Trevors Homecoming

Monday, January 27, 2014

Letter 51


So this week was pretty good. Tuesday we had a big snow storm soooo my ginger bum was out walking around in that mess. We went to a investigators house and when she opened her door her face was awesome!! We had about a inch of snow on our shoulders and our heads she felt bad and told us to go home haha. But we didn't we walked to a less actives house after  who has a deli and we may just wanted soup but we did help some chines lookin chick who got stuck in the middle of the intersection. I ran up and knocked on her window and told her when the light turns green we will give her a push. Good deed for the week.......CHECK! Am I going straight to the top! YEP! But then we got to the deli and ate some soup and hot chocolate then called it a night cause it was snowing to bad. Then on Wednesday I froze my butt off again, I went on exchange with Elder Harris who is a Korean elder and we just contacted all night in the hi of 8 degrees! ha I don't know why but I scare a lot of the koreans. Sure it could of been the hood on my head but they get scared real easy! But we ended up contacting about 50 people so hoooraw! Then Thursday we went out to eat some legit Korean food for my year mark. It was pretty good I ate my whole meal with chop sticks...ya I'm pro don't even worry about it! But they just keep bringing food out, you get free appetizers pretty much its my kind of place! But that was the highlight of Thursday. Friday I had meetings all morning with d port then after we went out to Chilli's and celebrated our year mark. We were sooooooo glued to the T.V's ha! She sat us right by the bar so I ordered us all a round of SHOTS!!! ha jk jk didn't get that crazy! But after I cut elder Pluims hair and i really should just work at a Barber shop, I'm prettjy pro I used scissors and he was lookin fresh! Then we went back to our area and went out with a member for pizza. She had her 14 year old son and we just talked sports the whole time. Then his buddy who is also 14 who is a big baseball player who pitches 82 miles a hour. Crazy! Saturday it started snowing pretty hard again so we didn't get to do much. But we went over to this ladies Diana place called GST and its a thrift store that people just donate stuff to and all the money she makes she gives to charity. She is a way cool lady, and she opened up big time to us and started crying and said she was loosing her house and stuff and started asking us questions about why does this happen to her if she is trying her best to help other people it was pretty sad, so were going to be helping her out this week! But on the plus side she had a bunch of suites there that were pretty much brand new and she said we could have whatever we could fit in! And guess who couldn't fit in one flipping suit!!! yep this guy!! i was mad! Elder dill weed fit in every single one! she did give me some sweet dress shoes though. But Sunday i got called on 5 min before sacrament to give a talk cause the speaker didn't show! I'm so use to this by now so I was on top of it. but it went good. Then to end the night I did the missionary swag tradition of burning one of my shirts for my year mark, here are some pics of it. That's it though love ya fam! Mormon swag!

Love: Trevi

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  1. I can't believe that he has been out a year, that went by really fast! Shirt Burning sounds very interesting!
    And I wonder where he gets his Barber Shop talent Kelly? Also, I was impressed to hear that he made 50 contacts! It also sounds like Trevor is eating quite well on his mission! Kelly and Tracy, I know how proud you must be of your son, he is growing in the gospel and sharing it with whomever will listen to the message he has prepared!
    Thanks for posting his letters, they are so fun to read.