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Monday, April 1, 2013

Letter # 7 Super Super Week!!! (I think I just make it till next week, now!)

What up Fam!

Im glad you had a good Easter and went to church! Im super Jealous you got to hear Brocks talk! Crazy he is back! Missed that boy! But i had a awesome Easter too! And a good week! This week went really good and crazy fast! We had a training this week on Weds and Thursday. So all the missionaries who have been out 6 months or less, went to it! My boy Jones was there so that was good to see his cute little face! ha But i learned a lot there. They just taught us the basics again how to get better at all the important parts of teaching it was fun and they fed us like Kings so that was cool! But also this week i didnt have any punk kids talk smack at me so i didnt have to ginger slap someone so that was good. But we met a some cool kids at a members house named Carmen. I think ive talked about her before. But she is 18 and couldn't go to church cause of her mom. But anyways, we went over to her house and met 3 new friends and we had a good lesson. They were all mad at first because they were having high school drama so i was sick of it, so i showed them the card trick where they slap the deck and i have the card they picked! ha ha they freaked out they probably think Mormons are possessed or something but it was a good lesson and they all showed up to church yesterday. On Saturday we went over to a member named Sis Daconte she has a 10 year old daughter named Melvinna! she is a cute little girl! Elder Jones taught her before and she had a baptismal date set but idk what happened! So we taught her the gospel of JC and she knew a lot so we invited her to get baptized again and she said yes! She is set for April 28th. So we invited her to church and then after Sis Daconte fed us African food and it was rice, chicken and beef and it was freaking on fire it was soooo hot/spicey! it tore me to pieces! haha i had major gas problems! But dont worry ma im ok now! But yesterday was really cool. We went to church and all our investigators came! And Melvinna came to! i told her if she came i would hook her up with candy and ohhh did i! she came and found me after Sacrament and i hooked her up! then i took her to class! This is where i figured out im going to be a push over to my kids! because when i dropped her off i kept checking to make sure if she was OK and i didn't want to leave her there! haha i wanted to go sit with her but it was cool she did just fine haha! but after church E. Davenport and Noxon had a baptism then we headed to the Parker's for dinner! they're super cool and have a way nice house. She is a way good cook. She made ham, funeral potatoes, fruit, asparagus with pepper jack cheese mmmm good! And for desert she made us homemade carrot cake it was freaking awesome! And we both had a chocolate bunny on our plates shes a saint! She wanted your number to so i gave it to her! but that was about it for the week! Today were going bowling and im going to destroy some clowns! But Chocolate is doing good he is ready to go home! ha poor chocolate man! But love you guys and Happy early B-day mom! i sent you a letter hopefully you will get it on time. love you guys!
 Love: Elder Smith

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  1. Tracey, He is doing so good! I bet by the time he gets back, he love the spicy food.