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Monday, December 23, 2013

Letter 46

Merry flipping Christmas Cedar City!

This week has been ruff with the Jesus work that's for sure! But I made the best of it. Tuesday started off with District meeting which went well, then after we celebrated me being 21 and able to buy alchi now so we went and got some Red Solo cups and some sparkling cyder to have cheers after our meeting haha its on my Christmas card that I'm sending home. But that was pretty much Tuesday. Then on Wed this poor ginger got his neck cut open and the doc cut the cyst out of my neck! It didn't hurt at all but the faces E Page and Elder Davis were making were pretty funny. I tried teaching the nurse and the doctor while they were operating but it didn't work out too well haha. But after 9 stitches they sowed me back up and I'm good as new,and it wont ruin my beach body from the scare so don't worry hahaha and later that night we went over to Al and Phyllis house and they about soiled there pants when they saw the big bandage on my neck! AL thought I got jumped haha But they almost dropped us because they said they are to old to change religions but they still want us to come over, and by the time we finished talking with them they still wanted to learn more, so that was a close one. Then that night for mutual we had a competition making ginger bread houses and yep the boys one thanks to my professional skills i got from the local Wingers haha. One kid liked it so much he took it home. And yes I got a lot of questions on what happened to me cause of my bandage on my neck and I played that I got in a fight card and I got shot but no one would believe me so I had to just tell them the truth haha. Friday was cool we had the all mission conference and we heard from all the stake presidents in NJ and Alex Boye came who is President and Sister Jeppsons son in law. (if you don't know who he is like me before I came out here go to and click on I am Mormon. Alex Boye) he is a big singer over in London and stuff he is legit funny guy. But he performed for us while we ate. Me and Jones just sat and talked about how crazy it is how long we have been in snooki vile pretty crazy and how everyone is starting to come home! But when we got home we had a good lesson with our investigator Alex and his Girly Friend. they had a ruff couple weeks and were excited to see us. Saturday we helped a new fam that just moved here from Utah into there new crib. they are really nice. And then we did service for a couple more hours then had dinner at a members house and on the way there, there was a Santa on a fire truck going around the town and one dude stopped us and told elder page to slow down. He was not very Jolly for helping Santa I wanted to slap him. So I told him to calm down and we went to the members house. But yesterday was pretty good. In Church I had to sing in the choir cause there short members so guess who automatically gets thrown in....yep the flippin missionaries. ha! But it went good I sang my heart out just like in the car ha! I felt like paps up there singing haha. Then that night we had a mission Christmas fireside where all the missionaries sang and did a little program. Tongan was in it and he was Samuel the Lamanite haha he was a big ol tongan lamanite haha but it was fun. Well that's about it for this week. Excited to see you guys on Christmas better be ready for a good time!!
love:Elder Smith

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