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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Letter 47

Hey Fam

This week was obviously awesome because you got to see my beautiful face! It was awesome seeing all of you on Christmas! I wish we could of talked longer! But poop happens! I'll give ya a little low down of Christmas then the rest of my week. So Christmas eve morning we went over to our bishops and had a brunch party which was fun. I was a little trunky but I got over it. Then Christmas eve night we went over to our ward mission leaders house and he fed us fondue stuff that was way good! I ate enough cheese to plug me up for a week! But don't worry im not plugged up! haha But they gave us presents and I read a Christmas book to everyone in my British accent which ill send pics of. It was fun they are a way cool family. Then Christmas day we started off with having District meeting which don't you worry in my class we had Eggnog and popcorn to go around! And after we had a white elephant gift party which was cool. I bought a sweet Duck Dynasty calender for a lucky sister! haha and I got a flipping Harry Potter coloring book! I chucked that thing right in the garbage after everyone left! Then I opened up my Big Christmas box there with my boy D port and I was pumped about the nerff gun you got me and everything else, but I spent the rest of the time there shooting everyone! Then that night before I talked to you guys i had the Brisket dinner which was off the chain and then talked to you guys. Then on Thursday we went to New York for the temple trip! That was fun.Except for the part when I ripped my pants in the church parking lot right before leaving playing football!!! So my ginger butt had to walk all the way to the temple with a nice breeze going up my crack! But I made sure my suit jacket covered it so no sisters were getting a free show haha then I got it fixed at the temple!! And E page was pooping himself cause it was his first time there. We walked through Central Park where buddy the elf was and that was cool. Then on the way to the temple we walked by the ABC news place and the black chick on there was about to go on air and we all waved to her and she waved back! haha it was funny! Then after the temple we all went to the food carts and got Gyros they are sooo good! I got 2...1 in both hands just going to town! it was flipping cold though but its not everyday you get to sit in Manhattan and eat a Gyro so we soaked it up. On the way out walking through times square we ran into this couple who were Mormon and they were all excited to see us. But we got home around 7 then ended the night playing B ball with Davenport and some members it was fun! I just played in my Jesus cloths I was sliding all over in my church shoes! Then Friday I went over to the Korean elders area for exchange! That was something else. I went with Elder Kang, he taught me how to say "hi how are you" in Korean so I was saying it to all Koreans I saw haha I made these 2 Koreans girls blush cause I guess its not everyday you see a white guy with ginger hair speak to them in there language. Then later that day we went and did service with some Spanish missionaries to this crazy ladies house. Most of you probably don't know who this is but she was married to DMX's brother and they have a little 9 year old daughtor together. DMX is a rapper. I dont know if she is serious but she new her stuff about him. And she met 50 cent crazy huh. Then on the awkward side she was cleaning out her dressers and called me over and started showimg me all of her lingerie that she thought I would look good in! hahaha Elder Kang's face was priceless when she was pulling these things out of the drawer, So we ate then we called it a night. Yesterday was cool the Adams family had half of Cedar City with them for the Holidays but a lot of them moved away a couple years ago but we had dinner with them, and I also figured out that a member in our ward Jeff Sutherland is related to Lindsay's family. So that was cool. But that was my week love you guys! Read your scriptures and go to church! hooooraw!

 love:Elder Smith

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