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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Letter 43 with pics and new address

What up!!!
Let me just tell you this new place I'm in is freaking legit!! I'm in Fardale NJ. Its like a hour away from my last spot. But its really nice over here. I've never seen so many white people on my mission haha kinda nice ha! And there is a ginger family over here too so I'm right at home! But my comp is Elder Page. He is from Utah. kinda a goober but he is alright. He is a new one so I'm what we call Greenie busting him. ha But I'm trying to break him in. Were in a driving area which is a lot different, so i just sing NSYNC Christmas to E page haha oh and some T swift Christmas too haha I don't know if he likes it but I'm not stopping haha. But the very first night I got here we had dinner with the Groom Family. It was a early thanksgiving dinner! It was sooo good! I have never eaten that good in a looong time! But the crazy thing was on Thanksgiving day. We first played Turkey Bowl with the other missionaries. And my boy Jones and D Port were there. Oh and Davenport is in my zone so I see him a lot. But we played football which was fun. And then we went over to a family named the Adams. And we walked in and I started doing the normal routine of a missionary and shaking their hands, then they asked where I was from and I said Cedar City and then the whole house just came apart. They freaked out!! The mom was born and raised in Cedar and went to Cedar city high school. And her dad was there who just flew in from Cedar for Thanksgiving! And then on top of that they had cousins there from ST George who have a cabin up on cedar by the Holmes. It was like I was eating back at home. We were talking about hunting and all that good stuff, it was fun! But then we went and had round 2 for dinner at another members house and I was in a food comma cause I was soo full! And they all gave us left overs, and other members brought us food too from there dinner and our fridge is packed!! My ginger butt is just fine with that! But yesterday was good i bore my testimony and introduced myself. Still get nervous over that stuff my hands were all sweaty and I felt like I was gonna soil my pants but everyone came up and said they liked it sooooooooooooo im good with that. But this ward is awesome. There are a lot of youth which is fun to mess with them. And its funny to hear them talk about the "ghetto" parts around here because there ghetto parts here are where my nice parts were before haha. But this area is cool its literally like being up on cedar mountain and just having million dollar homes everywhere! And I saw some deer on Friday in someones front yard so I'm gonna need you to send my bow please haha! But that's about it for this week. Oh and my district is cool. Its alllllllllllll Koreans! And yes i said Koreans we have 4 in the mission and they travel across the whole mission to teach people. But there funny kids. they have one white kid who is learning there language too. Poor kid, but he is doing good. Well love you clowns hope you tried to have a good Turkey day without me I'm sure it wasn't the same :)
Love:Elder Ginger Smith
615 Hamburg Turnpike Apt. #309
Pompton Lakes, New Jersey

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