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Monday, April 22, 2013

Letter #10 Way toooo Funny! He is killing me!!! Ok, I now have a new favorite line!!!

Whats up fam!!

It feels like i was just writing you the week flew bye!! But this week was good, on Tuesday i went on a exchange over to a town called Elizabeth. I went over with my zone leader Elder Carbio! he is about 5 foot 2 he is from Spain! has a awesome accent, he told me he was going to take me to Spain and meet some of his little girly friends! ha i'm excited!! but anyways he is a Spanish speaking Elder. So my ginger butt pretty much just sat there and listened to a bunch of Spanish with a half smile on my face! ha It was fun though to meet the members! At the end of the night we went to the church and played games with the members it was hilarious! they played some weird games. But i met a investigator of there's at the church and she had a way cool thing happen. Before conference she prayed and asked God if she should get baptized and when Elder Christopherson came up he talked about the two kids and gave them stage names well he used hers! cool huh! On Thursday we went over to a members house named Nakeeya and she had a cousin who isn't a member there his name is Timonthy! he is half deaf like me so we got a long just fine! But he is super prepared and we had a good lesson with him about the gospel and he wants to get baptized! We set him for the 12th of May and he came to church yesterday and he loved it! But that was about it for this week the chocolate man leaves for home in 7 days! Crazy that i'm almost done with training already its going to be weird going back to a white companion! you know what they say "Once you go black you don't go back!" HAAAAAAAAA JK JK! ILL GO BACK! But i'll be getting a new companion next week so pray for a good one that i wont punch! :) But ill stay in Irvington i think because the work is picking up big time in my area so i'm sure ill stay! Well love you guys don't forget to read your Scriptures!

Love: Elder Smith

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  1. You are right Tracey, That is definatly a funny letter, i didn't realize that Chocolate was nearing the end of his mission. I know that Trevor will miss him. Trevor what is this thing with you Ginger's? You all seem to make fun of yourselves, I think it's great. And I am so glad that you will "GO BACK", That was so funny. so happy to hear that your area is picking up, good luck, and God Bless.