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Monday, January 13, 2014

Letter 49

So to start off the week. A member did my laundry on Monday!! it was awesome! Made me miss Ma!!!! But its okay mom you can do it in a year hahahahaha! Now as for the work this week was pretty sweet. We picked up some investigators from our other investigator Carol. There 16 and 11. There cool kids. Then on Thursday we were invited to go out to eat at this Thai place by these investigators who have been seeing missionaries for 11 years. Annelise and her cousin Tara. There funny girls and they are ready to get dunked so were gonna be trying to help them get there. But the Thai food was good. So either way it was a win. But Friday we drove up to some investigators we haven't seen in a long time, and its a mad house over there. When we got there a kid named Zack who is big into hunting was just chillin drinking some Bacardi. haha He found out that I cut hair so he wanted me to cut his hair, and he was drunk so he didn't care. ha! So I did, he was lookin fresh! It was well worth 20 bucks I would say but because I'm nice I did it for free. ha! And that was pretty much our teaching this week. As for some cool things on Thursday while knocking on doors this guy came out and I told him who we were and he said he didn't believe in god or Jesus, then all of a sudden he invited us in and you should of seen his families face when we walked in! ha But they were all cool we had a good talk and they said we can come back anytime. Then on Wednesday after our zone meeting me and d port and some other missionaries went to Red Robin and sure enough the T.V we sat by had fishing on it, along with hooter commercials hahaha it was a great day! Then that night we went over to the Montgomery's for dinner. They lived in cedar for a long time, his wife worked for the Vickers and he coached at Cedar High for Basketball. But we had some good food then just talked about good ol cedar city. ha he misses it too. But last night was cool. We went and saw yocasta who we haven't seen in a while and she invited us right in and fed us these ribs that were soooo good! I even did the dishes for her after. Don't get any ideas though ma! haha but that's pretty much it nothin to big now that I'm not in the hood anymore. love you guys.
Love: TRevi

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