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Monday, April 29, 2013

Letter #11 WHAT UPPP CC! From Elder Smith

Dear Fam!
This week was crazy! It was Chocolates death week they call it so he was gone a lot! so i was with the missionaries i live with for a few days. But on Friday i went on a exchange with Elder Davenport my MTC companion and we tore it up!! Remember Tonya and Domar well his real name is Darnel But we contacted them again and they let us in, Tonya was only there for like 5 min but we taught Darnel for like a hour. There going threw a crazy hard time! its sad, his foot is still broken and he cant afford to get it fixed. Also Tonya is still trying to get into a rehab for the drug problem and on top of that Darnel's son kicked her out of the house because she is to addicted to the drugs. But we had a crazy lesson with him it was good to be back with E. Davenport we always get r done when were together but we talked about the gospel of JC and how if he wants to have lives like us and be happy he needs to live it and he is a Baptist so he is a little stubborn but we just kept testifying to him and by the end he was crying and said he wanted to have lives like ours and we invited him to church and to read the BOM. it was a crazy lesson i was being a bold Ginger with him it was awesome! But that was the legit thing that happened this week. The funny moment for the week was we went to the hospital the go see Akoto the guy with the mice everywhere he was getting dialysis and when all four of us were walking in the hall a lady said she was scared of us because we looked like bombers from Boston! haha she must right the short bus because we have tags with Jesus Christ on them! But Tomorrow i get a new companion and Chocolate man leaves! Im staying in Irvington along with Elder Davenport and E. Hunt so that's good! pray for a good one! well love you guys! tell CC i said WHAT UPPPP!

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  1. Trevor, you sound like you are doing wonderful! Keep up with Darnel!
    Have a good week.
    Tracey, He is doing what he is supposed to be doing, I can't believe that he is old enough to be serving a mission. I just remember that 3 year old little boy living across the street from us, "What a cutie".