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Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter 95


What up fam, this week was another good one. Me and Elder Reese have been preachin and teachin and servin all these snookivile villains! Theres a lil ginger rap for you. But this week we tried a lot of less actives. On Tuesday we spent a good 3 hours knocking doors of less actives and at the last one of the night the lady came to the door and Said "elder's hi!" flipping love it when that happens. She invited us in and invited us back on Friday for dinner! Wednesday I another missionary with me named Elder Class. He is a tall skinny ginger. But we got a lot accomplished. We went and had a good lesson with a less active member. And after we went over and I bought a bunch of smoothie stuff for a single mom and her 3 girls for a smoothie party. And this flipping ginger forgot the milk at home and they had none so a lil jersey water helped thin them out. ha! After that we had dinner at mama Keisha's place, and you already know I brought the fry sauce over there. They LOVED it! We decided I'm going to be their dealer so I got myself a business I need to start when I get home. Thursday was a day full of service, we helped a member move and then unload her uhaul truck, then I went back and got my son Reese and we went and did some yard work. But we did get fed a way good dinner after. Friday we were inside most of the day but we did go to the St Josephs hospital and we got some info on the kids them for Christmas so were gonna get somethings set up to go help them. It was the saddest thing I've seen. Little kids watching sponge bob with a teddy bear in a hospital bed, it was sad. Maybe I'll just dress up in a big ol purple Dino suit aka Barney and come in guns hot, that will make there day! haha Then we ended that night eating El Salvadorian food. Saturday we went over to another less active and had a lesson with her and her kids, at the end of the lesson we helped decorate there christmas tree with her kids so that was fun. Sunday we had our normal meetings and then me and Reese's puff got to decorate and set up the church X-mas Tree. Then we ended our week with the Christmas devotional. It was awesome! That was my week people. Tomorrow is transfers and im kickin the bucket here in patty! love you all!

Love:E Smithy

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