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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Letter 68


WHATS UP! This week was pretty good. We will start on Wednesday, we went over and saw the less active Darlington who got shot in the leg. And his Chocolate butt was still in bed at noon so we woke him up with a good Jesus Thought of the day with the blessings of going too church. After him we went and saw his uncle who is a little nutty but he just talks our ears off forever then we throw in our 2 cents then bounce. After that we went over to some investigators who are around 15 and some of his friends were there and we played them in a game of street basketball. We wasted them! After the game we sat them all down and taught them about the Book of Mormon then we headed out. We then went over to a cool younger couples members place for dinner. They were married in the St Geezy temple, there names are the Johnson's, he is from ST G and she is from NY. But we had a good dinner then i showed them the gospel trick lesson i have and we talked about a girl she has at work that she wants to try and get us to come teach her, so we talked about some good ways she could introduce us. Thursday we walked over to another Less Active bro Burnet. And we taught him on the blessings of church. He struggles with bad depression so its sad to see how sad he is all the time. I told him by going to church it can help him feel happy more. After we walked a hour away to the Arnold families house for dinner. They ordered us some Chines food, and we did the trick lesson with them and the kids were poopin there pants cause they thought i was gonna set their house on fire ha. Then we took our mile and a half walk back home but don't worry she gave me a big ol cup of watermelon to eat on my journey home. Friday was fun. I went on exchange over in the Spanish area with Elder Arevelo. He is from el Salvador. It was fun we taught a recent convert and her little brother and sister, and that was in English so i understood that lesson. But the next one we taught was this investigator they have who is a little wacky! He was funny though he didn't speak hardly any English and i was trying so hard to bring back my Spanish class high school days so i could understand and then he said the one word i understood and it was Cervasas which is Beer haha then he started talking about Las Vegas and prostitutes it was sooo funny! i was dying! Goes to show you i didn't learn much in Spanish class haha! whoops! Saturday was way busy. We switched back and me and Winfield headed over too our investigator Agatha's house with her 8 chocolate children running all over. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. ha it was a donkey show cause one kid would ask a question then the whole flock of them would go nuts. ha But it went good. We set them on date for baptism at the end of the month. After that we walked outside and fyi they live in the projects in the hood. So we walked out of the projects and these black ladies were across the street and they wanted us to come over and say a prayer with them. And i guess one of them has been taught by us before a couple years ago. So i read Ether 12:27 with them and we prayed with them and they wanted us to come back this week. After that we went to the local Prison where we have a investigator who has been in their for 4 years. He is dating a member and she wants us to go teach him. Soooo we did. ha It was crazy! i felt like i was in the movies. We went in and had to show them our I.D and then we went in this room and they had the big bullet proof glass and on each side of the glass was a phone that we talked through to talk to him. haha it was crazy! the dude was cool though. He was put in there for putting 7 cops in the hospital ha don't worry he has our backs haha! But we taught him the Restoration then i gave him knuckles through the glass then we left and went over and knocked some doors, and where we were there were these 2 younger girls and a kid playing b ball, and they were goooood, so i told them if we lost in a game of horse i would give them a Jesus movie for free (even though they are free anyway) haha WE LOST! So i hooked them up with the D.V.D ha. After we went and had dinner at the Neely family house, her husband is working in California so me and another member mowed her lawn, and yes i was rockin my Jesus attire! Now for yesterday. We had church which went good other then the fact it was flipping hotter then the hubs of Hell in the church. After we went and shoved food in our face cause you know how i am on fast Sundays. Then we went over and tried to see Dede. And this is the good part. We were sitting in her living room waiting for her uncle to see if she was home and then her dad comes out of the room next too us. And fyi he is not a small chocolate man. He is a big ol dude. ( chubby) But he comes out and goes into the kitchen and is leaning on the counter and then RIPS A BIIG OL FART! hahaha he had to of skidded his pants! But he didnt see us in there so he was feeling right at home! Me and Winfield were dying! haha So after pooopy pants house we left and saw Bro Jackson who is another less active. he was just cookin dinner on the BBQ so we joined and talked with him. That was about it this week. I got some more good fish this morning here are some pics of your professional fisherman son! love you guys

Love: E Smith

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