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Monday, March 10, 2014

Letter 57


To start this letter off, remember how I broke the door frame last week! Yep make that 2! haha last Monday we went over to the Fairchild's house to pick up our laundry and eat dinner and we were down stairs playing pool and they had a pull up bar just like mine so I asked if their dad uses it so I figured I was good! And yep broke another one! I guess I'm just getting to swolle you know! ha I went and bought them a new one that night. But this week was really busy! I still had a pretty bad cold so I was shootin boogers out allllll week! :) I was taking enough cold medicine to put a rhino down though so that helped ha! But cool things this week was on Monday we went bowling and I thought I would be a little rusty for not bowling for a year....but I was wrong bowled a 152! STILL GOT IT! On Friday we went over to see a less active family named the Martin family. And her husband isn't a member but a way cool guy. He has a Ford Shelby Cobra GT 500 Mustang and he took us on  a ride. It was so fast. we hit 120 in no time haha we were laughing like a bunch of school girls in there. I'll send ya some pics of it. But other then all that we have been really busy this week. We got some new investigators and they are doing awesome. We picked up our other investigators sister Sandy and she has read 12 pages of The Book of Mormon so she is doing good. Oh ya and on Wednesday we went over to help out our investigator Diana get some stuff from an old folks home and while me and Pelsue were waiting by the Elevators and it must of been the main drag for the old people cause they were everywhere. ha they were way funny. This one lady was trying to get by this old gale trying to get her mail and she was a little bigger and the lady trying to get past her said " Your too fat I cant get past you!" haha I was dying! Then right after that we were still just sitting there and this cute little 84 year old lady came out of the elevators and looked at us and started talking to us as if we were best friends. She told us she just won 20,000 bucks, and how she loves to go out dancing. ha then she told us "even though I'm 84 I can still kick anyone's ass!" hahahaha me and Pelsue just about lost it after that one! But we tried to see if we could get a chunk of that 20 grand but it didn't happen. ha :). But we have just been meeting with a lot of members trying to get Referrals and seeing our investigators. Yesterday was fun too We had to do the double dinner throw down, so we had to eat dinner then go eat again. It was ruff. But while we waited to go in for our second dinner we first had to jump the sisters car cause they ride the short bus! ha But there was some kids playing basketball across the street so we went over and played with them. It was fun ha they were having fun, I would pick them up so they could dunk it! I think there parent thought we were cops or creepers but they can deal with it. But that was my week love you guys! 


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