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Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter 42

 wuz up fam!!
> Well my ginger butt is getting transferred! I wont find out till tomorrow, sad 
to say the Cedar city Swag crew is getting broken up!! But its all good! But for 
the update for this last week things went good. First off the weather has been 
up and down, its bipolar out here. One day warm then its colder then a witches 
boob out here! But as for the teaching this week its been good. Tiffany is still 
having a hard time understanding the whole authority things but she will get 
there. And we did find a new investigator this week who was a referral, her name 
is Jahne and she is 22 with 2 kids. She is really nice and ready to hear the 
good word of Jesus! Sooo she should be getting dunked here pretty soon. But for 
the crazy story of the week... So Saturday was lets juke the missionary day, So 
we sat in our MTV Crib for like a hour calling everyone we could think of. And 
no one answered, or they were busy but it is the holidays so I understand. But 
then I got the idea to go try Father Luigi. I cant remember if I told you about 
him but he is the Catholic Priest that we met. So we walked over there and 
contacted people on the way. NO one was in the mood to listen to the white boys 
but when we got there him and another father dude were there. And they were 
really excited to see us. They invited us in and showed us the Catholic house. 
And then talked about there believes and stuff, it was cool to hear about all 
that crazy stuff. Then they asked us if we were hungry haha which was a dumb 
question because have they had missionaries over before so we hammered down on 
some chicken nuggets and salad along with steak it was legit! But they are 
really cool dudes. They have done missionary work for years. Father Luigi took a 
oath that he wont get hitched and when he turns 55 he takes his last one and 
doesn't talk for the rest of his life. Craaazy! he can speak 8 different 
languages too! And the other guy loves the outdoors so we talked a lot about 
hunting and fishing, i told him if he comes to Utah I'll show him how we do it! 
But he invited us to church so yesterday after church we went over to there 
service. I was poopin my pants, I was so excited to see how they do it! So we 
got there and they welcomed us right in. We sat up front so we could see all the 
good stuff. But it was crazy! Its sooo much different then the LDS. E Reeves got 
sprayed with holy water hahaha and there was enough incent candles burning in 
there that I thought we were gonna be high by the time we left! Sooo the service 
went on and there ended up being about 130 people there. Then after they did the 
sacrament with the wine and bread stuff. And E reeves looked at me and said were 
not doing that are we? hahaha I just laughed and said NOPE! So after all that 
they started giving these awards out and I got a text from our Zone Leaders and 
they needed the car back because they were having a baptism. So I looked at E 
reeves and said we gotta go. We were a little nervous just to get up in the 
middle of it and leave but we had to. So we got up and took like 2 steps in the 
isle and then we heard "ELDERS!" ha We turned around and father Luigi said hold 
on I want to introduce you before you leave. he then said Everyone these are 
Missionaries from the Mormon church. then EVERYONE started clapping really loud 
haha I felt like a super star so I just waved and soaked it all up haha. it was 
awesome!! But for the rest of the night we just taught some people then ended 
our night eating dinner at Nathalies house the girl from Brazil. While we were 
there we got a phone call there from the AP's asking for me and I got called as 
District leader!! So every Tuesday of the week I do trainings for about 6 
missionaries. And I just check on them and make sure their all good. I'm pretty 
excited for it. They better be ready for this ginger!! But that's about it. I 
talked to E Davenport last night and he just got called District leader too so 
were gonna be swaggin it up over here in Snooki vile! I'll give you more info 
next week on where I got transferred too. So tell everyone to not send letters 
and if they did already I can still get them. Love you guys! Mormon swag!
> Love:Elder ginger Smith

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