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Monday, March 17, 2014

Letter # 58

Whats up!
Hope you all had fun with Chocolate man! His Chocolate butt was texting me almost the whole flipping time!!! telling me about it all! ha But this week was good. Monday we had a dinner appointment with some members who invited their neighbor over for dinner and a lesson. She is moving to Utah so they wanted us to come tell her what was up. So we went over and ate then went and had the lesson. Well there daughter in law was there and she would not shut her hole! she talked for at least 20 min straight and was telling her everything in the book!! The poor lady was overwhelmed with stuff, then when we would try to take over she would take it another way. This red head was about to knock a lady out! She was a ginger too so it would of been okay! Tuesday i brought a Spanish elder over with me on exchange and he is leaving for Brazil at the end of the month. We had some fun. On the way home from District meeting some dude in a van gave us a love tap in traffic so i thought we were going to be filling reports out for the rest of the day but it literally didn't do anything. So he got suckered into listening to what we do then i let him go. haha Wednesday i made these 2 old ladies blush haha it was our investigator and her sister. I stood up to go write something down on a piece of paper and some black thread stuff that they use to keep my pockets from taring came out and it was hanging by my butt haha and Pelsue was like what is that. They all thought it was a man thong hahaha! there heads went straight to the gutter! haha Then that night we went and saw a member who just got knee surgery so we went to give her a good lift up. She had a wheel chair in her room and i was going nuts on it. Popping Wheelies and stuff it was fun. Then we had a good discussion with her about how Carrie Underwood is going to be my wife haha. We handed a Book of Mormon to her nurse taking care of her, that was cool. Saturday was fun, we got 2 kids from NY who are members and they get set apart and come out with us, we made sure they had a good time. There names were Steve and Kyron. Steve is a chocolate man too. He reminded me sooo much of Chocolate so i called him Chocolate JR haha But i made them lunch cause there parents didn't give them money to take us out, which was disappointing, but i made sure we did a cheers with sparkling cider with our red solo cups haha. After lunch we went out and contacted people. This was fun. i went first and showed them the ropes then we gave them our name tags and said Git R done! They were pooping there pants but they did really good. After we went and taught our investigator Carol and her family. There was 2 teen chickas there so a lot of sass was going on and we couldn't control the lesson, Kyron thought i was gonna kill someone. But i didnt! After we went and saw a less active Sandy and she did exactly what we wanted and started swearing up a storm, ha Steve and Kyrons faces were priceless. But it was a fun day. At first they said they weren't very excited and at the end they were having lots of fun. They started farting in the car and the whole bit haha After they go back to the church and get Released and i guess Kyron got up and bore his testimony on how you can work hard and share the gospel and still have fun! That's my boy! Yesterday was way busy. Church was cool though, Brother Mayne the President from Met Life was there and he let me wear his NBA Mavericks Championship ring he got when he was working down in Texas, it looked good on me, ha i was telling people i was a NFL. haha But we had to give a blessing for a less active member who is sick. She was way nice. then we taught some other less actives. Then to end the night we went over to some members named the Celaroes. And they fed us homemade chili and for dessert they had this cheesecake they bought in the city and its some famous place and it was maybe a 6x6 cheese cake and was $30 dollars. It was soooo good though. But that was the week family love you guys!
Love: Elder Smithy

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  1. Trevor, that was a great letter! I really enjoyed hearing about the "Love tap" your car got. Also, I can definately tell that yo are doing an amazing job out there, keep it up.