! After we went over to Bro Jackson's place and he fed us more food. Then I had to explain to him about Utah cause all he has heard about it is a bunch of crap. Soooo cleared that up for him. Then to end the night we met with this one LA family, they were a bit fruity, Hippie nation times 4. ha Then yesterday for Fathers day we had church. And me and Elder Winfield were lucky enough to have to help in the Nursery, this is now causing me to not have kids for 30 more years. haha But the best part was when we had snack time, me and Winfield were more excited for it then the kids. ha After we went over and saw Dante a member, taught him on Service. And then ended the night eating with the Falks, Bacon Burgers, and German chocolate cake! AWESOME! And to start of this P day me and Winfield wrecked it up again fishing! HOOORAW! Love you guys
Love:Elder Smith

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