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Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter 56

Hi fam
This week was a good one! Lots happened. We will start with Tuesday, it was a bit of a donkey show at first but what do you do. So we first had a appointment with a LA ,Al he is doing good. After that we had to hurry over to the Emmerson church for District meeting and I decided to stop and get some Ice cream for the sisters cause they were a bit on the sassy side last week, I don't know what it was maybe just that time if you know what I'm sayin haha but Ice cream fixes that! But the meeting went good and after is where it went south. We all went to a pizza place as a zone and after we were done we were walking back to our car and there was a little boxer dog tied to a tree, so me and Pelsue went over and started petting it and I forgot how excited these flipping dogs get and it peed alllllll over my freaking shoe!! oh man I was mad!! I could of booted it across the street! So after I was done rubbing my shoe through the snow to get it off we headed home! ha  And it only gets better after this! So Wednesday morning me and Pelsue were doing our regular get swole session by doing pull ups and all that good stuff to keep our beach bodies you know, and I was on my 4th set and right as I was going up for pull up number 10 the door frame snapped and this ginger came a crashing down haha E.Pelsue was like what the flip did you do! hahaha I still had the bar in my hands even after the crash! haha Sooooo were in the process of going to find us a new door frame! haha I guess I'm getting too swole you know! haha Thursday it was so cold. Me and Pelsue did our normal day of walking in it and we ended up getting sick with a little cold because of it, but poop happens you know! I got my hook ups in church yesterday for some cold drugs so I'm covered! Friday afternoon we wanted to go find Annelise cause we haven't seen her and Tara in a while so we stopped by her work. She works at a special needs care place. Where all the kids from 1 to old as dirt are there because they have many different problems. So we went over and found her and she gave us a tour. Those kids there are really cool, some had like foam coming out of there mouth which almost made me soil my pants at first but they are really cool kids. There was a kid there who can play the x box with his feet! haha it was legit! And we met a kid who is 10 but is in a body of a 2 year old, he is a stud, were going to go over and play with some of the kids this week so I'll take pics with them and send them to you guys next week. Also I got to do a baptism interview that night for some sister's investigator in my district. Her name was Denise, she is a cool girl, and is ready to get dunked. She did need to get a second interview cause of some questions she kind of failed but we had a good talk, and she still was able to get baptized yesterday.She was happy about it so that was good. Oh and Friday night we went over to a members house and ate some steak! it was soooooooooooo good! But Saturday was just meetings all day then we had a cool lesson with a member who is trying to quit smoking so we set some good goals with her.Then we went to the church because the youth wanted us to come play dodge ball! And we wrecked those little punks haha But yesterday I got up and bore my testimony on missionary work and I talked about the book Ashley sent me about missionary work. It went good. even though I couldn't breath due to the cold I got but they got the point, I told them they can barrow the book for a little fee of 5 bucks a day or feed us dinner haha I think some of them thought I was serious! But that was my week love you guys better be reading your scripture and praying!

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