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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Letter 50

This week was pretty legit! Tuesday was Zone Conference. And my boy Jones was there, it was crazy to see him as the AP. But I just made faces at him the whole time while he was up on the stand! But as President was up there giving his spill he told the zone leaders to pick 2 companion ships to come give a 3 min talk on the Gospel and yep me and page got thrown right under the flipping bus to do that. But we did good I threw elder Davenport under the bus too by calling on him to answer a question.! Then at the end of the meeting I got up and bore my testimony on Alma 17:11 about examples. And all the examples in my life I told everyone I use to be a Lamanite hahaha I looked at Jones when I said that and he was just laughing! But as for teaching this week it went good! Our investigators Carol and her kids along with Tara and Annelise are doing awesome! When we were over at Carols house the other day, we met her sister that was there and we never have met her before but she gets comfortable with people real fast cause me and page heard her whole story on her giving birth to her daughter on the kitchen floor and way more details haha I decided im not having kids after that story! ha jk we need more gingers like me in this world! haha But also I went to the doctor this week for my knee, and I got the MRI done on it and my knee is just bruised but the doc wants me to do physical therapy on it. But on the plus side as the MRI was going on I got to listen to country music the whole time! Best doctor appointment I have ever had! But yesterday was a cool day. In sacrament there was a youth speaker who never spoke before and he was really nervous, he got up and said a few words then was just sitting there so his sister went up and tried to help but he just started crying and the bishop just got up and gave him a hug then all the youth went up and took him outside and talked with him. It was cool to see the youth jump in and help. So then I went out and told him that my fair well talk was my first talk ever and how I was soiling my pants the whole time and it made him feel better then I gave him some candy and went my way. Then last night we had a good lesson with Tara about Faith! Our ward mission leader came with us and it went good. We taught her in a restaurant and the football game was on all 4 T.V's it was killing me! But it went really good. Well that's about it for this week. I hit my Year mark this week, pretty crazy stuff!! half way done people!!!!!  Love you guys! Jesus swag!

love:Elder Smith

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