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Monday, February 25, 2013

Feb. 25, 2013 Letter from Elder Trevor Smith

Dear ma and pa!
This week has been really slow. No one answers their doors or their phones. And when they do answer or make a appointment they just bail. So it gets frustrating! But we went and saw a guy named Kou Dou Gou! ha ya weird name huh! But he is a really cool guy and has a awesome family. he knows a lot about the church and just wants to do whats right. He has a 3 year old boy and he is feaking hilarious. He straight up raps like a thug! he is actually on youtube. But we taught him for like 2 hours which is way past our time but i invited him to get baptized and i was sweating bullets i was so nervous but he said he will but wants to look more into our church so hopefully he will get the right answer. But yesterday i had to say the closing prayer in church. Let me just tell you how they do things in this around here. So sacrement was gonna start in like 5 mins and one of the counslers who is actually white came up and asked if i would pray along with getting all the other duties done in that 5 min. Classic! But the best was in Preisthood when a white guy who was born around here and a old black guy just faught about the power of god for like 30 min. Me and all the Elders in the back were just cracking up. I could sit in that class all day! But after that we went and taught two recent converts named Kianna and her older sister they are really cool i like teaching them. but there mom is struggling and doesnt believe in our church and you can tell she has done lots of drugs in her days. But we gave her a blessing and it didnt go very well cause her crew came over and was banging on the door during it and she kept talking and trying to leave so it wasnt very succesful! But after we saw them we went over to another recent convert named Matilda, she is from Nigeria Africa and she is a model! :) ya she is pretty! but dont worry im not bringing anyone home! haha but they fed us African food which was spicy spicy fried rice and fish! it was siiiiiiiiiick! i did not like any of it. I just kept thinking about what your face would look like if you saw the plate of this food. not good and no one else liked it either. but we had a good lesson after, she had two friends over who werent members and the one guy had lots of questions. Well im still missing all of you guys and home but things are getting better just trying to stay busy and make the best of it. Love you guys.
Love: Elder Smith

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