Trevors Homecoming

Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter 94


This week was awesome, I'm gonna start on Tuesday night. Me and Reese were walking down in the middle of down town Paterson just contacting people, and we walked up on this group of 3 black guys and one was smoking and had a tear drop tat under his eye, right when he looked at me he looked really familiar, then he yells MY MAN!! gives me a big ol hug. His name is Breezy me and Tongan taught him and his crew down in Irvington. Reese thought we were getting jumped cause its not everyday you see a black guy with dreads and tats give the white boy a hug haha it was cool seeing him though. The other people he was with didn't know what the heck was going on haha. Wednesday we had the snow start falling and they grounded us from our cars. We had to go do service at a soup kitchen. So me and Reese walked the hour and a half walk in the snow. But the service was fun. Its a organization that just feeds the pour and homeless everyday. It's good food too so we just helped serve coffee haha go figure. But it was funny they would drink it like water and people would flip if you wouldn't give them more. It was crazy to see how many people came though. Then Turkey day was a awesome day!!! We started off by getting yolked in the morning and then headed off to the field to play our football session. The field we played on was piled up with snow and big puddles of water so it got intense. I was soaked by the end of the day but it was worth it ha. Then we came home and got ready and I finished up some Pistachio pies that I made and we went to our first place Mama Keisha's house. It was fun, we just ate a bunch of food and talked and chilled. Reese about passed out on the couch he had a bit of a food coma action going on. But then we went upstairs to another members place who is a bit less active. And it was a PARTY! jello shots and all. I only had 2....ha jk jk but they tried getting us to have eggnog and whiskey but we denied! Jesus first. But we ate our 3rd plate there and it was Spanish food. Pour Reese looked like he was gonna throw up he tackled about a quarter of the plate. ha Then we went over to the Valdez fams place for round 4. I had lamb tacos over there. they were way good. Then me and Sis Valdez were lookin up the Black Friday deals and she tried getting me a tablet for 30 bucks at wally world but no deal!! FLIP! Its all good though. But it was fun over there too. The food was way good, its cool to see how other people have thanksgiving and the food they have. But the rest of the week was going back over for pie at other houses and we did find us a cool new investigator named Quashima. She is a single mom of 2. We hooked her and one of her boys with coats that we found in our apartment cause they needed them. We had a good first lesson with her so we will see how it goes this week. Me and Reese are going around to the local hospitals and trying to get something set up where we can get presents and go hang out with the kids in there on Christmas. So that's what us white boys are gonna be doing. love you all!


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