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Monday, January 6, 2014

Letter 48

What up what up!!
This week has been pretty crazy! First off tomorrow is transfers and I'm staying with dill weed Maggee another one so lets hope I don't kill someone! ha But this week was busy. First off Monday night we taught a guy from some bio faith thing, he is a really nice guy but doesn't know when to shut his hole!!! he talked for flipping ever! He does like to fish though so we talked a while on that. Tuesday was fun we had District meeting and my training was on how to find people and use the scriptures so we played some games for that. Its funny to see these Koreans run around and try to play basketball, I mean I'm bad but I think I got them beat! ha then after I went on exchange over to the Korean world again. I went with Elder Packer from Utah and Elder Jeon. It was fun we went to this one less actives girls house and when we walked in her door I saw this big flipping moving object and it looked like a porky pine but it was their cat!! The thing had to be at least 50 bounds no joke I was flipping out when I saw it they were all laughing! oh and I had a very little bit of Pig feet and Pig intestine! it was flipping gross! it was not my forte!! i would rather eat that spicy African crap then that stuff! But they didn't make me eat it all so that was a bonus! then later that night we started walking around in the RT weather contacting Koreans. I contacted these 3 girls 17-19 and the 18 year old chick was smoking and she kept blowing the smoke in my face! I could of head butted this chick! but I gave them a card then we went home for the night. We didn't do much for New Years eve I wish we could of went to New York for the ball drop but we just laid around and told stories from back in the day. haha it was pretty fun. Then the next morning we went over to one of their members and we had a full out traditional Korean new years breakfast. It was pretty good, not gonna lie i was nervous at first but it worked out well. My ginger butt was even using the chop sticks to eat all the food. They were impressed. Sure I dropped a few things but I still Got R Done! Then they wanted me to do my gospel lesson with the family and that went really good, i about made one of there Sons poop his pants cause in a part of it i scream and he about lost it! Then after we exchanged back and the night got better and better, we found 3 new investigators and they are pretty solid so were gonna be workin with them this week. Then Thursday we went and taught the sisters investigator Hyun who got baptized yesterday. One of the sisters is in the hospital with a stomach virus so they needed us to go teach him. It went good, then after i gave my first Baptism interview and it was cool. Its weird being on the other side of the table, i felt like the bishop! it was crazy but he did awesome. Then after we went and took dinner to the sisters in the hospital, and only one could eat cause the other was still puking her guts out so we visited for a bit and I did get to see about 10 min of Duck Dynasty on the T.V and it was the best 10 min of my life!!! But then we got a pretty big snow storm and the next day we had to walk in the high of 18 degree weather and no one even felt bad for us when we were knocking doors so we just said $%^& that and went home and made calls the rest of the night. And i wrecked E page in Janga! haha Then Saturday was Hyuns dunk session then yesterday he was confirmed and all that it went really good. Then yesterday I just had meetings for the rest of the night with E D port and then we called it a night. But that was it my fam love you guys!
Love: Elder Ginger

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