Trevors Homecoming

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter 41

 This week was good!! At the first of the week we got our Mormon swag crib all situated, then on Wednesday we got back to work. We met with a older less active Lady that we take the sacrament to. We read about Enos and his prayer. Then she told us a sad story about how she starves a lot because her grand daughter takes her money sometimes and doesn't get her the things she needs at the store so she just prays. Sooooo you know me with food and I don't like it when I'm hungry so we went to the store and hooked her up with some food she could eat. She doesn't have teeth so I tried hooking her up with soft stuff that she could chew. Almost had to call Ashley cause she knows more about the old people stuff them me ha. But then for the rest of the day we went and taught Sarah and some new investigators we found. Sarah is going through a lot of stress so we read scriptures with her to help her out. So keep her in your prayers. Friday we went on exchange and I stayed here in Elizabeth and Reeves got a little taste of the ghetto in Irvington ha. But I was with Elder Thompson and I walked his butt off! we probably walked around 9 miles! And by the time we hit our last appointment I was starving and a little on the angry side but the lady hooked me up with some food and I was back to the normal self! We did get to see Nabilla too and she is doing better. She still wants to get dunked so were going to hope all the garbage that's going on in her life will clear up so we can work hard with her again. Saturday we went out with some Senior couple named the Fullmers! They are awesome, they are from Cali and Elder Fullmer is a deaf man like me so we get along just fine! They came with us to teach Tiffany nabillas sister. We have been teaching her a lot and Marcel our branch mission leader comes with us a lot to teach her. So we got there and she threw a curve ball at us saying her pastor told her that she cant come to our church so she will just have her pastor baptize her and then she will come to our church sometimes!! ohhhh man my testo shot through the roof!!! I was so shocked she said that i just had to sit there and calm myself down, then we started teaching her about the Restoration again. She is a little blondish acting but after all 4 of us telling her about that authority she FINALLY realized that that's what she needed to get baptized! But good thing the Fullmers were there! Then the Fullmers gave us a ride to the church where we were going to get some food that a member made us.We were in the more ghetto part of Elizabeth and a black guy was crossing the road and E. Fullmer rolled down the window and waved to him and said " hey brotha"hahaha the dude looked back looking at this old white guy then just laughed and said hi. Me and E reeves were dying in the back!! But we made it back to the church with out Elder Fullmer getting us shot :) then ran over and got this food that some member bought for all of us missionaries. Then had Lula the lady that makes the food make it for us. She is the one with the cute little daughter that calls me Man boobs haha. But we then were told that we were very handsome boys from her mom which I'll take, then we hammered down on some steak!! it was a legit night! But that's about it! yesterday was a crazy busy day with meetings and appointments so when I got home me and Carrie (body pillow) just cuddled up and crashed for the night haha! But that's it love you guys
 love: E ginger Smith


  1. Ginger Smith: too funny~~ He sounds like he is doing awesome, Hey Tracey, Do you ahve Trevor's address for me yet?

  2. Never mind, I see his address, sorry to bug!