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Monday, March 31, 2014

Letter 60


So this week started off with me and pelsue trying to catch fish in the RT weather of 34 degrees and windy and caught NOTHING! its okay though were going to try again today. Tuesday i went over to Mexican world on exchange with Elder Moreno.We first had to drive a hour away so i could go do a Baptism interview for the sisters in my district. Her name was Denise. She was awesome. She was really nervous so i gave her some candy and made her relax a bit. She did really good though past 100%. Then we went and taught some of his investigators. On the way to one of them named Alex we drove by a hotel and a big ol Ralphie Maye tour bus was there, he is a comedian FYI. But i got some pics of this ginger next too it. But as for the lesson with Alex it went good. he is 12 and they are Spanish so i usually just sit there while they speak Spanish and put a smile on my face. But he spoke English so i dodged that bullet. Wednesday we were over at our investigators Diana's place and she was stressing out bad so we read and prayed with her. And we also tried teaching one of the ladies that works at her thrift store that we have known for a while but when i asked if we can teach her something cool about Jesus she was not too pumped about that! She listened but kept acting like we were bible bashing with her! I even had a trick for it! WOMEN! :) HA But after we went and saw Frank who is a investigator, he was put in the hospital with a bad staff infection called Mersa, we had to get all decked out in a gown and gloves. He was excited to see us though, its sad cause his kids barley come and see him, me and pelsue are pretty much is new boys ha. But he is doing good and has a good attitude about the whole thing. Thursday was cool, we were weekly planning and i got a call from a Minnesota number, and it was a member and his daughter was on a choir trip over in our area and got really sick and was in ICU. And he really wanted us to go give her a blessing. So we went over and the sisters were there and Bro Mayne. And we went and saw her. Her name was Shawnda, she is 16 and her mom was with here but was at the hotel room. She was a nice girl. we talked for a while and then gave her a blessing. Then i felt bad for her so i went and hooked her up with chocolate ice cream and raspberry ice ha. That stuff makes everyone happy, she is in the same stake as the barret family! But then we got the news that the sisters in our ward are leaving so we get to take over their area. So we had to plan for all that stuff. Its going to be a donkey show over here for a few weeks getting all that figured out. But we will git r done! Then later that day Diana our investigator needed our help moving some stuff and she had this Treadmill she didn't want so she hooked us up with it! haha we pretty much have a full gym now in our apartment! GET SWOLE! We are on our LGN diet! (look good naked) haha Friday we went with the sisters and taught their investigator so they could tell them we will be teaching them. It went good I've know them for a while so they were good with it. And then after that we flew over to meet some members for pizza. Then we had another dinner appointment and yep got pizza AGAIN! better then nothing though. Saturday we had our meeting with the ward mission leader and he made us waffles!! ohhhhh man i about lost it, i haven't had those in forever. ate 4 :) ha whoops! then i had meetings in the afternoon then for the rest of the night me and Pelsue went up to a place called West Milford and saw some investigators and less actives. ha some crazy people up their. We went to our investigators baby's place and one of the girls up there was on some kind of drugs cause she kept falling asleep on us like usual that house is crazy! funny people though. We went to the Martins after and they fed us more pizza! I'm done with pizza! But it was a really busy night we taught a lot of people. Yesterday was good, we had church and then now that the sisters are out we have a meal appointment everyday this week haha good thing i got the Treadmill. But we went and saw frank again with our bishop and taught Alex our investigator and his Girly friend. she wont shut her hole, its a donkey show teaching them. But that was my week fam. love you guys! 

Love:E Smith

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