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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Week! #45

Welllllllll this week was good it was pretty much my b day all week!Tuesday night was a good one though. We have a meeting every Tuesday with our bishop at his house. And me and E Page and the Sisters were sitting around the table with bishop and i was doing some District stuff and about 2 seconds of silence happened and next thing you know E Page let out a cute little fart! haha I WAS DYING! i laughed for a good 5 min! He said it just fell out hahahaha killed me!!  But  the party started on Wednesday for the big b day party! We had District meeting so i got sang too in Korean by the Korean elders in my district which was interesting you should listen to that language! And the whole zone sang to me it was good. I got a lot of phone calls too from Tongan and my boy Jones and D port and a bunch of others. Jones laid down a beat for me haha it was funny! But after district meeting we just tried a few people then at 7 we went out caroling with the youth in the ward! It was soooo cold, they bought us hot chocolate and i got some Burger King on the way home so it was good! Then we ended the night at Hooters! They treat you right over there for your big 21st bday!.................HA JK we didnt go! Thursday was a cool day though. It was walking day and the high was a whopping 28. So we were walking down this road and this drunk dude at like 2 in the afternoon started talking to us so i offered him a card and he invited us in to warm up. This guy was hilarious! he was drinking a beer out of a McDonald's cup and swearing left and right.....poor elder page didn't know what to do with himself. But we heard some good drinking stories of his then he had to go to his neighbors and he said they were religious people so he said you should come with me. so we went over and there names are Al and Phyllis. They are 70 year old catholics. At first they were not really happy but after talking awhile we got to know them and they lived in Vegas for a long time. So i talked about how i have a lot of fam down there and then Phyllis said. " you know were 70 years old. i dont know how much more you can tell us about Jesus." So i looked at her and said what if i can promise you that by the end of this lesson you will learn something you did not know before. And that got both their attentions. So i brought up the after life and she has always wanted to know about that so we taught her the plan of salvation. And by the time we were done they both looked at each other and said we need to be baptized again. hahaha it was crazy! cool lesson. They tried to give us 20 bucks at the end for food cause i ate a muffin they gave me in about 2 bites but i just said she can cook for me in a couple weeks haha.Friday we had dinner over at the Allens and the dad works for the company that makes Ax body wash and he hooked me up with good stuff for the b day...idk if he was trying to send a message to me that i stink or what but ill take it!..they also made some good dessert slapped some candles on their and sang to me, they are awesome!  But Saturday we had a good storm and President wouldn't let us drive so we pretty much had a snow day. I was bored out of my mind so we just started shoveling random peoples driveways. Should of seen their faces! But we did walk over to Al and Phyllis house in the storm cause we had nothing else to do and Al about pooped when he saw us out in the weather. He said after the holidays come over for dinner. haha chuuu chinggg! Then yesterday we just had sacrament at 12 due to the storm so after that we just tried a few people with noooo success then had dinner at a members place then called it a night.! oh Today was Jingle with the Jeppsons and that was fun ill send ya pics of it soon! Well love you guys! Better be ready for Vegas when i get home!! Im 21 baby!  hahaha :)
Love:Elder Smith

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