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Monday, June 23, 2014

Letter 71

Alright short time to explain all this….so your getting it in a nut shell. This week has been AWESOME! Been teaching a lot and doing a lot of service, from moving people out of their houses and mowing peoples lawns. Yes, i am still a pro at that, just to let you know. Thursday we got a call from Jones and me and Winfield are getting doubled out. Which means were both leaving Tuesday. I also got a call from President Jeppson last night and i got called to be a Zone Leader! And my chances to be with D Port is really high! So pray to the big homie this happens! But as for the Jesus work, Agatha our investigator came to church with half of the flock of kids. I was so excited to see them there. It was their first time so the kids were nervous. Me and Winfield went and sat with them in class so they wouldn’t be scared. And then your already know i played tic tac toe with them the whole time during sacrament! ha But its sad to leave them, they are doing so good they will be dunked really soon. It is sad leaving this area so soon, but, it happens. Also we have been finding some more people to teach so the missionaries coming in are set. No they wont be as cool/good looking as us but they will do! HA! But on the fishing side of things i caught 2 nice fish this morning! And tonight were gonna eat em! yee haw git r done! But the last few days have been saying good bye to people and getting packed. Welllll to be honest i haven't packed nothin yet sooooo it will be a late one tonight. That's about it though fam love you! And a late shout out too miss Peyton for a happy late B day! And Sissy happy Early b day! PEACE OUT!

lOVE: Smithy

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